Last week while I was driving, a car overtook me by switching lanes. I was fine with it for a second. Immediately I saw him switching back to my lane because he wanted to overtake the other car in its lane. The driver did this for some time till he went far ahead. I assume that he was in an emergency. Now under an emergency situation, we all accept such a behavior. However, what happened in Chennai left me with the same nostalgia as that traffic incident. This is because Pastor Stephen was not even explaining the connections between the verses he was quoting. He was in a hurry to quote all these verses before the preaching is over.

I am urged to write few words on the sermon given by the chief of TPM, PASTOR STEPHEN N, on Sunday at the international convention in Chennai. His message was from the book of Habakkuk 3:17-19  and if my counting is not wrong, I think there were 44 references including the key verse in it. Please don’t misunderstand me for counting the number of references but I think that a good orator should take minimum references and give the best explanation.

Preaching to people what they don’t practice

Of course, Pastor Stephen started off good saying that Habakkuk was joyful in all circumstances but, gradually it went off track. He gave explanations which suited him best.  I assume that if Habakkuk was alive to hear this sermon, he would perhaps have stood up from his place in the crowd and shouted, STOP! this is not I meant.  Shall I take you through the sermon point by point. Let’s go!

  1. NATURE OF THE FIG TREE: Judges 9:11– It gives good & sweet fruit. Habakkuk said, “though the fig tree does not blossom…….yet I will rejoice in the Lord”. If we understand it from the angle Pastor Stephen has taken, then we should rejoice even if others do not give good fruit to us. We should rejoice in the Lord when others do not give us good treatment.

    • My Comment: How many TPM ministers are doing this? I have come across many TPM ministers who literally have cursed others when they were not given the desired treatment by others. I know of a mother who felt that she was ill-treated by the believers there. while leaving the place, she did not even show the courtesy to say bye and left the place from the back door. The amazing thing is that such ministers with so much of grudge jump like springs and speak unknown tongue in the meetings. How does their conscience allow them to do this? Oh, I am sorry! They are practicing Habakkuk 3:17-19.

  1. NATURE OF VINE: Judges 9:13 The vine cheers God and men as well. How much are the TPM ministers cheering God? They fast(with a big cup of oats, steamed Banana, etc.) & pray, but is God happy or cheered with all these what they do. In Isaiah 58:3-7, see what God is asking his people. If you read this portion in Easy English Version, it’s really interesting. In Jeremiah 9:24, God says that he delights in loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness.

    • My Comment: What judgment do they have in TPM? They punish poor ministers and believers but cover the murderers and bribe the judicial system to tilt the verdict in their favor. Is it what you cheer God with? Leave cheering God, but are they cheering men? In fact they give maximum trouble to their neighbours. It was told by a very reliable source that in Irumbuliyur they let the waste water towards the piece of land of a man who denied to sell his land to them. The intention behind was that he must be forced to give his land to this organization at a cheaper rate. Is it the way you cheer men?
    • The above said things were based on the revelation given by the chief Pastor Stephen. Now let’s see it from the perspective of Habakkuk. He said, “neither shall fruit be in the vines,…I will rejoice in the God of my salvation”.  From the literal sense, he meant that even if the vines produce no fruit he would not be gloomy but rejoice in God. Now from another sense, he meant to say that even if men did not cheer him he would not allow the circumstance to have better of him. Can the TPM ministers claim this?  Many ministers cannot if they have a good conscience. I remember of a senior sister who told me that a believer sister would give her only Rs.100 as an offering whenever she visited her. Such people’s rejoicing is not God but the size of notes they are given.


  1. NATURE OF THE OLIVE: Judges 9:9 – It has the fatness to honour God & man. Our God doesn’t want the honour with lips but from the heart.

