Imagine yourself going to a church fellowship where the members are singing praise to a beautiful lady that she is beautiful and her lips are red and she is so humble and meek and never speak lies and so on. After some time, the speeded-up drumbeats make these folks jump and make them fill in some spirit which they call as Holy Spirit ..! What? You will be shocked!! Is this a church fellowship?  Isn’t church expected to praise Jesus alone (Rev 4:10,11, Rev 5:12,13, Rev 7:11,12). Does not all the churches sing praises to Jesus and God alone?

beautiful lady TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
Worshipping a beautiful lady

Now consider that you visited a Church which worships St George. Would you accept that as the Church of God? The answer is obvious. NO! Be it a Saint or a beautiful Lady, the church only worships Jesus.

What if you were to visit a church where members of the church sing praises to both the beautiful lady goddess and to St George together? Would you accept that church? No!  Ok, what if I increase the number of saints multiple times? Would you sing praises of how humble and how good and how loving all the Saints? Will you still reply “NO”?

But what if I say that there is a church which claims to have received deeper revelation from God to worship Saints?  Still No? Yes, you are right! No fellowship can be called as the church of God and yet worship men instead of God. Such a church cannot be the church of God but a church deceived by evil spirits. Bible says Thou shalt have none other gods before me (Deuteronomy 5:7), be it single saint or single lady or be it, multiple saints,”

But what happens in TPM? Do the believers sing praises to saints? Yes. They sing songs of praise for their clergy who are held in an exalted position. With musical instruments, TPM believers are made to sing praises about how sacrificial holy humble meek and worthy the saints of TPM are. They sing that the saints of TPM never speak lies. They sing that the saints of TPM are the ones who forsook their home and followed Jesus. They sing praises to TPM workers along with God saying, they are worthy to go to the highest place. Look at the songs in TPM church.

TPM Hymns Praising their Clergy

TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
TPM Believers praising their Clergy through their Songs

Look at some of their songs! You can find these in every language. The entire Song is dedicated to praising of ministers. And in other songs where the entire song is not dedicated to their praise, they have the last stanza about Zion where their intended praise is on their own Clergy.  They are highly deceptive when you ask them of this. They say they are praising the place where God dwells. In reality, they do not realize they are praising themselves. This strikes me quite quickly when they sing a Tamil Song which goes as follows.

“Ido Lakshatti Naalpatti Naalayiram Pergal ………”. They are so blinded that they cannot see this plain reality.

These Songs just sing praises for their Ministers whom they claim as Servants of God, instead of God. It is like asking Shadrach Meshach and Abednego to keep worshipping Jehovah God and along with that, they should also praise Nebuchadnezzar. Did Apostles of Jesus design songs, to make people praise apostles and their ministry? Paul and Barnabas rent their clothes when people started worshipping them (Acts 14:11-15). Renting clothes means they considered this blasphemy! The Angel told John his error when he tried to worship him (Rev 19:10). It is a hallmark sign of the people of God that they neither worship anybody apart from God nor do they take the worship of men.  It is the first commandment that you should have no other gods before me.

Which Spirit prompts to make such Hymns?

A true church will always give preeminence to Christ.

And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. (Colossians 1:18)

Bible clearly reveals that it is the spirit of deceiver devil that seeks worship of men. He deceived Israelites into the worship of Baal. He tempted Jesus to worship him (Matt 4:9). End time Beast (antichrist system) is said to have been worshipped by men (Rev 13:4, 8). Therefore you can be very sure that the devil is behind any man or system which tries to seek praises which are meant for God alone. It is the devil who seeks to imitate God or take his place. He doesn’t sit in a temple-like a devil, but he is the deceiver. If he sits in the temple like the devil, then people will run away and would not worship him. This means he sits in the temple like God but he is not God. This means he looks like the lamb but his words reveal that he is the dragon (Rev 13:11). His servants look like sheep but they are wolves (Matt 7:14). They appear as ministers of light but they are ministers of the devil (2 Cor 11:13-14). No wonder they can do miracles (Rev 13:13)! They promise liberty (redemption/salvation) but they themselves are servants of corruption (II Pet 2:18-19).

Look below at some samples even in non-southern languages showing the disease is spread all over.

zion songs book TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
Sample of TPM Songs Praising their ministers in English, Hindi, and Marathi

Deception does not have any limit, but the Devil’s patterns do not change. He forced people into Mary Worship and other forms of human worship. Look at the images below to know how similarly deceived are TPM believers. The Clergy is afraid that these can be understood by a neutral person quickly. Therefore they do not like the pictures of their worship to be taken.

