We have been receiving many comments from TPM Diehards that what we are doing here is not right because we are finding fault with God’s organization and its leaders. Therefore, I think we have a responsibility to clear the air concerning the ministry we are doing through the web. We understand your emotional disturbance when the deeds and doctrines of your HOLY COW are exposed to the Christian world in general and Pentecostal group in particular. We also understand the dilemma you face when many of your non-TPM friends ask you questions regarding your church after visiting our website.

Chesterton’s Observation

I would like to present you, the thoughts of G K Chesterton from his book Everlasting Man, chapter Riddles of Gospel. I have paraphrased his idea in my own words. He asked his readers to imagine a person coming from the moon and reading the Gospels. This individual does not have any pre-conceived idea about how the church has painted the picture of Jesus. He will find words of Jesus full of comfort and mercy for poor and afflicted ones. However, those are not the only sort of words he will find in the story of Jesus!

He would not be wrong if he made statues of Jesus in street corners and marketplaces with an expression full of wrath proclaiming woes to the generation of vipers and angry with the hypocrite Pharisees. He may not present a Jesus with an outstretched arm like what you see in many places.

While reading the story of Jesus presented in Gospel, it is indeed true that we find a merciful Jesus forgiving Peter but we also find a Jesus who rebuked him in wrath, “Get thee behind me Satan.” It is true that we find a pitiful Jesus weeping for Jerusalem who was to murder him, but we also find Jesus proclaiming curse on Bethsaida and Chorazin with much worse than the ones applied to Sodom! We find Jesus as a lamb – humble and ready to be slaughtered, but we also find lion of Judah roaring in fierce anger towards religious hypocrites! G K Chesterton finally concludes that if we were to read the Gospel reports as news in the newspaper, they would puzzle us or perhaps terrify us much more than the same things as developed by historical Christianity. The moral is that the Christ of the Gospel is actually more strange and terrible than the Christ portrayed by today’s modern Church.

The True Jesus Rebuked Hypocrisy and Evil very openly

Many have come forward and rebuked us for being judgmental. Too often the readers of this website have neglected to note the difference between judging individuals and exposing of false teachings! The Former needs checking while the latter should be applauded. The reason why 21st century Christians are unable to discern between the two is because we are imprinted by modern evangelists with the one-sided image of God, as loving-caring-forgiving God! No doubt he is greatly merciful and a forgiving God but we forget that he is also a God who condemns and rebukes all the evil acts of murder and injustice done to poor. He has been a God who has been sending his prophets not only to comfort people but also to rebuke and expose the works of darkness.  Did not Jesus lash out at murderers who appeared before men as whitewashed sepulchers (Matt 23:35)? Jesus did not silently neglect the works of darkness committed by Pharisees. He did not think the way TPM hardcore fans teach us that “It is no spiritual use to spew dirt!” In fact, he said, “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved (John 3:20).” Did not God send Elijah to proud Jezebel and Naboth for slaughtering the poor Naboth? Did he ask Elijah to keep silent and watch injustice being done to poor Naboth (I kings 21:18-19)?Difference between finding mistakes of individuals and exposing false doctrines!

If this is true, then why are our TPM believers so judgmental towards our articles? Why do they fail to see that God who raises a minister to comfort people also raises minister to condemn evil acts of men in power?  Why do TPM hardcore fans call this website a work of the devil and fail to see the devilish fruits of people whom they worship (check Matt 7:1-16)?

It is one thing to mention small mistake committed by men of repute and it is altogether another thing to expose the heretical teachings taught by him! The former carries a judgmental attitude forgetting we too are humans prone to mistake, but the latter is made as an attempt to help people get discerned from falling prey into the pit of hell. It is one thing to find fault with an individual who is ashamed of his mistake and is repentant of his doings, but it altogether another thing to expose the evil doings of a proud person who falsely exalts himself before men and presents an counterfeit image of self to get worship of men instead of directing the worship to God Almighty.


We at fromtpm.com apologize for any hurt caused to true and sincere men and realize that it is possible for us as humans to commit the same mistakes as TPM does. We are sinners saved by Grace! We might have been mistaken to find fault at individuals, to which we humbly agree and seek forgiveness from God. However, we also ask TPM hardcore believers to realize that it is expected not only from us but also from you to expose the works of darkness and save many.

