This is truly appalling. As I was listening to the 4th Tamil song this year’s Chennai Convention I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing. It is a known fact that when TPM composes songs, they reserve one stanza for Zion, which is itself is a bad thing. But to compose an entire song glorifying them is pathetic, to say the least. The convention is traditionally the time when believers distribute flyers inviting unbelievers to church so that they know the gospel of Jesus. Instead, this year, those who come for TPM conventions will be forced to sing songs that worship TPM pastors. This is truly an abomination in the sight of God.

I wondered if such songs were in the English hymnbook as well. Surely nothing can top the heresy that is in the Tamil song of this year, right? Right? Well, I thought wrong. There are numerous TPM songs that exclusively worship TPM ministers from start to finish. As I was browsing through the hymnbook, I chanced upon this song (Song #385 in the TPM hymn book). Please pay attention to the lyrics in bold.

The Hymn that gives away the Evil Nature of TPM’s Doctrine

Hymn No. 385

Saviours in Zion

Stanza 1: Saviours shall ascend on Zion’s hill

There shall be deliverance and holiness

Their proclamation, “The kingdom is the Lord’s”

Shall resound and all earth fill.


Glory, honour, power unto our King

He is worthy to be praised;

He reigns in Zion, saints exalt Him

In the land of the living.

Stanza 2: Saviours through their prayers they’d proved to be

Saving men in sin and captivity

And interceding for saints in trials sore

Helped them through to victory. ‘

Stanza 3:  Saviours making peace, they preached His word

And they worked to bring all to unity

Of the afflictions of Christ their part they bore

For the Church, by none deterred.

Stanza 4: Saviours bold in fight, they did contend

For the faith delivered to saints of yore

And greatly zealous to see the Church is pure

Ever strove they to that end.

Stanza 5:  Saviours bearing men’s iniquity

In the Holy Place, stood they in the breach

They loved their people and poured their soul to death

Made them just, approved and free.


In the above “hymn”, TPM pastors call themselves “Saviours”. To summarise the above hymn,

  1. TPM pastors who go to Zion are saviours – usurping Jesus as the one and only saviour (1 Timothy 4:10)
  2. TPM pastors are saving men from sin and iniquity because of their prayers – usurping Jesus as the only one who saves men from their sins (Matthew 1:21)
  3. TPM pastors are interceding – usurping Jesus as the one who intercedes (Romans 8:34)
  4. TPM pastors bear a part of Christ’s afflictions on the cross – usurping Jesus as the only one who bore the punishment for our sins. (Isaiah 53:5)
  5. TPM pastors are striving to make the church pure – usurping Jesus as the one who makes His church pure (Ephesians 5:26)
  6. TPM pastors bear the sins of men – usurping Jesus as the only one who bore our sins. (1 Peter 2:24)
  7. TPM pastors are in the Holy Place – usurping Jesus as our only High Priest. (Hebrews 7:24-28)
  8. TPM pastors love men and poured their soul to death making people “just”, “approved” and “free” – TPM here claims believers are made “just” by the “pouring of their souls to death”, contradicting the very basis of our justification before God (Romans 5:1).

Deeper Truths in TPM is Anti-Christ Spirit in Operation

As you can see, TPM doesn’t know the gospel. What’s the point in all the supposed “deeper truths” when TPM doesn’t even know the basics of Christianity and have now walked into the territory of blatant heresy? If TPM pastors are operating on the basis of what the above song says, please think how much of their theology and sermons will be maligned with such heretical notions?

These are the pastors who preach to you on Sundays and take bible studies to share exclusive truths that they claim are not found in any other church. These are the men you depend on to hear biblical exposition. These are the men who claim to be “apostles” and have so much control over your lives. Are you willing to test these men who claim to be “apostles” and call them out to be false apostles? Or are you going to side with them even after seeing the heretical songs they compose? Is it really wise to be enslaved to a “church” such as this?

No other church I’ve heard of has stooped to this level of heretical teachings. Yet TPM has successfully managed to keep the believers in blindness thinking they are getting the best teachings on the planet. This has to be a deal breaker if you are a follower of Christ. One cannot in good conscience follow this church when the songs they compose are worshipping men instead of God.

The Anti-Christ Spirit that has been leading TPM always seeks to Replace and Usurp Christ.


I most probably would have sung this song as a staunch TPM believer, as would some of you who are reading this. This TPM hymn is the heresy of the highest order. This is just one of the many examples that can be taken from TPM hymnbooks. Every hymn book of TPM is filled with songs that worship the ministers. Songs like the one highlighted in the article make the great sacrifice of Jesus to mean nothing. TPM ministers claim every title that is rightly Jesus’. This is a power grab and an attempt to compete with Jesus, a battle they will lose every time. When the most basic tenets of the Christian faith (Jesus alone is the saviour who bore all our sins) is replaced with a teaching that says mere fallible men who claim to be “saviours” bore our sins and have poured out their souls to death for our justification, it isn’t Christianity anymore. This is a new religion invented by TPM.


  1. My God! This is shocker!!!

    In the Holy Place, stood they in the breach
    They loved their people and poured their soul to death
    MADE THEM JUSTIFIED approved and free.
    (made them justified, righteous!!! Who? Jesus or TPM workers?)

    And he OPENED HIS MOUTH IN BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And all that dwell upon the earth SHALL WORSHIP HIM, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev 13:6,8).

      • Why is it a shocker Richard?

        If you are a regular attending every single meeting, (like I used to) there is nothing extraordinary stated here.