TPM believers deceived 2 TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
TPM Temple


Now, look at a song from TPM hymn book(385) and their doctrines where you can notice that they are trying to take place of Jesus very subtly!

hymn 385 TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
Hymn 385

They corrupt our Children with this evil Doctrine

This is clearly an antichrist spirit working in TPM. This spirit is also released straight from the BOTTOMLESS PIT. Christ alone is the High priest in the New Testament (Heb 4:14). It is his unique ability to be able to bear our sins upon him and redeem us from the wrath of God (Rev 5:9, 3-4).  Psalmist says, “none of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give God a ransom for him. For the redemption of their life is costly, no payment is ever enough (Psalms 49:7-8). Yet TPM workers claim that they bear sins and iniquities of men to make men righteous and approved insight of God (last stanza in the above hymn). Nothing can be more clear proof of how cleverly the spirit of TPM Zion is trying to replace the role of Jesus. This TPM philosophy of TPM workers as high priest bearing sins of men and making them just, righteous and approved before God is not only present in this song alone, but it is what they teach to Sunday school children and to members of their church through their preaching and doctrine books.

TPM Sundayschool TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist
TPM Sunday School Syllabus


Dear Reader, These are some examples to make you understand about TPM church doctrines which they propagate through songs, doctrine books, magazines, and Sunday school syllabus.  What is more Antichrist than this? Men trying to claim the same ability like of Jesus – namely bearing sins and iniquity of the church, and becoming the high priest of God (Remember that there can be only one high priest at a time – and Hebrews says “Jesus is our High Priest forever”).

If you really care about your spiritual integrity, Come out from them and be ye holy. Do not be deceived in this dangerous web of TPM. THE TPM DOCTRINE IS FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT.


  1. All this is your wild imagination you fallen Ex TPM minister. I think I know you. You said similar words before you left holy ministry. Wait and see now!! You are gone!!

    • So Harry,

      Are you alleging that all this is paper hoax and no such deeper truths exist, in print and in weekly sermons.

      You must be a back bencher who snores during the meetings… good that you are blissfully unaware. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Dear Harry, instead of focusing on trying to know “fallen Ex Tpm minister”, why don’t you focus on knowing Jesus Christ (the one you’re actually supposed to know). Know Him, and you’ll start understanding that the Almighty Himself is worthy of worship and not anyone else. There is one mediator between God and man, and according to my Bible, that mediator is Jesus Christ. Jesus bore my sins and my iniquities and only He could do it. May be, your Bible says that your mediator is your Chief Pastor, Centre Pastor or any pastor, may be they’re bearing your iniquities too. And the fact that you feel that people leaving tpm are “fallen” is thoroughly laughable. This article has been published with textual proof and you termed it “imagination”! wow! The lyrics of the songs have been posted and you think it is “imagination”? Interesting. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Kindly enlighten us with your wisdom. On a serious note, its still not too late to invite Jesus into your life, give Him a chance to come obliterate your erroneous doctrines and false revelations. God bless you!

      • @RT You nailed it bro !

        Well, I feel I’m on the wrong road being a TPM believer. The TPM’s erroneous doctrines that are being exposed now is pulling me out of the church. I don’t know how long I’ll be in TPM Church.

    • Dear Harry,
      What do you mean by “Wait and see now!! You are gone!!”
      This is the Sunday School knowledge imparted to you by saints?
      Colossians 4:6 : Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

      Who comes and goes is not under your jurisdiction. Oh, I forgot that you are the people allot space to everyone in heaven usurping the God.

    • Looks like the author of this article has made all false accusiation because of his/her confusion. If you wish to have your doubts cleared, call me on 9976522522, I will help you understand the truth.

      • @King David
        Nobody is going to call you…The purpose of the forum is to expose all sides of a view. Please go ahead and post your side of the view in the comment section.

      • Thank you for your offer sir. We don’t need your help. Our opinion is made clear through this article. If you have any confusion in getting your blinders off, you can reach us. We can help you find way out of this antichristian cult. Take my mail from admin. Or comment in public.

  2. What’s wrong in the syllabus portions which you have highlighted? No one knows for sure. The Old Testament priests could bear the iniquity of the Tabernacle and of the people. St Paul often tells that we are servants of a better covenant. So if the Old Testament priests could bear the iniquity, why not the NT servants?

    St Peter also tells that we are Royal Priesthood.
    For your information

    These are some of the sites that host something called “SONGS OF ZION”
    Zion is going to be our eternal habitation. Singing songs about ZION is not blasphemey. And TPM is not deceitfully adding ZION to the last stanza.
    Every other hymn writer has also sung about ZION. The last stanzas of TPM songs resound with the theme ZION or the Coming of the Lord – THERE IS NO WRONG HERE as you ALLEGE.

    2Kings 13:5(And the LORD gave Israel a saviour….)
    Nehemiah 9:27
    And according to thy manifold mercies thou gavest them saviours, who saved them out of the hand of their enemies.
    Who are the saviours in the above verses? Is the writer of the book of 2Kings and Nehemiah equating someone with Jesus!!! You are sick with your allegations.
    So calling someone saviour is not equating them with Jesus as you deceitfully try to prove. Time and again I have written that the word Saviours in the song
    “Saviours shall ascend on Zion’s hill” is an exact quote from the book of Obadiah.

    Its not a misquote or twisted quote. The Bible is the sole authority. YOU are NOT.
    You allege “God is not present in this song” -Then what dos the following lines mean
    “Glory honour power unto our King”
    He is worthy to be praised”
    He reigns in Zion saints exalt Him

    Do not misquote, or quote some and leave some to prove your deception.
    You are sick and raving having extreme hatred and vengeance towards TPM to go to this extent to prove false allegations.
    May you see the light once day and repent for your haughtiness.