Ephesians 5:11-13

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Please recognize that Jesus was not only lamb but also Lion of Judah. His ministers ought to follow him!


  1. Just imagine how much, the ministers & members of other Pentecostal denominations were hurt, when TPM preachers publicly insulted them for nothing but just because unlike these so called celibates they are married. I know a late Pastor David Gnanaraj who had nothing else to speak than insulting other ministers. Once upon a time like a TPM diehard I felt happy when such TPM preachers insulted the other denominations in preaching. How long a righteous God will remain a silent spectator? He has raised up this site to remove the mask of pride & hypocrisy from the TPM. What insult they served others once, is being served to them now. Let this site grow more stronger to expose the things till people start calling them reprobate silver. Jeremiah 6:30, “Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the Lord hath Rejected them”.

    • I remember many years ago one non-TPM Minister exposed all these kind of heretical teachings and practices through a book he wrote. TPM send agents all over Kerala and other places to purchase every copy of that book from all Christian bookstores. They were somehow successful in this action. So once they procured a majority of the published copies, they burned it and finished all copies.
      They thought that they will be successful in continuing to deceive many innocents. But God had different plans. Let them procure all computers, mobile devices, and internet servers to finish off this site…Wonderful God My Saviour.

      • Now this is another shocking revelation (exposition I must call)! See! This is the good work that is happening through this site!

        If somebody verbally points out any mistake in a local church, people neglect it or rather scold him for pointing mistake. People scold the person, because they think, saints are holy and are directly in contact with God. And so do TPM saints make a show off! And therefore it appears right at that time to scold that pin pointer, because it appears their is but one mistake and therefore it ought to be neglected, rather than emphasized! However when something like this happens (website is launched), where a lone pin pointer is not alone, then accusations start appearing from all sides (some of which may be wrong but some may be right). And then you realize that it is not that the whole system is white with 2-3 black spots but that the entire system is dark black with shades of white in between.

        Brother Johnson, can you tell who the Chief Pastor was, when this incident happened. We have only heard that roman catholic popes ordered bulls, to burn christian books, that were exposing catholic system. However it is startling to hear that tpm has also followed the footsteps of pope!

        • Bro Vik Gant

          Bro Johnson said this.
          //TPM send agents all over Kerala and other places to PURCHASE EVERY COPY of that book from all Christian bookstores. They were somehow successful in this action. So once they procured a majority of the published copies, they burned it and FINISHED ALL copies.//

          First it seems it was circulated in Kerala. Second it is an incident of many years ago. Thirdly that it must be in hard copy. And finally it is said ALL COPIES were burnt. Therefore you must honestly agree that the chances to get the book is quite a big challenge. If bro Johnson lives in Banglore for example ( i don’t know where he lives) it would be hard to leave his job and get to Kerala in search of any remains of that book, just to provide you proof. Hence it is not fair to ask him to prove himself by producing that book online. What you can do is ask him the name of author at least, if he remembers. That would be a fair challenge to post. If someone ask you to drink poison because it is written in Bible (mark 16:18 ) then that would be unfair challenge, to prove Bible as true. Therefore posting an unfair challenge before anyone to win an argument and then feel elated is not a sign of honest man. If you think that you really want to refute the charges posted by this website, then you are most welcome, but be honest ( see how bro Warren honestly refutes — see his comments ) .

          If you really think that this website is making claims out of thin air, then i disagree. For example they have posted song no 387 as proof in heresies part 2. And in heresies part 3 they have quoted from voice of Pentecost with date and also article from TPM doctrine books . In another article they placed sermon of AC Thomas and sermon of Pastor Stephen and also some testimonies about heaven and hell. Therefore the charges these people are making are well supported by evidences. Hence it would wrong to think that these people are making charges out of thin air.

          In all honesty it must be accepted that proof for everything cannot be produced, however you must refute for those for which the proofs are given instead to hiding yourself from charges laid by those articles. Therefore if you really want to prove the charges lain by the website as baseless or false please respond on those articles where proof are given, especially following.

          1) Article on Pastor AC thomas – it very important since he was chief pastor
          2) article on hymn 387 in heresies in part 2
          3) article on heresies part 3
          4) article on heaven and hell testimonies – since TU Thomas and centre pastor supported it.

          I hope to see you there.