        I know of countless examples of sermons comparing TPM saints to the High Priest wearing his breastplate of 12 stones and bearing iniquity of the church.

        I remember myself having no answer to defend this when a Sunday School student had asked for clarity. I told him not to read it too literally, but just understand that TPM workers pray for the believers as well as the general body of Christ.

        Back then, I found no voice or fora- Too many cunning replies and twisted analogies and a lack of unity among the critics meant that most of the skeptics pondered within themselves.

        FYI- have you heard of this appeal when pastors are in their sick bed- It is because of the sins of the church that the Saints/pastors have to bear iniquity and thus are sick. Yes, they can pull off a number of verses to make their point- Epaphroditus in Phil 2.26 is one example.

        The point I am making is that a brainwashed TPM sincere/ prayerful/ obedient believer will find it impossible to understand your comment at all, because it might uproot his foundation.
        Personally, I am sure there are many skeptics within TPM who do not display opposition or dissent openly, but know that there is death in the pot.

        • I’ve heard that quite a number of times that sickness among TPM pastors was due to the sins of the congregation. Many say the surge in deaths too is the result of that.

        • Brother , I was told that they get illness because we give them tithes which is a cursed money ( 10% which we give is a curse which turns the rest of 90% into a blessing) and I was shell shocked..

        • Yes Sister,
          It is a TPM Doctrine. This Doctrine is a Deception to the Highest. They need funds to run their Religious machinery and therefore such an invention by the TPM Clergy. TPM Believers are caught in this quagmire because they do not refer the scriptures to check what is right and what is wrong . They are unlike the Bereans (Acts 17:11). Please do not give them even 1 Naya Paisa as they are dangerous Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. Check out the below Scriptures

          and constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain. 1 Tim 6:5

          Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. Philippians 3:19

          But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them–bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Peter 2:1

    • For those who can remember or can procure the 2000-01 convention tapes, this heresy was mightly advocated by Pastor TU.
      I have utmost respect for him personally, as I do have with a majority of the workers. However, in my humble opinion, he was a perfect example of brain-wash.

      He reinvogarated the prophetic role of the TPM clergy and stressed that believers need to confess their secret sins to the pastors, if they need to get victory. If they simply pray and repent without making an expo of it, these sins will reappear and haunt them and will leave them without any assurance of salvation.
      Go, ask any worker- It is a RULE for workers to consult their seniors and reveal any secret thoughts that attack them- be it desire to marry, leave the ministry or fleeting moments of lust. The seniors will pray and help them gain victory.

      In this RCC reinvention, pastor TU even made it mandatory for workers to confess their sins, even if it was before salvation/ joining TPM.
      And shortly after this exercise, a small number of workers were mailed postcards to their address asking them to come to Madras, where they were asked to leave.
      This is the reason as to why Pas. Vijayan quit, due to a misunderstanding and misplaced perception on the part of Pas TU.

      There are spies in the church, at every level- whose task is to pretend to be a friend but whose aim is to rake slander- They are not confidant of their privileges in their Christian sonship and instead try to harp on sins of absolution.

      (And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:)

      • I lost all Respect for T U Thomas when I knew that he does not practice what he preaches. I have heard so many sermons by him on Forgiveness. However, whenever there was a real need to forgive, he was a cruel task master. Your example of Pastor Vijayan was an example of that unforgiving spirit in him.
        Luke 11:4 “Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.'”

        • I think TU even wrote the book on forgiveness. I never knew all this about TU. I assumed he was one of the few good guys in TPM. But then, when he was the head of TPM I was a staunch TPMite. So what do I know? lol.

        • Matthew 23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

        • He was a task master- but he called himself a terrorist that is sent to bomb hell.. Do you remember these cliches..?

          The desire to overreach leads to failures, hypocrisies and legalism.

          In short, you will not find penitance or godly sorrow among the high ranking TPM clergy, asking the Lord for grace and wisdom and love. Instead, they are are too caught up in others faults and work towards brainwashing them and certifying them as saints or sinners.

          They even claim to get secret revelations about our thoughts but they dont show it openly that we might not be publicly shamed.

          They call themselves the Nathans that are sent to the Davids.
          Romans chapter 12.3
          For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.
          9 Let love be without dissimulation.

        • I know of certain incidents which he did to people within his own organization. It’s so heart-rending that it showed the evil that was inside him. Very Cruel Man was he.

        • I would be happy if you could share some info, if you’d like to.
          I am not aware of this, but I knew he was extremely strict and had unrealistic expectations, but didn’t know there was an angle thrown in.

          Yea, am aware of his shuffling/transfer orders so as to break any concord.

        • Sure, Let me cite one incident.
          There was a pastor by name G*****. This pastor was severely diabetic. So in the real uncomfortable time, he got the help of a person to get some medicines for a relief. Unfortunately, this incident reached the ears of the center pastor there. The Centre pastor in a very deceitful manner got him to travel to Chennai to TU who was the Chief Pastor. So when this pastor reached Irumbuliyur, as he was stepping inside the gate few TPM interns Caught hold of him and lifted him up and threw him out of the gate and locked him out. In the throw, this old man got very injured. After lying there for some time, he was helped and was able to go away. He asked the interns that he came to speak to Pastor TU as he was sent from a different center. They replied that they did this at the orders of Pastor TU because he had violated the consecration.

          Now tell me in which court will you be judged without even a hearing? Leave alone all those lofty sermons on Forgiveness, he was not even worthy to receive it. TU huh.