    • Brother,
      You seem to be really excited over this whole article that you forgot to do a fact check with your bible.
      1. Peter surely refers to us as a Royal Priesthood. I do not think this article refutes that position in any way. However, I am sorry to let you know that you have assumed a priest is equivalent to the High Priest. For your information, there is only ONE High Priest at any point in time. From the death of Jesus when he entered into the Most Holy Place, he is the High Priest forever. Each and every disciple including me and you are priests according to the Bible. But please do not jump the gun and push the TPM Ministers as “HIGH PRIESTS”. That is Nothing Short of Blasphemy as you are diluting the exalted status of Jesus Christ.

      2.Please do let me know if you have a reason to believe that the Old Testament Aaronic priesthood is applicable for us in this new testament unless you are in competition with Jesus. I know TPM Ministers love to be in competition with Jesus. But please no such imaginations will be entertained here.

      3. Thank you for the Links. I do see few songs in the list refers to Zion but most of them are just praising songs. We cannot vouch for those songs. So no point in telling us that. Do these songwriters also believe that they are the holy and elite ones standing in Zion?. I am yet to hear about any group other than Jehovah’s witnesses who claim to be the 144,000 in Mt Zion. With TPM having this doctrine of self-proclaiming themselves to be the Zion, it is blasphemy to compose and sing songs praising their clergy.

      4. You are quoting from Obadiah and Nehemiah about the Saviour. Why is it that you have made a habit of ignoring the context? Does the context give you the liberty to claim as Saviours Bearing the sins and iniquities of the people ?. Why don’t you realize that anybody can be a Saviour in a given situation? However, there can only be ONE SAVIOUR WHO SAVED THE PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS (Matt 1:21). It is Blasphemy to claim be a Saviour to bear people’s iniquity. Can you please show any of the apostles claiming so?

      5. Agree brother the Bible is the sole authority and that is the precise reason we are able to expose the heretical teachings of TPM on this site. By saying God is not present in the song, we mean God does not get Glory. In case you do not know, please read Isaiah 42:8. God does not share his Glory with anyone else. How dare you even think that God will be pleased to share his Glory with Sinful people who take people for a ride.

      6. We are not misquoting or leaving out anything. We are showcasing the deception of TPM Completely. Sorry to disappoint your assumptions brother.

      • Thomas, you say, ‘So if the Old Testament priests could bear the iniquity, why not the NT servants?’
        The OT priests did not bear the iniquity. The Bible tells us that on the great day of atonement Aaron the high priest made sin offerings for himself and for the people and sprinkled the blood upon the mercy seat in the most holy place; he confessed the sins of the people over the scapegoat and sent it away into the wilderness and offered burnt offerings for himself and for the people. Lev.16.
        Likewise, NT servants cannot bear iniquity. They cannot even bear their own sins. How can a sinful person atone for his own sins? The Bible says, All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way and the LORD hath laid on him [speaking of Jesus] the iniquity of us all. For the transgression of my people was he stricken. His soul was made an offering for sin. Jesus, the righteous servant shall justify many for he shall bear their iniquities. See, Jesus poured out his soul unto death. He bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors. Isaiah 53.
        Thomas, have you asked Jesus to take away your sins? He is your all-sufficient Saviour. He says to you Thomas, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him .(John 14:23) God bless you.

      • Dear admin
        You are excited and assuming too much. You can’t accept correction or defeat.
        Therefore you call others ‘excited’ or anything you like.
        When Peter tells we are of a royal priesthood it doesnt mean we are competing with Jesus. Being a priest is not competing with Jesus.

        Bible tells Aaron and his sons should bear the iniquity of the congregation – Lev 10:17. It was God who forgave and not Aaron. Everyone knows this.
        OT priests did not bear iniquity!!!! – Bible tells they bore the iniquity – People in the forum say they did not.
        Jesus is the One who can forgive my sins and no minister or priest could do that. Everyone knows this truth. No one is telling the TPM ministers can pardon the sins of the people.
        You are excited and overreaching.

        • Brother,
          Seems that you lost words that you had to borrow it from my own sentence.
          Being priest is not competing with Jesus, But Being High Priest is competing with Jesus.Why are you trying to twist it?
          I am wondering how do you interpret simple English. How is it that you have a twisted mind to read a verse and understand it in the TPM Way. Why is it that you cannot take the fact that TPM can be wrong?

          The Verse Lev 10:17 is as follows
          17 Wherefore have ye not eaten the sin-offering in the holy place, seeing IT is most holy, and God hath given IT you to bear the iniquity of the congregation, to make atonement for them before the Lord?

          If you take the context and read a verse before it, it is talking about a sin offering which got burnt. In the Aaronic Priesthood, the animal was sacrificed for the sins and the priest made the atonement. If the Priest has borne the sin, he would have been killed. The Animal bore the sin and the Priest made the atonement. But in Jesus case, he was the Sacrifice which bore the sin and he was the Priest which made the atonement. Why don’t you understand this basic fact?