    • My Comment: How many TPM ministers can say that they truly honour God with their heart. I have observed that many of the TPM ministers have more respect for their leaders & less or no respect for God. In the all India workers meeting & Pastors meeting, you can notice that majority of the ministers sit like spectators. If this is the case of these ministers in the Head Quarters then what would be their state when they are in their respective places. About honouring man I think that they don’t have this word in their dictionary. Instead of giving honour to men they demand honour from men. I have noticed many young ministers of TPM make the believers who sometimes seems to be of the age of their father or grandfather carry their bible bags & footwear. I have seen young ministers make the aged people press their hands & feet. Is this the way God wants them to honour man?
    • When Habakkuk said that even though the labor of the olive fails.I will rejoice in God, what he would have meant? I think he meant to say that even if men did not give him the due honor, he would rejoice in God. But most of the TPM ministers have failed in this area. If you don’t address them in the way they want like, Pastor, aiyya, etc. then you can find their reaction. I still remember a minister who after been ordained a pastor, when a believer as per his practice called him brother, the so-called minister got very angry at him. With all these things how can you say that these ministers do rejoice in God when they are not honored? Pastor Stephen has mentioned in his message that we should honor poor. May I ask how much they are honoring poor in their convention premises. They have reserved room for the rich believer from Dubai. How can they say what they don’t practice? If they truly give the same treatment to all irrespective of caste, language or any other status then how can we agree that you honor the poor. Do the TPM leaders follow what Jesus said in Luke 14:13?


  1. FIELDS YIELD NO FRUITS (My Comments): As TPM chief has said, let’s take it true that field stands for the church & the fruits stands for doing the will of God. To consolidate his revelation he quoted [Matt 7:21]  “Not everyone who keeps saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will get into the kingdom from heaven, but only the person who keeps doing the will of my Father in heaven. Many TPM ministers use the next verse (22nd) to defend themsleves and say that just by doing great miracles one cannot go to the kingdom of God. Of course, only by doing one cannot be made worthy to go heaven yet, we cannot ignore the miracles. The next verse he quoted was I Thessalonians 4:3 For God did not call us to be impure, but to be holy. We know, for TPM purity means celibacy and nothing more than that. In James 3:17 we read about the wisdom that comes from above & it has eight qualities. The first is pure & all others follow it, that means from all other good qualities stem from the root PURITY. In how many TPM ministers you have seen the traits mentioned in [Jas 3:17] However, the wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, then peace-loving, gentle, willing to yield, full of compassion and good deeds, and without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy.?
  1. FLOCKS BE CUT OF FROM THE FOLD (My Comments): He Said that it means, leaving the fellowship of the saints. Again we can see the confession of pride. What did he mean by saying that? TPM people are the only saints & no one should leave them. By the way who approved them as saints? Has God confirmed it or they are taking the courage to exalt themselves?
  1. NO HERDS IN THE STALL  (My Comments): It is said in the sermon that the meaning of herds is suffering. As I told you that TPM ministers are proffessionals to derive the meaning which suits their thoughts. I can say that herds not only labour but they produce milk, milk products & other needful things for their masters. Habakkuk meant to say that even there is no herd in the stall to provide me milk or other milk products, I will rejoice in the God my salvation. Except few, a majority of TPM ministers cannot confess the same. I can give you many examples of TPM ministers who make a big issue if they are not given food & drinks as they wish. I know some senior sisters who want a big cup of milk without water in the morning & at night. But the Junior sisters have to drink either black coffee or coffee with little milk. There are Pastors, Elders, and brothers who want hot chappati and steaming hot rice; if they are given little cold food then all hell will break out. Sad to say that for many TPM ministers their belly has become their God (Philippians. 3:19). Yes, in the early days of TPM there were people who endured all the adverse circumstances joyfully but now it has become a luxurious organization.


Before I close my words I would that Pastor Stephen should arrange a rehabilitation home for all the TPM ministers. Keep them there, counsel,  and teach them to be good example to their followers. I also rPreach What you Practiceequest the biblically ignorant TPM believers to kindly remove the TPM lens, put on the lens of the Spirit of God & read the Bible. Don’t be like sheep to follow anything blindly. If you don’t believe what we say then join the TPM as a minister at least for few months or years and stay inside. You will come to know the truth & the truth will set you free. Everything that glitters is not gold.
[Isaiah 5:20] There are people who call wrong things right. And they call right things wrong. They say, ‘It is light’, when it is dark. And they say, ‘It is dark’, when it is light. They say that bitter things are sweet. And they say that sweet things are bitter. But soon they will be sad. My dear TPM followers, take courage, stand up & learn to say what is wrong or right. If not then at least believe us what we are bringing to you. May God heal your blindness to discern between good & evil.