        • Oh, that’s a very appalling thing to hear…

          Who decides what my stand is? Shouldn’t it be Christ and Christ alone? It’s a violation of Human Rights as well.

          “Now tell me in which court will you be judged without even a hearing?” The answer is obvious and getting clearer by the day.

  2. On a positive note , all this nonsense helped me find people like Sam Harris , Christopher Hitchens, Valerie Tarico etc ..I’m more happy now as I unlearn most of the junk I learned at TPM.. life is about making mistakes and trying to mend them ..

  3. Another corollary- Ruth is a type of TPM believers & Naomi a type of TPM workers (Jerusalem & Zion)

    Pharoah is a type of the devil & Nebuchadnezzar type of Satanic government
    as you keep reading through the books of Daniel & Joesph-
    You see that-
    Pharoah is now a type of God the Father & Joseph as Jesus
    Nebuchadnezzar is type of God the father & the eunuchs as the servants of God.

    Poor Vashti is seen as an evil witch whereas the evil Persian king Ahasueras (Artaxerxes II) is seen as God the father
    Vashti as Jews & Esther as TPM believers & as usual the TPM workers play the role of harem keepers.

  4. I dont know why such a hue and cry is made over a song!
    For your information, this song was composed for the funeral of Pas Lazaraus in the year 1999. Later this song was released in the year 2000 as the fourth English hymn.

    There’s nothing wrong or blasphemy in the song.
    Obadiah 1:21
    And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.

    The Bible calls them saviours. Not SAVIOUR. And the song quotes exactly from the Bible and I dont think there’s any blasphemy. Your authority is not greater than the authority of the Bible.

    Of the afflictions of Christ their part they bore

    For the Church, by none deterred.

    Col 1:24
    Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church:

    St Paul is telling he bore the afflictions in his body for the church. So do the saints can bear the afflictions. And here again the lines are quoted from the Bible and there is its authority.

    Numbers 18:1
    And the LORD said unto Aaron, Thou and thy sons and thy father’s house with thee shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary:

    Aaron and his sons shold bear the iniquity of the sanctuary.

    “They loved their people and poured their souls to death” – is not blasphemy. St Paul tells like this so many times.

    “And greatly zealous to see the church is pure’ – is not blasphemy

    The song was written to be sung in the funeral – like as people would testify in someone’s funeral. People will testify that this man/woman was zealous for holiness, interceded and prayed for others, was like a father/mother to me and so many things about the dead man. No one calls that blasphemy.

    Please do not twist facts or twist facts out of context

    • Bro Thomas,

      1. Of course TPM will hide behind Obadiah 1:21 to teach such false doctrines. Maybe there is a sense in calling those who preach the gospel as “deliverers” because God is using mere humans to spread the gospel. Certain manuscripts read “those who are delivered shall come upon Mount Zion”. But is that what tpm is doing here? No. They are taking the term savior and using it to usurp Jesus and his unique sacrifice. I’m sorry but you have to be willingly blind to not see the obvious heresy in this hymn. They’re not saying they are Saviours because they preach the gospel but because they literally bear our sins and have a part in the atonement. They foolishly believe they are the high priest and are interceding in the Holy place. That is a job and title unique ONLY TO JESUS in the New Testament.

      2. Col 1:24 Another twisting of scripture. Jesus paid the complete price for our atonement. That is the most basic of Christian truths. What’s lacking is the presentation of the gospel to the whole earth. Because Jesus died in Israel, what’s lacking is that the whole earth didn’t witness it. So Paul is preaching the gospel to make up for it. But like always tpm is going against the gospel message to say they share Christ’s payment of sins as is made evident in the stanzas following it.

      3. Of course it is said in scripture that Aaron and his sons (high priests) will bear the iniquity. This was in the OLD TESTAMENT. Do you realize that, brother? It was Jesus who fulfilled the law and therefore EVERY iniquity was UPON JESUS. But TPM goes against the most basic of Christian truths to say they bear our sins.

      So brother, I would advise you to read it without your TPM bias and you can see TPM is teaching heresy. In the last stanza they claim people are justified and free because of their death.

      • Dear Richard
        You will conveniently twist like “IT IS OLD TESTAMENT” – we dont have to follow.
        Its upto you whether you observe old testament or not.
        The song was written for the funeral service. There is no blasphemy as you cry out.
        The writer of the song knows only KJV Bible and he has quoted from it – he hasnt twisted it to suit his conveniences. Jesus fufilled the law – that doesnt mean you can commit adultery or idolatory. If aaron and his sons can bear iniquity there is no authority for you to claim over the authority of the Bible that it is not so in the new testament. The New Testament ministry is a shadow of the Old Testament ministry but in a spiritual sense. TPM is not teaching heresy. The chorus beautifully tells – Glory honour power unto our King – not to the saints
        There are mistakes in TPM – but dont look with a distorted glass to see only what is wrong.
        Point no 2: Paul doesnt tell about any preaching – he only tells about sufferings which he bears in his body – you are blatantly twisting and you find fault with TPM

        • Brother Thomas,

          //You will conveniently twist like “IT IS OLD TESTAMENT” – we dont have to follow.
          Its upto you whether you observe old testament or not.
          The song was written for the funeral service. There is no blasphemy as you cry out.//
          It is not convenient and neither is it “twisting”. Even a New Christian convert will know that Jesus fulfilled the law.