          Till the day you decide to read the scripture without the TPM Lens, you will continue in this error. I wish you do it earlier.

    • Bro Thomas,

      I assume you are an adult and given to much Bible studies.

      First off, I do not want to convince you, but I will softly appeal.

      When the true love of God enters your heart, you will be able to understand the New Testament better. I Cor 13 will speak to you and help you discern between noise and voice, light and sight, god and GOD, morality and Christianity.

      Second- if I assume that the song writers and singers were totally oblivious to the errors and if they should be given the benefit of doubt, would you be willing to revise the doctrinal texts, for the good of coming generations?

      Third- God raised up Joseph, Moses, Judges, kings etc… none of them could claim any credit…. Even Gideon was humble enough to say: I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you: the Lord shall rule over you.

      Aaron was called to be the prototype of the Aaronic order. Jesus is the high Priest of the new covenant/ Melchisedek order.
      Question 1- which priest wrongfully assumed the Aaronic order?
      answer- Eli (You know what happened to his family)

      Question 2 What happened when Israel panicked seeing Moses was long gone over Mt. Sinai?
      Answer- Idolotry, punishment, death, new priesthood that punishes and exacts sacrifices.

      Question 3- What do Jews understand of the term Zion? What do Christians understand?
      Answer- For Jews its about restoration of promise… to Christians it is the hope of glory. Christ and His kingdom already dwells in our heart as the Hope of Glory. No need to go underwater or over the stars or look for pastors.

      Question 4- Who is the plumbline for a Christian?
      Answer- Christ (Any other savior will not qualify as half answer)

      Question 5 How does the TPM worker become a High Priest in the New Testament?
      Answer- By becoming a false savior and a false Jesus and by preaching in a false church.

      Question 6- Has any worker carried your sicknesses, iniquities, sins and curses?
      Answer- Then you are following Manichean or Buddhist philosophy… perhaps Saivism.

      Question 7- Why was the OT High Priest even allowed to symbolically enter the Holiest once a year?
      Answer- The Shekinah would only allow concession to not electrocute the High Priest and anybody else would not be spared from the consuming fire of God.
      This was in response to Moses pleading with God not to destroy Israel as a nation altogether.
      So the High Priest was a symbol of the mercies of God were so sure and compassionate. The mercy of God carried the iniquity and not Aaron himself.

      Question 8- There are other songs about Mount Zion as well, what’s wrong?
      Answer- Of course there are other songs about Mt. Carmel, Ararat, Hermon, Himalayas and Kailash.
      Heresies sprung forth using God’s word. Do you know there is a city called Zion, Salem etc in USA… Would you also start equating them with God’s holiness?
      Different cults feel their narrow interpretation is better than the broad-based Word of God. Apostle John says Try the acid test- Check out what spirit is underlying their songs, messages and prophesies and you would have spotted another antichrist.

      Your quote in II Kings 13 refers to Joash- He himself was used as a mere instrument, for a minuscule time and purpose. He himself became an idolater, murdered the priest, was assassinated and had a donkey’s burial. The irony is in his last days, he was running away from the same Syrians who he once warded off.

      Your quote in Nehemiah 9.27 refers to the Judges. They included names like Samson, Eli & Gideon- all backsliders. Abhimelech was the worst of all of them. Remember, their fate was always worse than the common Israelite.

      Do you know that even Muslims claim they are worshiping El the God of Abraham- Do you endorse their claims at face value? Why not- because you have acid tested them. Why don’t you dip your saints in litmus and see the colours change?

      Your quote from Obadiah refers to the battle of Armageddon. I think we all agree with the verse.

      Are you ardently awaiting the soon coming of pastor Paul, Alwyn, CJ John, AC Thomas, PM Thomas, TU Thomas, Lazarus etc etc and then finally agree saying “oh yea I forgot that a certain Jesus Christ is also coming with them….”

      If the bride has more affection towards herself and is always fixated with the vanity mirror and thinks less of her bridegroom, I think she is a prostitute more than a chaste bride.

      This is the case of TPM, where there are obsessed with themselves and how they can meet other saints in that Zion and are least bothered about what the feelings of the Lord is.
      A Zion without the Lord is a desert filled with Satyrs.
      A Hell with the Lord is a gospel of redemption and judgment.

      In the last days, men will be lovers of themselves having no natural affection.

    • Bro Thomas,
      //Do not misquote, or quote some and leave some to prove your deception.
      You are sick and raving having extreme hatred and vengeance towards TPM to go to this extent to prove false allegations.
      May you see the light once day and repent for your haughtiness.//

      No it is neither mine nor the journalist’s to misrepresent Scriptures.

      I am not sick

      I am not raving- but well behaving

      I am not radical or frothing in imaginary bout of hatred.

      These are not false allegations but you can rather call it as private interpretation.

      Its important to choose our words well on the internet as we all represent the identity of Christian brotherhood, however much we may disagree on doctrinal issues.

      I am glad you wish for us to see light… Light is always better than darkness.

      Repentance is needed by me brother- I agree because I do not claim to know the full truth or the essence of the divine Trinity.
      I daily pray asking God to be my only shepherd, thanks for the reminder.