        • Article on Hymn 387 was entirely a distorted article to serve your ends. I have already refuted your exaggerated claims on that hymn. And so are your articles on Pastor AC Thomas and other articles.

        • No Dear Thomas,
          You did not refute in any meaningful way. If your comments are to be called refuting then all comments by TPM Ministers are the Word of God.

        • Brother Thomas, brushing aside an argument as “distorted” isn’t a refutation. I think the article on hymn 385 reproduces the whole hymn without distorting anything and refutes the bad theology in the song with the help of scriptures. If you think the claims made by that hymn is biblical, then please do give your evidence from scripture.

        • Bro Thomas
          Let me analyze your attempts.

          You tried to imposes TPM interpretation of scriptures on Hymn no 387 with the help of three verses. I commend you that you came with verses instead of just anathematizing us. However more was required from you if you came with scriptures, instead of vanishing in between of discussion.

          Your interpretation of Obadiah 1:21 was refuted by Bro. Richard in fantastic way by saying //They’re not saying they are Saviours because they preach the gospel but because they literally bear our sins and have a part in the atonement. // You didn’t respond to this refutation. Please respond.

          Your interpretation on Col 1:24 was thus.
          //St Paul is telling he bore the afflictions in his body for the church. So do the saints can bear the afflictions (in their bodies for TPM believers).//

          Richard Again responded to it in a more meaningful way by saying that
          //Christ bore our iniquities is most basic teaching of Christianity. What’s lacking is the presentation of the gospel to the whole earth. Because Jesus died in Israel, what’s lacking is that the whole earth didn’t witness it. So Paul is preaching the gospel to make up for it. But tpm is going against the gospel message to say they share Christ’s payment of sins as is made evident in the stanzas following it.//

          To this point you refuted by saying //Point no 2: Paul doesn’t tell about any preaching – he only tells about sufferings which he bears in his body – you are blatantly twisting and you find fault with TPM//

          Richard again refuted this by pointing to next verse Col 1:25 in which he clearly says … TO MAKE THE WORD OF GOD FULLY KNOWN. Therefore he is right that Paul is talking about presenting the Gospel to the whole world for which he was beaten many times and tortured and tormented. Hence he was bearing the affliction for presenting it to the world rather than bearing the affliction as wrath of God for justification of sinners.

          Either you should have agreed or disagreed, but you opted to vanish away from this point.

          Finally regarding Number 18:1, Please refer to my refutation. You responded to Bro Richards arguments by saying, //If aaron and his sons can bear iniquity there is no authority for you to claim over the authority of the Bible that it is not so in the new testament.//

          In this regard you again vanished when we pointed to you that OLD testament points to Jesus (Gal 1:24). It does not point to TPM ministry. If you say it points to TPM ministry instead of Jesus you are usurping the position of Jesus. That is what TPM teaches, in their doctrines about Old testament ministry pointing to new testament TPM ministry, for which there is no scriptural basis but it is out of thin air. However it is more scriptural (Gal 3:24, Hebrews) to say Old testament is pointing to Jesus as High priest rather than TPM ministers. When did you refute this? Please refute with scriptures where is it said that TPM ministers can be HIGH PRIEST.

          It is shame that you still insist that TPM saints have bore your iniquity and made you righteous. You have blasphemously given the throne of Jesus to TPM saints. Shame!! Dont call yourself Christian. Call yourself TPMian who follows TPM gods instead of Jesus.

          I hope you answer it, or Vik Gant. Why do you stay silent when scriptures are quoted, and run away instead of completing the discussion?

        • Your refutation in article “TPM heresies part 4” was against brother Denzel’s quotation instead of refuting the article itself.

          Your name is not found anywhere in Pastor AC Thomas article, – “Heresies in TPM part 4 – Ransom paid to Satan”. There are only 11 comments and you are not present in those comments. That article is again not refuted by any TPM die hard fan.

          Your name is not found anywhere in article titled “False vision and dreams in TPM.” There are only 4 comments.

        • Bro Thomas,

          I have in several comments attributed the TPM error to the immature understanding of doctrines on the part of late Pas. A.C Thomas.

          As Nath, has indicated in his comment, I feel it is important to reply to you directly, and will do so with utmost fraternal dignity…

          Please quote me by my comment and I shall be very willing to clarify my point of view.