          For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. (Romans 10:4)

          “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. (Matthew 5:17)

          It is not upto anyone to go back to the Old Testament to follow its laws for our righteousness. For Scripture says

          For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.” (Galatians 3:10)

          //The writer of the song knows only KJV Bible and he has quoted from it – he hasnt twisted it to suit his conveniences. Jesus fufilled the law – that doesnt mean you can commit adultery or idolatory. //
          Are you being serious? The hymn is NOT a quotation of scripture. It carries TPM’s theology. Please read the book of Romans and Galatians. The law is there for it to act as a mirror to show our sinfulness and point to the savior. You will not become righteous by following the law.
          The book of law can be divided into 3. The moral law, the ceremonial law and the civil law. The civil law was to govern the nation of Israel. Moral laws are timeless and reflect the holiness of God. The ceremonial law is what Jesus fulfilled.

          //If aaron and his sons can bear iniquity there is no authority for you to claim over the authority of the Bible that it is not so in the new testament. The New Testament ministry is a shadow of the Old Testament ministry but in a spiritual sense. TPM is not teaching heresy. The chorus beautifully tells – Glory honour power unto our King – not to the saints//

          Of course there is. Scripture says Jesus alone is the High Priest in Hebrews. The high priests of the Old Testament finds fulfilment in Jesus as the one and only eternal High Priest. TPM teaches heresy by saying they are the High Priest.

          //Paul doesnt tell about any preaching – he only tells about sufferings which he bears in his body – you are blatantly twisting and you find fault with TPM//
          Something tells me you haven’t read Colosians 1. Let me quote it for you.

          “24 Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church, 25 of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God that was given to me for you, to make the word of God fully known ” (Colossains 1:24,25)

          According to TPM something was lacking in Christ’s atonement for sin. That is heresy. What Paul is OBVIOUSLY explaining there is his preaching of the gospel (suffered affliction to make the word of God fully known). One cannot be a Christian and believe Christ didn’t pay the complete price of sins on the cross.

        • I must add that Jesus not only fulfilled the ceremonial laws but also the moral and the civil by keeping the law perfectly when He lived on this earth.

    • Brother,

      There is nothing wrong in the verses they are quoting from.

      The problem is the misplaced context which is a proven heresy.

      I say that this song makes the papal seat very proud.

      All cults like Islam, RC & JW etc sprouted out from sincere verses, but the distinction is, they failed the ‘spirit’ test that John asks us to use.

      This song is as harmless as a dove and as stealthy as a desert fox.

      Am I misreading something? No

      Does this song bring any sinner or lost soul to understand who is the savior or where is salvation? No

      Does this song imply that Jesus is not the fulfillment of the law- Yes.

      Are you justified, approved and set free by the composers of the song or by the pastor whose obituary it is- No

      Do you still want to defend a line of religiosity- I cannot stop you.

      I pray that God will help you realize. If am wrong, may the Lord open my eyes through the word. Am sure He will not give His glory to another. If that was the case, TPM should also start worshiping Moses and Abraham.

  5. @ bro Richard
    Excellent interpretation of Col 1:24 and Obadiah 1:21

    @ bro Thomas
    Blasphemy is not when gospel preachers love people and pour their lives for sake of Gospel, but blasphemy is when somebody tries to usurp the throne of master to whom they are called to serve. Blasphemy is when someone dares to replaces Jesus as saviour! It is the spirit of Antichrist! Further it is hypocrisy to say they love their people (believers) and then kick them out when they commit a small mistake or when they are no longer useful in any manner.

    Regarding Numbers 18;1, I would like add to interpretation of bro. Richard. In old testament Aaronic priesthood was never able to bear iniquity of people. The writer of Hebrews says, it is impossible that the blood of goats and bulls to take away sins (to take away iniquity Heb 10:4).. Psalmist says, “none of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give God a ransom for him. For the redemption of their life is costly, no payment is ever enough (Psa 49:7-8 HNV version).

    Is so then how was it possible that Levites (especially Aaron and his sons,,) could make people justified and righteous by bearing their iniquity? Remember Apostle Paul taught that OT was tutor pointing to Jesus Christ (Gal 3:24). If it was possible for Aaron or levites to bear sins of people why was it needed for Jesus to die for mankind? If it is possible for Tpm saints to bear the punishment and wrath of God for sins and iniquity of Tpm believers, then why do you Tpm believers need Jesus?

    The problem with TPM workers and Tpm believers is that they don’t know the basic gospel. Think again, about what you said! It is the problem of intense severity! It is indeed a shock of high voltage to hear such blasphemy! The basic foundation of entire Christianity which is Jesus the cornerstone is replaced and you say it is scriptural!!

    Do you still believe that saints of Tpm have borne your sins (iniquity) and made you justified and righteous?

      • This song is like the Nehushtan which Hezekiah had to destroy.

        BTW Nehushtan is the bronze snake lifted up in the desert. Latter folks started worshipping it.

        In fact, this song is a bronze serpent made after the likeness of TPM workers, for their veneration and glory.

    • Brother, looks like the whole set up needs to read an easy version of the Bible. Perhaps KJV is so difficult to understand that they end up misunderstanding the whole Bible.

      Dear TPM saint-Please read ERV or NKJV or TLB, but please read it carefully and remember there is only one Savior. His name is Jesus.

      • I cant believe the level of blindness!
        I am really sorry for Tpm! Its height of height blindness, to still refuse to accept Jesus as a lone unique saviour and justifier of mankind! After brother Richard’s comment I expected bro Thomas would accept that their is indeed something very dangerous here, in this song. But alas! He still says Tpm is teaching no heresy!