      Fare ye well…

      • I didnt say you are sick or raving – I called the author of the article sick and raving – unless you are author, it doesnt apply to you.

        Misquote – half quoting – yea surely there
        The chorus of the song in question is about praising God. But the author is telling
        “God is not present in that song”

        As for chosing words – calling someone sick is not an expletive compared to judging someone as ‘Prostitute’ or more as you and others do in the forum.
        You call the church as a whole as a prostitute. There are sinners as well as saints in the chuch – Calling it a prostitute – See the words you choose

        Dear Henzel Joy
        If sinners or murderers could be called saviours at some point of time whats wrong in calling someone else a saviour?
        The Bible decides to call the would be future murderers ‘saviours’ even though the author would have been well aware of the future events as the book was compiled after the events.

        You are awfully wrong about Eli too!!! The punishment happened to Eli because of his sin of not controlling his sons (not because he assumed the office of a priest) and because of the sins of his sons.Bible doesnt tell he wrongfully assumed Aaronic order. The verse in Obadiah may refer to Armageddon or anything else. But still people could be called saviours.
        The song in question (and most other Zion Songs of TPM) were written as Eulogies for pastors who have died. The Bible also has an Eulogy -II Sam 1:17 onwards.
        David even taught the children of Israel that song. Saul was a backslider and he died because of his sin (I Chr 10:13) – Still David could sing an Eulogy on him and the author of the book of Samuel chose to include it.
        Anyone can write or speak or sing or testify about a dead person – the truth of the Eulogy is the responsibility of the writers.
        A priest is just a priest – Bible doesnt say a priest is God. He is serving God and he has his responsibilities. When a new testament minister is called a type of a priest that doesnt mean he is equated with God.
        Nowhere in TPM there is a song saying we await the coming of any of the pastors. Can you prove your allegation. The Church is not awaiting any of the dead saint but Jesus and Jesus alone.

        • Bro Thomas,

          Thank you for your replies.

          I am not the author, but herein is an exegetical debate and not a one on one. That’s why I clarified that I, while I stand on the other side of the debate, understand that neither I nor any of the other proponents are ‘sick’
          But since, you did clarify, am glad we see things in better light.

          Please forgive me for using the word ‘Prostitute’ I should have gone for a milder term which is ‘Whore’
          The Bible calls the false bride as the whore.
          We all understand that when Jesus called Herod a fox, he was not being vulgar, neither the Baptist when he called the pharisees as reptilians.

          I wish to clarify to you and all the general readers that I am not referring to individuals nor indulging in libel. I hope you will agree to see it differently and without prejudice.
          I am very sorry this has stirred unease in your tender breast.

          //Whats wrong with calling them saviours//
          There is a world of wrong especially when you inadvertently teach your Sunday School teachers and Students that the letter gives licence for a ‘multi savior’ theory.

          // You are wrong about Eli too//
          No brother, you are shooting in the dark.
          I suggest you study about the history of Eli- his family, his background and his ambitions. I know very little is mentioned in KJV, but a little bit of research wont hurt. If you are unaware, please ask and I will give you a run-down. Please read up about his lineage and about the abandoned ark in the desert.

          //Songs are Eulogies//
          That’s a nice try brother. Keep at it.
          The Roman Catholics will be very proud of your innocent assumption. I know that TPM was a wonderful church at the very beginning, soon false teachers crept in and started changing the grace of God into licence…
          This is what licence means. Now the whole fabric is reeking of eulogies and angel worship.

          Saul died and David lamented- why? Because he was the anointed of the Lord. He did not want the Caananites to laugh at Yahweh.
          Josiah died and Jeremy cried, why? Because he was forebear of the coming son of David. He did not want Babylon and the daughter of Edom to smile.

          //The Bible decides to call the would be future murderers ‘saviours’ even though the author would have been well aware of the future events as the book was compiled after the events.//
          Wrong answer
          The name Jesus means saviour.
          It is also an etymological cognate of other similar names like Joshua and Joash.
          The Hebrew writers took utmost care to even ensure that the root word stands in distinction to mean that Jesus is THE saviour and hence relegating all other names (like Joshua) to a rescuer role.
          Please check with Strongs or consult the Rabbinical consul in Pune or Dehli.
          We in the New Testament see great distinction between Jesus and Joash/ Joshua etc… why? Aren’t the names same?
          That is why Jesus is always referred to Yeshua only, although it is not wrong to pronounce it as Yehoshwa.
          I hope this makes sense- happy to deep dive, but only if you are a sincere learner.

          //Anyone can write or speak or sing or testify about a dead person – the truth of the Eulogy is the responsibility of the writers.//
          Absolutely yes, that’s what Homer’s Illiad is for.

          The Bible and its eschatological interpretations give no room for secular glorification. This is the Babylonian licence that culminated into Mary worship and also the deification of the Kaaba, in Islam.

          The false Jesus’ that the Bible mentions are very much within Christianity, do you agree? If we willfully misuse the glory of God, we will reap eternal sorrows.
          There is only one savior, there are no marketing strategies in the Bible. One saviour and many mini saviours? Are you serious?
          Lack of Bible knowledge is hurting the church like a horse shoe bite.