  1. //If you don’t believe what we say then join the TPM as a minister at least for few months or years and stay inside. You will come to know the truth & the truth will set you free. Everything that glitters is not gold.//

    This is such a remedy- mandatory conscription for 3.5 months

  2. Dear Admin
    I am really surprised to see to how low you can stoop to find fault with TPM.
    You are giving the Pastor’s explanation followed by your explanation. Now whose explanation is exactly right? No one knows for sure. Any one can interpret the Bible so as to give a message to the people.
    Herds denote suffering – is not illogical. Its a perfectly valid saying as herds do toil and suffer for their master. Your point of view may be different. But that doesnt mean everyone should follow your views. He has his points of view which he can tell the people.
    If you have some nice explanations why don’t you publish them or why dont you preach ? Who is stopping you

    For each and every comment you are saying how many TPM ministers/sisters can say they live according to it?

    How many times you have said no to your mom/wife/husband that you dont like the food.
    How many times you had been angry because you didnt a get a particular food?
    You cannot say you are perfect. Everyone has weaknesses.
    Can you boldly say you have never become angry for food in your life?
    You CANNOT and No one Can say that.
    People called Jesus a glutton – was Jesus addicted to food? Was His belly His god?
    Jesus cursed a fig tree because there were no fruits in it (The Bible clearly tells it was not the season of figs – Jesus should not have expected fruits in the first place. Second as an Omniscient God He should have known it aforehand)
    Does that mean Jesus was throwing tantrums for not getting food.

    Your explanation shows you are obsessed with TPM trying to divert the minds of real souls with your pathetic and distorted explanations.

    Why were you listening the message of Pastor Stephen so religiously counting all the references even ? Just to find fault? Pathetic you are. Bent on finding fault with everything.
    There are so many other pastors/preachers other than from TPM(if you search for them in youtube you can easily find) who play tricks/frauds on people yet preach lofty messages. If you are truly concerned for souls why dont you expose them?
    Why just TPM? You know the reasons very well. There is no end to criticising others.
    Jesus lived a spotless life – doesnt mean He didnt attract any criticism. He was/is the most criticised Person. Any person/message whether good or bad can be criticised.
    Stop criticising.

    Examine first whether you live according to what you criticise or according to the explanations you give for the verses of the Bible.

    Seeking cheap publicity showing yourself to be greater than Jesus Himself.

    • Brother Thomas,
      I thought you have read the very Title/heading of the Article. It sums up the entire article itself.
      On one side you have spiritual Gurus who are claiming to Make people PERFECT…On the other side, if they cannot let go off their carnal nature, you just don’t assume we will sit there with marbles in our mouth. You are liable to live and practice what you preach.

      After many previous communication with you I know its futile to try to make you understand. You know the story of the dog’s tail?

      • I understood the title. My point is the same thing applies to you also.
        You are criticising a whole bunch of TPM ministers. Can you boldly say you are perfect? When you are not you dont have any worthiness to criticise anyone

        • Hello…Where do you get this funny Logic? I am not criticizing them.Rather exposing them (Ephesians 5:11-13). I am calling out on your SAINTS who claim to make people perfect based on the Scripture.
          I am encouraged to examine all your doctrines and practices in the Bible. Did you know that neither Thessalonian Believers nor Paul was perfect? But still, they are asked to TEST ALL THINGS.
          Bereans Tested all things not because they were Perfect. (Acts 17:11)
          Ephesians Tested the False Apostles Not because they were perfect. (Rev 2:2)
          Ephesians 5:11-13

          I am asking you what excuse you have to disobey the scriptures and support these people who are claiming to be apostles?
          What reason will you give for continuing to follow the devious teachings of this Group when you stand at the Judgement seat?

          Have you thought of it my friend?

    • Brother Thomas, It is TPM that puts itself on a pedestal. I used to be someone who used to keep parroting that TPM is the best church there is. TPM for example says pastors who go to bible colleges are not real servants of God, only they are. They also say only they can prepare the bride, no other church ministers can. Pas MT used to preach that living a sinless life is as easy as easy gets. So we all know where TPM is coming from. I think this article is merely holding TPM to TPM’s own standard of “perfection” that they preach. Nothing wrong in that.

    • Dear brother Thomas,
      Your comment reveals that you are a diehard TPM. Your words show how frustrated & angry you are. Here also you have proved that Pastor Stephen is the supreme for you. You feel that no one should give their view or explanation once TPM chief has already given his view. Why? In the democratic country like India don’t we have the freedom to express our view. We never forced you to accept our view. You have no problem whatsoever when TPM ministers twist the words of Lord Jesus, Apostle Paul, Peter, James & others to suit their mindset. But you are so frustrated just because we gave our views beside TPM chief. Your ministers have the right to say whatever they want but no one has the right to speak anything about the messages preached by TPM ministers. Your ministers can even rise above God but you are frustrated when someone else rise to convey different meaning of the verse preached by your chief. It shows that how blinded you are. When Pastor MT preached somewhere that God had to become a triune God to make man a tripartite being, you had no objection but you accepted that as a lofty revelation from the God of Zion.