          Also note that I will only add incremental refutations so as to avoid the rigmarole.

          Trust you are well!

        • This Book is called Durupadesha Khandanam by Pastor T G Oommen. He was a Very Senior Pastor of IPC almost 3 decades back.

        • Thank you brother Johnson. We will try our best to procure it and publish it. I guess that after the publishing of their almost dead book, lots of IPC folks will be interested to see our site as well and know the inner secrets of the TPM cult. I have to thank Vik for this. thank you brother Vik. The Holy spirit works in mysterious ways.

    • Mathews – it is quite interesting that the God of heaven and earth, who sent his only begotten son to save us has chosen a website on the internet to remove the “mask” and “hypocrisy” of TPM.

      This site is evidence that God is a supporter and user of the internet. Obviously he was waiting for the internet to be born and for the owner of this site to grow up and set it up.

      Hallelujah for that!

      • //This site is evidence that God is a supporter and user of the internet. Obviously he was waiting for the internet to be born and for the owner of this site to grow up and set it up.//

        The LOGIC IS FLAWED.

        In that case it could be said that God was waiting for printing press to be born and reformers to grow up and revolt against Roman Catholic Pope by publishing Bible in common man’s language through use of printing press. Same can be applied to TPM that God was waiting for computers, and electricity to be born and TPM chief pastor A.C.Thomas to grow up and publish so called deeper truth of TPM literature (Don’t tell me didn’t use electricity).

        With the invention of electricity travel became easier, and 19th century witnessed tons of gadgets that we use now (which make our life thousand degree easier compared to apostles in 1st century). If there is problem in God making his people use internet then there should also be problem in God making use of inventions of 19th century, to spread gospel, because none of them were used by Jesus and his apostles (as internet was not used by Jesus and his Apostles). Then TPM saints should not have traveled by plane, and in four wheeler and in trains to spread their teachings. Then TPM saints should not use mics and speakers to make people deaf, because Jesus and apostle did not use it. How ridiculous to say God cannot user internet ministry.

  2. The kind of judgments we shouldn’t do are hypocritical judgments. For example, I can’t be a glutton and then pretend I’m not and try to correct a glutton! We are to judge righteously. Jesus said “by their fruits you will know them”. If as TPM die hards say we shouldn’t judge at all, how can you tell good fruits from bad fruits? Jesus presented it as a litmus test for false teachers. Moreover we read in Corinthians when Paul is dealing with a case of incest in the Corinthian church, he say we are to judge those inside the church. Judging those outside the church isn’t our business.

    In fact, TPM die hards judge every day. When they hear a sermon, they judge that as being good and accept it. They judge it as being good because their litmus test is “whatever preached by TPM is good”. It is only negative judgment that TPM folks are not a fan of. I would ask TPM folks to be consistent in this regard.

    • Before I could join the ministry, I used to be positively reinforced- ‘Brother, you cannot serve here in TPM, as you are not seeing visions and dreams.. do share if the Lord has actually asked you to serve here, as the workers are highly consecrated…’ etc etc.

      I replied until the very end that I have not really gotten any such sign but I know am called to serve God and I believe that God has plans for me to serve here

      They would rebut with scores of examples of how people have heard voice of God literally in their ear and how their calling was confirmed to their leaders by God. I used to feel miserable, jealous, inferior listening to all this.

      I joined the mission and left it after a misunderstanding, it was a very impulsive… on the spot decision, I have no regrets although I was told about the suffering at Tartarus/outer darkness.
      Anyways, I been there, seen that and am out of it for good!!!

      The point here am making is, the way they make people understand blessed experiences like calling, election and faithfulness is more than flawed.

      It is because pastors have an annual performance appraisal- parameters are amount of tithes, baptism stats, construction stats, new worker stats and incidents stats.

      So I realised that am a pawn in somebody else’s number game, instead of becoming a signet in the hands of God.

  3. This sight has been long overdue. Pastor S B Ernest was the cheif architect, who set the ball rolling to expose Alwin for who he was, which eventually led to thej excommunication, of Alwin, the heratic. I left them fifty years ago. Looks like
    corruption, and sexual activities, has incraesed and is beyond control now. Alwin kept things under control through fear. 95% of the Tpm believers and people are not very educated to study, and interpret the scriptures objectively.
    Hence, they accept everything their Pastors tell them. The few iintelligent who have doubts are so brainwashed like the rest, keep silent, for fear of being striken by god, for touching gods anointed. I too was one of them. Thank god for deliverence.