        I am greatly thankful for the great mercy of God for removing blindness from my eyes! I was once a blind tpmite. I Don’t want to say anything more. Only God can do something now!

        • It really boggles my mind that Bro Thomas is still defending TPM’s claim that they are High Priests. He says High Priests in the OT bear iniquity of the camp and so today TPM pastors are high priests to bear our iniquity. Aren’t they undermining what Jesus has done? I wonder why Jesus had to die at all, if God could have used TPM pastors as the means for atonement and justification. Don’t they understand every TPM pastor is a sinner who isn’t worthy or capable to bear anyone else’s sin, let alone their own? The blindness I see here is unreal.

        • In my case, although I knew that TPM had some foundational issues, I sought to look at the bright side. For me TPM workers suffering seemed divine and I felt no other church offers such an opportunity to suffer for Jesus, since the 3rd century.

          God used harsh trials and weeded me out- I have no regrets.
          I am also urged by God not to critizise anybody but to appeal to them, as Noah did.
          Its not God’s will that we should see and yet not perceive.
          He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.

        • That is true. Much rather speak the truth in love than use harsh words which is sometimes hard to do. I used to defend TPM and its doctrine with everything I’d got back when orkut was around. God used teachers like Michael Brown, John Piper, Francis Chan, James White etc to help me see the light. These men showed me it is possible to treat each other as Christians even though we differ on minor theological issues unlike me who considered anyone who wore jewelry (or deviated even a little from TPM doctrines and practices) as not upto our “level of holiness” back then. This was one of the deal breakers for me. I knew it was impossible to remain a “TPM believer” and see the body of Christ the way Jesus sees them.

        • Despite leaving TPM, in many ways, I am still scarred and left without a balance. (you know what I mean)

          I find much cheer and solace now in speaking to Jesus as a best friend- short or long conversations and not formal prayers.
          When I read the Bible, I stop every now and then- close the good Book and start off a debate with my best friend; once again pick up from where I left. This is working for me- am happy.
          It need not be the right way, but its a medicine for my broken spirit.

        • Just as the Pharisees derived their authority from the Talmud rather than from the Torah, TPM derives its doctrines from Aaron rather than the God of Aaron.

          Sometimes I feel the anonymous author of the ‘Hebrews’ book wrote keeping TPM in mind.

          @ ADMIN-
          You could bring out an article rebutting the doctrines of TPM sourcing the chapters of ‘Hebrews’

        • //God used teachers like Michael Brown, John Piper, Francis Chan, James White etc to help me see the light.//

          Honestly, I have never even heard of them, but thanks for sharing… I will google search.

          Do you have a brief note as an introduction? or perhaps any link you found useful?

        • This was one of the first articles I read by Michael Brown. It was an eye opener to me at that time.

          James White does debates with Catholics, Mormons, JWs and Muslims. I’ve found his arguments to be very consistent. He is an encyclopedia when it comes to Early Church History. Below is the link to his series on early church history.

          John Piper and Francis Chan are good teachers of the word. God has used Francis especially to teach me so much about God’s love from the word of God.

        • Thank you bro, am sure I have read these websites, but never paid attention to their names.

          This is another day of small beginnings for me.

          Thnx again brother.