      What a silly example of food at home you have placed to defend yourself & TPM preachings. To you the food for the perishable body is equivalent to the spiritual food for spiritual being. It shows how much you value the word of God & it’s revelation. We with all humility accept that we are not perfect & we cannot make anyone perfect. As you said no one is perfect, everyone has some or the other weakness. Why don’t you drive this nail home in the life of your TPM ministers? For them they alone are perfect & all others are imperfect. They claim that the ministers of other denominations are serving for salary to sustain their families. Dear brother we have no problems with TPM ministers fighting for food but then let them accept that they haven’t hated their life and you please advise them not to claim Luke 14:26. If they have hated their lives why are they fussy about food. Why One Centre mother piled up 18 lakhs rupees, which were taken from the suitcases after her death? We never said that herds & cattle do not mean suffering or labour. Hope you have read the article carefully. We don’t have any personal enmity with TPM to target it. As you said, why don’t we raise up the issues of preachers who are playing so many tricks. Yes, we would only when they will start boasting like TPM ministers that they are the only perfect people to make everyone perfect. We are against every denomination which do not present the word of God in its purest form.

      • I dont know who this writer is! But Dear Writer
        I never said pastor Stephen is supreme for you. I said anyone can interpret the Bible as God reveals to them. There is no compulsion that everyone should follow your ADMIN’s views.
        Pastor Stephen spoke in his church where he is the head. He didnt come and post his message in your website.
        You give any interpretations whatsoever you want on your website. Who is stoppping you. Publish them. Preach them.
        FYI, It was not a silly example to say the admin must have fought at home for food on some occassions. Every human at some point of life must have fought or become angry for food. That doesnt mean they should never read the Bible or preach the Bible thereafter.First set your life right.

        • /* Pastor Stephen spoke in his church where he is the head. */

          You said it Very Right. No Wonder he also hold the position of the Chief Pastor.

        • Bro Thomas,

          I admire your loyalty to TPM. You appear and sound to be a learned man. How can any christian defend a cult, which has its own gospel, its own agenda and exists to glorify itself.

          It puts the revelations of its leaders above the written Word of God. The chief calls himself Chief Shepherd and you blindly defend this blasphemy?

          Bro, how can this be? I agree there are many illiterate TPM believers but how can you be so deceived? The Admin is serving God by exposing these servants of the enemy who are keeping people like you in bondage.

          Are you TPM clergy by any chance as your comments clearly reveal that you are deeply offended by the articles on this site.

          If you are a true christian, you must be burning for Christ not for a cult which abuses the name of Jesus openly and without any fear.

  3. I am an orthodox church member. I have come to know this site through one of my close relatives who left TPM recently. I would like to narrate a shocking incident happened to the TPM faith home very close to my house.

    That time my son was studying for Engineering in Coimbatore. It happened in April when he was on vacation to my house. He used to talk till late night over his mobile phone. He told me something unusual he observed during night. I didn’t take it seriously when he said that a man in coat, tie and helmet is coming to the nearby TPM faith home at mid night. My son went back after his vacation. After some days I too noticed the same thing. I hinted that incident very secretly to 2-3 people. After few days the same man in coat, tie and helmet was going to that TPM faith home. Immediately I called those people to whom I have hinted before. They have called more people and they surrounded the faith home. When they inquired with the sitting pastor there, he feigned ignorance. When we searched the entire faith home, we have caught another pastor from a different faith home with a sister of this faith home. immediately informed police, police came arrested the pastor. I don’t know what happened afterwards.

    • Bro Concerned,

      I don’t know if MT Thomas burned or swallowed currency but I can confirm that he is a blasphemer and is on the freeway to hell with his sermons. He is a liar and a cheap pedlar cheating the blind with his stupid analogies and revelations which are not biblical.

      Read the articles in this site and it will equip you to understand the deception you are in instead of worrying about what MT did with the currency notes.

      One thing is for sure and that is, an unrepentant liar and blasphemer will surely burn in Hell, with or without currency.



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