    I am not for the total demise of Tpm. If it did, what will be the fate of the thousands of innocent workers? Some of them sold thir possessions, and gave it to Tpm. I have been told that those who give their possessions, have to sighN a
    Legal document affirming, that the will not ask for their
    possessions, should they leave the Tpm ministry. A few
    Martin Luthers should arise witin the ranks of Tpm, and bring about a holy revolution, purge Alwinism, and bring about a radical change. Faith Homes, the diabolical teaching on Zion
    and cruel legalism has to be totally thrown into th pit of hell where it belongs! Some fearless,and determined should rise up, and declare, LET my PEOPLE GO! Like Moses of old.

    Admin. The Lord is on your side. Forge ahead fearless.
    The truth does only one thing, IT SETS YOU FREE.


  4. Vik Gant, I humbly request you to read the comments carefully. Don’t make haste to comment without reading properly. I think you have got a spirit to blow things out of proportion. Did I say that God has chosen this site to remove the mask of hypocrisy from TPM? I had very clearly written that, let this site grow more stronger…” Have you seen anywhere I took the name of God? Like you & your TPM ministers I don’t take the name of God in vain.
    Another thing you Said, this site is an evidence that God is a user & supporter of the internet. In fact not we but you TPM people claim that it’s the TPM ministry & Ministers can perfect the people. It means that the sacrifice of Christ was a waste & a TPM needed to be born to make the people perfect. Go and ask yourself & your TPM ministers that why they bang the drum continually & repeat the chorus to make the people fill in the Holy Spirit? I think God has no role to send the Holy Spirit & he waited for a group called TPM to bloom from nowhere to help the people receive the Holy Spirit. Plz don’t try to provoke me otherwise many more hidden things will come in public.

  5. Brother Mathews,
    You seem to know many inside stories of these white clad day time saints. One thing is sure, this Vik Gant is an ardent supporter of all the unbiblical TPM doctrines without any knowledge of scripture. Please expose their activities if you know for the benefit believers like me.
    Vik Gant I always appreciate dedication towards this TPM oraganisation. Please no organisation or pastor can take you to heaven. Please read the bible without tpm lens then you can understand many things. One day please stand outside the faith home and observe the actions going on inside the faith home.

  6. Dear Nath, thank you for a befitting reply to Vik Gant. I strongly feel that he/she is a narrow minded TPM minister or a die-hard supportive member and that’s why his points are baseless & illogical.

    • Dear Matthews,

      I do not advocate the stand that TPM superimposes on its members. In the same vein, let us also be careful to not go overboard in replies and rebuttals.
      As much as they, should we also be accountable to the Lord God.

      I have also been guilty of scathing and we are all guilty in many ways, let us atleast allow neutrality and not make personal comments on those who do not agree with us.

      If we do not show care and respect in this particular issue, there will be no difference between ‘fromtpm’ and various other anti-tpm blogs floating like flotsam.

      It is my sincere desire that only the flaws of this mission should be highlighted, so that people can make a choice after an informed decision.
      Any personal comment or radicalisation of penmanship leaves a tint in the readers eyes.

      Thanks one and all.

      • What are the other anti tpm blogs ? I’ve read one from one David Paul and another by one Rachel ..I didn’t feel it was bad in anyway ..Did I misread the tone of your message ?

  7. Dear Denzel Joy, thank you very much for your kind advice. I really do apologize for the personal attack that I made against Vik Gant. Plz forgive me my mistake.

    • No brother, I in no way deserve your apology…. Aren’t all Christians partakers of the body of Christ… Am glad you were able to see my point of view…

      I have lived a good number of years as a pro TPM and a few years as anti-TPM.

      Through my experience, I can attest that the devil is a master broker, he will not allow us to fight the real enemy and will keep us hitting out at flesh and blood.

      I am just as human as Bro Vik, and so are you…

      God will open his eyes one fine day….

      This statement coming from me- a former TPM die-hard, I myself can’t explain.

      All things work together for good… & am really happy that ‘fromtpm’ has interesting articles and the quality of discourse is superior.

      @ ADMIN- Keep it up!


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