  6. There was a Serious Trouble that i have faced in my Life during the Year 2016 from Mid of the Year and all of sudden one day Jesus spoken to me in a more distressed way and told me to shred my reproductive eggs(Sperms) artificially and i was stunned to experience and watch and i were forced by Jesus and this happened because of the Failure of the TPM Full time Servants of God .Initially god established the TPM with full of graces , honour and extreme gifts and Main purpose of such blessings was only to spread the Ministries across the world and to construct zion but by understanding the Honour and blessings given to the TPM Full time Servants of god and they slowly developed Pride and started created rules for themselves and this slowly led to change doctrines mostly regarding the Heaven topic and also in Faith and wrong concepts in Serving the Lord , appointment of Sunday class Teachers who forger the governments for their benefits and for their children benefits and they(TPM Full time Servants of god) have spend most of the time in teaching the effective false doctrines on Divine Healing and which is not at all needed because Jesus said that he is Healer and just by living a sinless life there is no need to fear about any dangerous threats of diseases around the world for the glory of christ shall heal in one touch and these useless TPM Servants of god have spent the precious time of Jesus for about 20 Years in which Many people have started fear of even taking Medicines and Finally die which is not advised unto the eyes of Lord and Why Medicine is needed because it has nothing to do with sins and the things which go into your mouth shall not defile body of christ and things which come out of from mouth shall defile the entire body of christ and now this is a clear Message that the entire world must adopt as the needed Message regarding doctors and divine Healing Now as far My shredding of Sperms are considered as greatest unbelief ever in the history of the world that was created because it has been revealed to me that this things can happen only to spiritual people who have attained greater heights with desired Jesus glory that they reached and also some times satan can use it to get the power contained in it but without gods permission if anybody tries to do it that they shall inherit curses and wrath of Jesus and Jesus said that he shall not repeat it to any one and happened very rarely to me for some days and if any body says that iam deceived that iam saying that jesus shall reveal to you and you are punished and iam saying this information is true otherwise the wrath of jesus may come to me and Family and we shall perish here in earth as well as in Heaven exactly not but into bottomless pit.Now let me say some important info about people called as TPM Full time Servants of god Namely Pastor Edwin Center Pastor Adyar where they created their own rules treated badly the immediate Servants of god are under Heavier chatening of the Jesus in Heaven this i have seen in Vision and he was pleading and begging me “Please dont touch TPM , Please Dont Touch TPM” and Jesus would have told them something important about me and this Vision showed to me some 3 Years before Amen.The People who were in TPM as Full Time Servants of God thinking about zion are Maximum Failures in their Ministry and they must concentrate much and only on the Will of the Jesus the almighty and the zion must be manifested only through the life of the anointed Servants and the Child of God and i know many Servants who took pride of thinking themselves are the zions have received beatings and some are not able to extend their Ministry Life and i know my Friend Sister who have went to TPM Ministry and she was mesmerized that only Full Time Servants of Jesus will be in zion and that too unmarried and whenever My Friend used to visit her will oftenly tell him that she was the department of zion and and will tell him that he is ordinary Jerusalem and what happened to her that she had been packed by god in little years and Jesus cannot able to use such people always thinking themselves as zion and i have got the Sister who was preaching in Sister Meeting have claimed herself as zions ans were talking pride about them and when she is talking the wrath of Jesus fell on her before all Believers and she fainted with her face turned absurd and these are examples the Most absurd Practices and My Friend itself is a excellent Servant of God as Believer and even he trained me some time about life and Minsitries but even he had fall prey to the false assumption of zion but thank to Jesus that he had given me excellent wisdom and true reveleations on kingdom of god and life of christ which is testified now and some days before that how god supported me in posting the articles which are very rare and cannot be seen in the world and this not by pride and this is fact. Iam dying for Jesus each and every day for Many Years and different levels of tortures through my Family and from the public and above all Jesus have blocked all my wordly blessings and he said to me that this is because of TPM Mistakes and shall be released in right time but now iam dangerous condition that i dont know what shall happen to me tommorow and it had happened to me that my beloved Brother died some years before and Many TPM Believers came and and visited but not one comforted or consoled me and not respected me and in turn they begin to give a high respect to a person who married two wives when he came to TPM Church and after some time had Live in Partner ( developed Sexual Relation ship with other women) in which she is a wife of other person and these immatured belivers dont have graces to discern anything and only Money speaks and most horrible thing was one of the top most respected person in my Church who is given responsibilities of church leader and sunday class teacher is the first one who have worshipped him more cornering me and if iam telling lies that i may face wrath of god today and other beliver who was given good responsibilities is given high respect and this person is married to girl through pastors and have received a lot of properties from the bride and even i have got an excellent alliance that the girl was working in one of the top most Firms in India as Software Engineer in my early years and their Father was big landlord and a richest Person and once i denied the alliance and he told that he had selected me considering Various Reasons after analysing Many Months and Greatly requested to Marry her daughter and promised to solve all my problems with lot of crores of properties but Jesus strictly told and requested me to suffer for Christ Sake and these righteousness are still Hidden and even today if some TPM Believers in my church have seen me they used to corner me in Money Matters and and it happened some 10 Years before that one of the Prophet from my Church and he is very Famous in TPM Churches and almost all TPM Servants of god in IRUMBULIYUR know him and he was close to them and he did not know about my education and sacrifices and this person is just 10th standard and one day when i was sitting in the pastors Room and he came to meet pastors and have taken some money from his pocket and showed to me with the pure intention to belittle me because i will be always simple and even i will not use two wheelers to go to church and kept that money with him and if i wanted to live that i would have lived a life of Prince and i laughed at him internally and dont have Maturity and totally under grown Amen and it very sad that these believers are surviving by my Sperms shred for them a greatest secret and i request admin to take some Serious steps to forward all Messages so as to reach the all places in the world that the world must know it is only through truthfulness , sacrifices and pure will of god that one can reach zion and dont believe the other doctrines claiming the Hypocrisy and self propaganda doctrines and mostly these had happened in TPM and Finally the world is expected to undergo severe Probems if TPM is not relenting Amen.

        • I Have seen in Vision some 3 Years before that because of his MalPractices that he has been tied and chastened by the Lord in Heaven and he is shouting at me “Please dont touch TPM , Please Dont Touch TPM” and he was in Adyar as Center Pastor during 1999 i think so Amen

  7. There are some Pastors in TPM and also brothers will not recognize believers asking Noble questions and they immediately Frame him or her as a Believer influenced by Satan
    and they have this imagination until the end of their Life and they never think that Jesus constantly renew them with Visions , Graces and Knowledge of God and one such Pastor was the Crooked V.Paul and Normally Spending Time Now for Training the New Entrants for Serving Lord and i was a Victim caught in his hand when one day i was asking question in very young age and asked very innocently and from that day onwards he was looking me in a belittled way and trying to degrade me when he gets the opportunity and he is always interested in beating through different actions not practical beatings the Immediate below Servant of God and he considers this as his Noble Profession in his Ministry and Some How the Same Practices followed by the bygone Center Pastor Edwin and i have a very sad incidents happened in my Life along with my Father in TPM and actually my Father is a good Person in Human Values and once a translator of Paualsir Lorry and after that he visits to the church is very Rare and he had always had a doubt in his Mind that why Jesus Called as Son of David and it was shame for Jesus to call him also Son for Him and he was asking to Pastor jesudoss AND He did not encourage the questions and even i did not take it Serious and it was time when i was begining my Days in TPM and my Father with out Knowing the Answer and he died earlier but the answer is Simple as Jesus itself saying that David itself Calling Me as god then how Jesus will be son to him.