          //A priest is a priest//
          Which priest will offer sacrifices unto himself for his own remembrance and veneration, pouring hymns and messages unto self adulation? The priest unto God?
          In TPM, the seriousness of the Word is so missing that they have no idea how far behind they are, and are gone after ‘will worship’

          //Nowhere in TPM there is a song saying we await the coming of any of the pastors. Can you prove your allegation. The Church is not awaiting any of the dead saint but Jesus and Jesus alone.//

          If you have been ignorant, I can point out- if that’s a mere argument- I do not want to waste my time- Sing your songs before any other Christian and he will point out that the focus is not Jesus, he is a mere parting shot. He is a side note in your Zionist party of consecrated saints who never lie and are soooo.. holy.

          Conclusion: Is this song a send off for pastor CK or a song that will inspire millions to love the Lord. Is pastor CK the Mary of the Vatican? Either ways, catholic hymns praise Jesus more than many TPM songs.

          I once again apologize if I have ruffled anyone’s personal sentiments. I will in future use the word ‘whore’ instead of ‘prostitute’ and once again state that am not indulging in tomfoolery, but sincere truth.


        • “But still people could be called saviours”???
          We must not believe every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God. Here are 3 tests (from Gail Riplinger’s book, New Age Bible Versions).
          Test 1 for antichrist
          Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist … 1 John 2:22
          The many false Christs foretold by Jesus can be seen in the avatar system. An avatar saviour can be an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person. … is this the saviour mentality of TPM?
          Test 2 for antichrist
          He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. 1 John 2:22,23
          Jesus is God’s only begotten Son from eternity … not as the JWs teach, that Jesus is the first being God ever created. Not modalism as taught by some Pentecostals. Watch out for how prayer is made and watch out for how scriptures are cut down to change the true doctrine that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God with the Father from eternity – even using the KJV bible this is done. Watch out for seducers. (v26)
          Test 3 for antichrist
          And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God …1 John 4:3
          Do we believe in the deity of Christ? Jesus is truly God manifested in the flesh.
          Since apostle John said: “We are of God” (the apostles) we continue in their teaching. John further said, “He that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”
          Unfortunately, false teachers and false prophets invent their own theories.
          His anointing teaches us (1 John 2:27) and is truth. “Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.”
          (1 John 4:6,13)
          “Little children”, says John, “keep yourselves from idols.”
          Thomas, I believe the words of 1 John Chapter 1 will speak to you as you ask for the Holy Spirit’s clarity on this present subject. May God bless you. Ask, seek and knock.

        • Hey bro,

          I hope you don’t take this personally. I would stay as far away from Gail Riplinger as possible. The likes of Gail and Kent Hovind embarrass Christianity imho. I used to be a huge fan of these guys but I’ve caught them intentionally lying on more occasion than one. Her book is very misinformed and just filled with conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. If you want to learn more about bible versions and about the history of the manuscripts and such, may I suggest you read “The King James Only Controversy” by Dr. James White?

          Here’s another video you can listen to. I’ve never heard KJVO folks give a proper answer to any of the questions raised to them.


        • Thank you, Richard.
          I have acknowledged a source for the idea from its original author. I hope the intention of looking at scriptural tests for antichrist has been conveyed to some extent, and I hope my acknowledgement has not been a distraction from the important issue under discussion.
          God bless.

    • //The Old Testament priests could bear the iniquity of the Tabernacle and of the people.//

      @ Bro Thomas,

      Could Nadab and Abihu the sons of Aaron bear their own iniquity?

      Could the priests ensure that the 2 million are sinless and cross Jordan?

      Which priest came forward when Achan was stoned?

      Many more such examples.

      The priestly office was a mere sunscreen to prevent the glory of God from consuming the people of God. The priests had nothing within themselves to deserve it, except the extreme mercies of God which allowed them to touch the articles of worship and not get consumed.

      In today’s parlance, it is like saying that we should worship copper as it brings us free electricity at the push of a switch.

  3. A: Since no one can take away sins but God alone, through Christ alone, through HIS shed blood, by HIS death and resurrection, the shocking fact is revealed, IF TPM workers say that THEY themselves are saviours, THEN they preach another Jesus, another gospel, another spirit, AND, the TPM workers and adherents are “yet in their sins”.
    Jesus said, “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins for if ye believe not that I am he ye shall die in your sins.” John 8:24
    B: Another shocking fact is that the Mormons also teach an order of the Melchizedek Priesthood wherein are the offices of elder, high priest, patriarch, Seventy, and Apostle (D&C 107).

  4. One thing is sure, a deceptive spirit is moving not only in this church as written in I Kings 22:22, a deceptive spirit to work even through the mouths of prophets. Unbelievable. We only confirm this only through the fruit of their ministry, which is nowadays utter chaos in the families, members of the family are all going lunatic, literally, not useful to the family anymore, also stabbing incidents taking place. What all these fruits show? You are going to Zion? Holy Spirit is working in you? All you speak is full of prophesy, nothing out of your own self? All can be written in another Bible? Your ministry is leading the families the first to become the last and to fulfill Mat 10:34-36, in the last days father raises against son and son against father (and they kill each other) will they go to Zion? What hypocrisy? what nonsense you are talking people? All the blood is on you. you are answerable for all these souls on the day of judgment, be careful CPM! Like it is said in I Kings 22 chapter, both Holy Spirit and the spirit of deception are working at the same time. People wont know which is Holy Spirit and which is deceptive spirit. this is what happening here also. They are promoting too much of fabricated fables in the name of faith and revelation and showing up themselves as manifestations of heavenly bodies. BIBLE CLEARLY SAYS – DONT BE OVER RIGHTEOUS – OVER RIGHTEOUSNESS DOES NOT WORK OUT, IN THE SAME WAY OVER SPIRITUALITY DOES NOT WORK OUT, IT IS NOT PRACTICABLE, NOT YOU WHO IS IN NUTSHELL, IT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED BY EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN FAMILY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I can prove this 1000 times if anyone wants to know in detail.

  5. Dear Harry, your words are very clear and loud to prove that you are zealous, not for God & His works but for a fallen system. You have assumed the writer to be a fallen ex-TPM minister. Plz tell me, has God authorized you to say who is faleen & who us standing? Romans 14:4 says, “who art thou that jusgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or gallery. Yea, he shall be Holden up; for God is able to make him stand.” Since you have judged the writer a fallen person, you have taken the very place of God. Tell me what spirit you have? You went further to pronounce curse saying, “wait & see, now you are gone!” Is this you & your system teach others. I really pity you dear Harry.
    For you, a person who leaves TPM is fallen. But what does the Bible say? Galatians 5:4 says,”Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; he are fallen from Grace.” Now tell who really is fallen? You & Your TPM or one who purely trust God to be justified? I think it’s TPM which bring themselves under the bondage of so many laws & boast about their consecration to be justified rather than by the finished work of Jesus on the cross. I humbly don’t consider yourself an authorized agent of God to say that he/she is fallen & TPM is a holy ministry. It is God that justifieth (Rom.8:33). Plz don’t be a God.

  6. Very beautiful article exposing the deceptive spirit working in TPM. May the merciful God guide everyone to visit this site & understand the truth.

  7. Dear Thomas, I feel that you being a TPM diehard have determined to nail the admin without having a proper biblical knowledge. You must know that we are in the new testament & not in the old testament. Colossians 2:14 “blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross.” It’s very clear that Jesus by His death on the cross has made the old pattern null & void. The truth is what Jesus has nailed on the cross TPM is trying to revive it again. They call themselves the servants of the better covenant but practice the old covenant in daily life. Dear Thomas I request you to kindly remove the TPM lens off your eyes & read the Bible as the Spirit of God wants to read it.

  8. I attended Tpm international convention 2017.i was shocked and filled with zealous for God when deputy cheif pastor abraham Matthew quoting the scripture Psa 80:1 Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, thou that leadest Joseph like a flock; thou that dwellest [between] the cherubims, shine forth.
    And began to proclaim shepherd referring to servants of God…My spirit was filled with zealous for God and was about to shout Heresy…Heresy…as the scripture refers to God not a mere man if you read the following verse anyone can say that it refers to God.but when i looked around thousands of people sitting as if nothing happened..i was deeply hurt in heart..when i asked the Lord How is it possible Lord why are silent when a mere human being claiming Glory…The Spirit showed His Long sufferings(fruit of spirit) and He (God) said the one who preaches is a False prophet…
    This is my personal encounter…i am not representing anyone…i am simple person who Long to be with Christ Jesus.Initially i was attracted to Tpm when one of my colleagues told me you seem to be a person who love prayer why dont you attended Tpm tarrying prayer..i attended and i really liked prayer format..since i could sit and be with my Lord and pray as i wish for hours..when i continued to go and i was attracted to Tpm ministers How could they live like this..when i wished to join Tpm…Spirit of God intervened me …oh what a God we serve…He is a true savior…The very began to expose things the Church…No human being has said to me but very God who love forever exposed hidden filthyness in various aspects..when i came across this i was literally amazed…Dear readers what i am writing is true…i am not connected with this blog.God taught me…if you seem God truely if He is Faithfully enough to expose False prophets and false Church.

    • Yes brother, from my child hood I too loved the prayertime this church allowed, compared to other churches. They stressed on Holiness etc.. that’s what attracted me to becoming a ex-minister. Since I was a TPM die-hard even before I hit puberty, it was extremely difficult for me to even want to reason out the Scriptures.

      The workers of the 80’s and early 90’s were more aloof from the believers those days… There was an occasion, when the driver brother refused to give my dad a lift in the church ambassador, one late evening… The next week he simply shrugged it off saying there was only the front seat available and we cannot allow believers to sit there as normally the pastor/ center pastor sits there…. He went blah blah over consecration and my dad finally relented saying he was sorry he didn’t really know the Bible.