  8. There was a Man who was a BodyGuard of Former Chief Minister of TamilNadu Honurable Dr. MG.Ramachandran and his Post is not confirmed and i will let you know Tommorow but rest of the information is true that he had a daughter whom he had kept enourmous love and after some time his daughter went to the TPM Ministries and stayed in different Branches in TamilNadu and whenever Robert wanted to visit his daughter that he will go and visit her in the Respective Faith Homes but Many Times she used to cry to her Father and was telling a lot of incidents that was Happening around TPM Faith Homes and oneday Robert after hearing some incident he brought her to the Home and done Marriage for her Daughter and Robert Himself was Good Servant of God and Still a lot of Secrets are hiding with Robert Masilamani. Amen Written and dictated By Jesus

  9. TPM a Book of Comedies in Sunday Class Procedings and Practices and that we can see that
    even in todays world in Many Colleges and Universities the Invigilators are from Same Colleges and the Carnal Minded People and organization have complete belief on the College for the University Examinations and we can see only Flying squads may come at anytime to see the Invigilation Procedures and Strictness and Examinations and our Beautiful TPM the Slavery to deceiving Spirits and USurping Jesus Will according to their own Will establishing their own rules to conduct Sunday class Examinations.Remember During Sunday class Examinations the Invigilators and Supervisors will come from the Other Branches of TPM and start conducting the Examinations and these people come with enormous Pride thinking that they are Super Lords and will not even permit the own Branch Sunday Class Teachers to assist the Students. Remember Saints are going to rule the Entire world in 1000 Years Reign and in 7 years Reign through the command of the Jesus in Heaven causing the Earthquakes and Natural Calamities with angers telling the world the Gospel of the denial of the beautiful Salvation on Lord Jesus Christ and it is very Pathetic that these Sunday class Teachers have denied conducting Examinations under the Leadership of the own Pastors of the Branch and it will be better that even the appointment of Sunday class Teachers can be done through the High Level Committee organised by the TPM Higher Level Pastors and these are totally deceived Practices as Ordered by Satan for Jesus not to work Properly in the Church as they are Conquering the disciplines with their own Authorities and whenever there is a Sunday class Session and the High Levels shall Mesmerize the Teachers about Satan trying to deceive Sunday Class Children and Iam writing with Pains for three Years almost i have not went to any TPM Churches and did i fallen down and answer is No that i have grown to the extent of Jesus loving me more for his own Sensible and needed Work to Solve his Problem Amen.Church is deceived allow god to work and even some times if Pastors knows the real truth also the High order Fools will try to USurp Jesus in their Ways Creating a Failure of Church.Jesus was Protecting and Nourishing the Daniel a beloved son of God in the Darkness of Babylon and why cant Jesus Protect his Sunday Class Children Amen .The Sad Part of the Church is they are welcoming the Illegal Money and the Major Criteria is that the Believer should have Present in the Sunday Sermon and this depends on the Church Pastors and May be for some 1 IN a Month and for Some 2 Month etc and the only qualification is the Believer must be Spiritually attested by Jesus and if Jesus is encouraging and why then the Rules are Framed and also by receiving the illegal Money which also includes the Black Money that Jesus is allowing satan to occupy in the Primary Seats of the Church and started destroying the church in a different ways and this shall not yield a good growth of the church and for this reasons that we can see a lot court cases are still coming to TPM Churches and i know one believer and i dont wish to specify his name and his Family is number one carnally respected in one of Chennai TPM Church have given a large Money during Pastor Jesudoss time and currently he is above Central Pastor and the Believer Family is well blessed worldy and i dont Know the reasons behind and this believer have looted Money from Many innocent Poor People in the Brand Name MLM(Multi Level Marketing) and given Huge Money to Pastor Jesudoss and Pastor Jesudoss without any understanding of Christ have accepted the Money and definitely Satan will conquer the expenses made by the Pastor Jesudoss that this Money is not at all Valid Amen and Iam very Tired in Bringing all these Facts

  10. In the Years 2013 – 2014 i used to attend the Fasting Prayers at TPM IRUMBULIYUR chennai and it happened oneday that i was feeling restless and with lot of Suffering i have planned to attend the Night Fasting Prayer at IRUMBULIYUR and i was walking for about 16 Kilometres and i have reached the IRUMBULIYUR at about 10.30 PM and when i was Crossing the Entrance of the TPM IRUMBULIYUR suddenly one Security guard who was a believer have stopped me and keeping on asking Number of Questions and these people know my excellent Testimonies and know that iam coming to Fasting Prayers and followed by him 3 TPM Fulltime Servants of god have blocked me getting into the FASTING Prayer Venue and i was telling all my Profile and all the details but still they were adament and stubborn in sending me out of the Church and while arguing this and there was senior Leader of them arrived at the Spot and i was telling everything to him and i was telling my Membership of TPM but all of Sudden he had asked the Immediate Servants of God to Send me out of TPM and i did not argue with them more because i have sensed if i have argued with them they were about to Manhandle me and so i decided to immediately to get out of the IRUMBULIYUR Church Campus and he came out of the TPM Campus and There was Stone nearer to the TPM Gates of IRUMBULIYUR AND I WAS SITTING IN THE Stone and i dont know what Mistake i have done and this is the first time with in 3 Months i was posting all the Mistakes of TPM.The whole Night i was sitting outside the TPM IRUMBULIYUR in winter Night and they have left me Mercilessly and While during the argument with the TPM Servants of God and one of the Security Guard of the Entrance of IRUMBULIYUR was Mocking at My Financial States and While i was begging for a day Survival in the Night at IRUMBULIYUR for Fasting Prayer at the Entrance and Suddenly a believer came in Car to exit the Entrance and these TPM Servants of God have honoured them and was Crowcatching Them and these Inhuman Creatures does not Know that i have Sacrificed Crores and Crores of Properties for TPM Sake and i request admin to take Immediate attention of theses Heresis and usurping Jesus that they are Following their own Natures Never Minding Christ and the Ways of Christ and these People Must be brought to Judgement before everybody and Must be questioned Amen

    • Brother Anbu,
      We understand the pain you had to undergo in the hands of people who claim to be Saints.

      Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Luke 6:22

      You are few of the Blessed people…These folks who inflicted pain on you will be ashamed one day. Rejoice for that Day Draweth Near.

      • Hi Denzel and admin greatly thanks for Reviewing My Comment in a Broader Sense and that i have used my Name as Anbu but actually My original Name was different and i have done it for Privacy and Iam from Chennai and not even Willing to tell the TPM Branch were i used to go but whatever i have told is 100% percent correct and Promising by Jesus Name.

  11. I believe you Brother Anbu… You need a really inner healing… they wounded you so badly.. Please consider brothers here to pray over the phone/personally … I feel it so..God Bless you

  12. ADMIN of the site – great Taskmaster. Why doesn’t the admin call himself a believer or give his true name? Because he wants to be the ADMIN – the ruler of the flock deceived by his so called humility and standing for truth.
    Why doesn’t he be one among the followers – why he wants to be the ADMIN?
    Admin has all powers. No restrictions – the super power.
    He cannot humble himself to call himself a believer or say his true name. And he criticizes other saying they are usurping.
    Remove the beam that is in your eye first

    • Thomas,

      You have given so names to Admin…taskmaster,super power,proud etc,.

      So What?? Let him be… but that does not change the Truth which have been spoken through GOD via Scriptures …

      No one here is SPEAKING for “Admin” or the site called “fromtpm”

      We are here SPEAKING for very True Living GOD Jesus and His Holy words…

      I am very surprised…why you are very keen in Knowing about Admin…

      According to your very own belief …are you not suppose to spend your time knowing God not criticising others???

      What are you doing here??? Answer me directly… What is the intentions of your comments here???

      Did you find anyone (Admin or others) SPEAKING against the True Living God???

      Did you find anyone(admin or others) distorting the Word (Truth) of God???

      If you are the one who shows Zeal for God …why do you mind about people(who & whose)…

      • Dear Cognizance
        You have missed my point. He is telling TPM is usurping Jesus’s powers and Name by calling someone Chief Pastor. The Admin is totally against it.
        Why then he calls himself the ADMIN when he could just write with his name or call himself a believer or names like that.
        For a small site he wants to be the ADMIN – Admin in computer terms are like super powers having all access. Why does he want to have that name rather than a humble name or his true name.
        I am not criticizing admin. He is the one finding fault with TPM for usurping while all the time he is committing that mistake.

        • Dear Thomas,

          I got your point in the first go itself… Rather going into core of the subject and refuting it with scriptures… why you are going around with no rein???

          do you even understand the topic – “Usurping Jesus” ??

          ADMIN – Never claimed all the so called titles you have thought off to argue…

          But TPM ministers daringly claiming the Glorious positions only Jesus alone worthy to hold…

          You are being childish to come up with this arguement when the Subject Matter is very Serious …

          I wonder whether do you even Know and Love Jesus…???

          How can a person who knows GOd and Loves God stand against someone(whoever it might be) who tries to steal the Glory of GOD…

          DO you even Know that Jesus humbled himself so Father GOD would be above all

          1 corinthians 15:2828And when all things have been subjected to Him, then the Son Himself will be made subject to Him who put all things under Him, so that God may be all in all.

        • Bro Thomas,
          I think it is you who have missed the point.

          The question is about usurping position of Jesus.
          Admin is not calling himself chief admin. He is not violating scriptural command by calling himself admin. Administrator is just a role, like developer or tester or content writer and so on. This is IT world terminology and it has no relation to Christendom.

          In Christianity Jesus is our Chief Shepherd. The other word for Shepherd is Pastor. Therefore Jesus becomes Chief pastor or chief Shepherd for entire Christendom. Now if someone comes and begin to say I am chief Shepherd then naturally that person is trying to usurp position of Jesus, by himself taking the role assigned to Jesus. Although chief Pastor of TPM might not have intentionally done it, that but the system is so designed. Hence the system must change or chief pastor must continue to support the system which is designed unintentionally or intentionally and thereby continue as usurping function and role of Jesus.

          I hope you understand the point.

        • There is no Chief ADMIN. Admin is the CHIEF. In computer terms Admin has got all powers. My point is there are pastors and there is a head pastor over them – the word is not claiming the authority of Jesus.If calling chief pastor is wrong, then calling oneself ADMIN also shows one desire to be supreme and not one among the equals. That’s my point. I boldly say my name – I call myself a believer of Jesus Christ. I dont call myself a leader or an admin over anything. Why doesnt the admin choose a normal name rather than an usurping name

        • Hey Thomas,
          You are just displaying your animosity and jealousy towards someone who has captured the attention of TPM. You already have been refuted by the admin on many grounds. Don’t be a bad loser. It just shows how low you can go.


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