      Poor dad during the following week did an extreme search on the word ‘prathishta’ or consecration and found those words mostly in Exodus and Leviticus and just one reference in the New Testament. My dad was not a TPM diehard, but he wanted a church that can teach bite-sized, ready to chew doctrines, as he was innocent and zealous…

      This cycle of confusion continued where every family problem was attributed to some or the other lack of spirituality and left us feeling disoriented and disillusioned.
      I grew up thinking that if I followed the Lord with greater effort, I could become a blessing… Alas, that’s the eastern philosophy and God is not a man to justify our works, rather he justifies us because we accept that It is finished on Calvary.

      I also want to clarify that the workers those days were far more affectionate towards the poorer believers compared to these days. But in the mission, it was the opposite, the workers today can survive better than the workers of yesteryears.

      • Brother,
        Interesting read. Can you please highlight me the place in New testament where the word consecration is referred to?

        • The word “consecration” is not mentioned in the New Testament. Its reference bears one mention.

          John 10.22
          It was now winter, and Jesus was in Jerusalem at the time of Hanukkah, the Festival of Dedication.

          This is an inter testamental feast to sanctify and consecrate the articles of worship in the Holy Temple renovated by Zerubbabel, that was defiled by Antiochus Epiphanes in Kislev 25, BC 168, when he sacrificed a pig on the altar and called himself Jupiter and errected an altar of Jupiter/Zeus there.
          Jewish customs were banned, scriptures burnt and then the Maccabean revolt happened.

          In short, this entire feast is a remembrance of a miracle of oil that occurred while they were rededicating or consecrating the articles of worship and the temple as a whole.

      • Brother, I’m sure your dad didn’t pump in enough money for him to make him eligible to sit in front seat. I’m not sure in India, as I’ve lived in the west from my youth but in the west, believers who pump in more money are given special place in “ministries”. One family in the US joined this cult from RCC just last year. He is a multi-millionaire with the most expensive house in that city (among that TPM centre) and he was straightaway given the post of Sunday School Headmaster because he’s already pumped in several tens of thousand dollars in buying a ” faith home”. I happened to stay with him once and during our conversation asked how he got saved. He said he received salvation when pastors from TPM visited his house in US, laid hands on him and he felt a shock. Then the ” consecrated saints” stayed for nearly 2 hours, laid hands on him frequently and helped him to receive “holy spirit” where he then started to speak in tongues. He said that’s how he got saved! I then asked him whether he has assurance of eternal life. He replied instantly “No, I still have to follow some more doctrines and deeper truths to get perfected, then maybe God can count me worthy for New Jerusalem”. I really pity the Sunday School children.

    • Brother Cognizance,
      The GOD we serve is a wonderful GOD. These TPM saints are the biggest hypocrites. I hope you might have attended many of their bible study sessions. Did they allow question answer session in any of the bible studies? Why? They force their believers to follow all their unbiblical thoughts. The believers are brainwashed. They don’t read bible.
      I sincerely thank GOD for people like you for understanding the hidden agenda of TPM saints. They claim they left everything for GOD. What did they leave? They claim that they suffer in their body to please GOD. If so, why more than 90% of TPM saints weigh more than a quintal.
      Can I contact you brother? May GOD bless you abundantly with the heavenly wisdom to bring more people out of TPM bondage. AMEN.

  9. Hi Denzel,

    I would really love to hear your testimony How our Dear Lord took you out of TPM… please kindly grace with sharing of Mighty saving Hand of God… When God was revealing filthyness inside the Church…i was asking God what about the true seekers…God said like He said to Elijah i have 7000 men who has *Not(sorry typo in previous post) bowed to baal.i am really happy to see one among 7000 …Love you brother.May God be glorified in and through your life..i know there are still few in Tpm who seeks God truely…May God revive and restore His reign over the Church according to His great mercies.

    • Thank you Cognizance,

      I will surely write my testimony, but at the same time wish to stay anonymous as I don’t wish to be known in person. Your message is rather refreshing and its glad to know that there are sincere souls who have not bowed the knee to any strange gospel and are waiting for the liberty of the truth.

  10. Dear justin,

    Yes brother..i do attend bible studies and watch night services..i even attended youth came twice…In every meetings God revealed me true essence of shepherds(Tpm servants) and the sheeps(believers)…i find sheeps are affected with malnutrition…i find young people filled with spirit but No knowledge about the living God…i find No desire to seek the living God…One of the reasons God showed me that Tpm servants are blocking them of the vision of GOD…all they need is people to serve Organization called Tpm but they use the Name of God as a license…i was deeply moved to look at the *poor(typo) souls…God enabled me to minister few souls to seek God our Father who is everloving…

    Yes justin…i would love to get connected…i believe admin has my mailid..

  11. This article is filled with lies. Guess the author do not have the intelligence to understand the truth. If you need clarification, call me on 9976522522. I will be happy to explain you.

    • Your lying highness, king David Sir, what advise can a brainwashed TPM royalty like you can give? If you had any sense of discernment, you would be reading what is presented here and checking whether you are truly saved.

      By the way why don’t you present your version here so that all fools like me would be enlightened by your deeper truths. Some of us are not local so it is not viable to make a call.


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