There are many books published by TPM, but none more heretical than the one titled “Zion – The Perfection of Beauty”. When Jesus said false Christs will arise in the end times, it must be things like this Jesus was speaking about. A false Christ is anyone who tries to usurp Christ and take his place. What is Zion according to TPM? They are the 144,000 “consecrated servants of God”. Continue reading about Zion- The False Christ of TPM.

Zion is the false Christ in TPM.

Everything in TPM revolves around this doctrine. A few months back I was walking into a church. I saw some believers distributing prayer points and I happened to get one that reads “Pray that the doctrine of Zion and New Jerusalem may be preached at the convention”. In TPM, the devotion to the real Christ is replaced with a devotion to Zion. In reality, many sincere TPM believers have more assurance that their “servants of God” will go to Zion than the assurance they have of their own salvation.Zion- The False Christ of TPM

I had read portions of this book while being a staunch TPM believer and now I have read it without a TPM-filter. The difference is staggering. What this book teaches is a false gospel.

The False Gospel of TPM

In Chapter 2 of this book, TPM lays out why we must love Zion. The right way to read the above 12 points is to replace the word “Zion” with “Christ”. TPM has blatantly replaced devotion to Christ with a devotion to themselves.

  1. We must love Zion to have the greatest mercy of the Lord on us.
  2. Only if we love Zion can we love God more and more.
  3. No one can praise God like those who love Zion
  4. Unless we love Zion we cannot have character perfection
  5. If you do not love Zion, you will love the wrong things
  6. When you love Zion, your whole mind gets transformed.
  7. If you love Zion, you will always be excited in your spiritual life.
  8. If you love Zion a special glory will be on your face.
  9. Only those who love Zion can keep their lives pure
  10. If we love Zion, we will be un-removable, steady and unmovable.
  11. Those who love Zion will never backslide
  12. Those who love Zion have the greatest joy

According to TPM, you will backslide, never experience the fullness of God’s mercy, never praise God properly, never do the right things, your spiritual life will be boring, and your life will be impure etc. unless you love the “consecrated servants of God”

What a travesty! Instead of pointing sinners to Christ, TPM is pointing to themselves and their “consecration”. Scripture clearly says to receive mercy and grace we are to boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence (Heb 4:16). Joy and love is the fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:22).  Sanctification is the work of Christ “by the washing of water by the word” (Eph 5:26). Jesus said in John 14:15You will keep my commandments if you love me”. TPM has distorted that commandment and says you will keep his commandments if you love TPM ministers.

Our spiritual life should be “exciting” because we have a real relationship with the creator who gave His only son as a ransom and has adopted us as His sons, not because we love TPM ministers!

As you can see, TPM has distorted the truth to bring glory to themselves. Isaiah 42:8 says “I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols”. This is the God we serve.

Triple Redemption For TPM ministers

In their pride and self-glorification, TPM goes as far as to say, God has 2 redemptions exclusively for TPM ministers. This comes from page 42 and 43,

There are two redemptions specially meant for the saints in Zion. All children of God are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. But servants of God have two other redemptions too. They are redeemed from the earth and from among men…Believers cannot have this redemption, this spiritual experience. Ordinary servants of God cannot have this experience either. Only the consecrated servants of God who are called to Zion

Redemption means to buy with a price. When a slave belonged to a slave owner, he could be redeemed by paying the price for his freedom. Jesus paid the price of our freedom. We were enslaved to sin, he redeemed us to have freedom in Christ. So according to TPM, God paid 3 times the price at the cross he paid for a “normal believer”. That is pure heresy. There is only one sacrifice of Christ. He didn’t die three times. Neither is his sacrifice unequally divided.

What does the bible say when it speaks of redemption?

For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.” (Heb 10:14)

Who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works” (Titus 2:14)

Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot.” (1 Peter 1:18,19)

This concept of a triple redemption for TPM ministers is an alien concept in New Testament. None of the epistles even mention such a thing. TPM invented this by distorting Revelation 14 just like they do with other scriptures. They do this to show themselves as better than the rest of Christendom. They will not say it openly (because that would be seen as pride). So they package their pride in the form of “deeper truth”. What TPM is actually saying here is that they are 3 times more worth than you in the eyes of God. If that isn’t pride, I don’t know what is.


Dear readers, TPM preaches a false gospel. It is a gospel that is a little truth mixed in with a lot of false teachings. In further articles, we will show you from TPM’s own publications that TPM doesn’t believe in the sufficiency of the sacrifice and ministry of Christ.  Jesus said no one can serve two masters. You cannot have Jesus as your master and Zion as your master. One is The Way, The Truth and the Life. The other is a concoction of fantasies made up by TPM to lead you to destruction. The 12 points mentioned earlier in the article should be enough of an eye opener to the false Christ of TPM. Flee from such teachings.



    TPM Kannada hymn 199

    Lakshada nalvathu nalku savira santharu cheeyon shikaradhalli…..

    is one of the many examples where you hear absolutely nothing about the work of grace.

    From my information,
    TPM Song composing rules and stanza themes were strictly regulated until 10-15 years ago.
    Each stanza had to appeal to a major theme and the fourth stanza was meant for Zion and the fifth stanza for the coming of the Lord.
    During Pas. Wilson’s leadership, these rules were relaxed, as more and more Hillsong and pre-written songs came to be adapted here.

    This info was given to me by late Pas. Bobby who was extremely close to me. He died sometime in ’98 I guess.

    • Agree with Brother…There are so many songs in TPM which exalt the 144,000 with Christ relegated to some corner area.
      As they believe themselves to be the 144000, they are in fact self-exalting themselves. How pathetic has this become? Is not it satanic?

    • Another thing about TPM songs is that they take credit for songs they didn’t write because they never mention the source in their hymn books. Most TPM believers today think “10000 reasons” was written by TPM pastors.

  2. I would guess the number of TPM ministers who are currently “serving” throughout the world would be more than 144000?? (I maybe overestimating )and If you add all those “saints ” who have already “entered glory (Zion) ” the number is sure to exceed 144000…if that’s the case Zion is full capacity now and I dunno where the surplus would be “accommodated ” 🙂

    • I don’t think so, brother. I made a rough estimate the other day. It’s been 90 years since TPM started. If you read the convention reports in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s,the number of people who step down for ministry in the Chennai convention never crossed 100. Even if we assume 300 every year from 1923 to 2017 (which is a very liberal estimate), it would amount to only 28000. This is actually an argument AGAINST TPM’s zion doctrine. TPM says when the number hits 144,000 the rapture will take place. At this rate, it’ll take another 500 years!

      • We also need to account for the many who leaves TPM Ministry which they underplay. Moreover, we know lots and lots of them including senior pastors and Mothers lose their virginity while in the TPM Ministry and still stay on. But by interpretation of TPM, they are defiled and no more Virgins to be qualified for Zion. That also includes their Founder Paul and the crooked Alwyn who kept sanctifying sisters.

      • This snippet is based on 1994 youth camp I attended:

        Pastors Sampath, Paul Chandran & Vijayan were the movers and shakers of the administrative part of the youth camps, those days, as Pas Lazarus used to travel extensively between India and Sri Lanka.

        The 144k question was raised in the faq and by that count, wont the coming of the Lord be delayed.
        The answer by Pas. sampath- Since inception till 1993 stats, the number of workers taken in have not crossed 5000 or max 6000. The good news is that unlike earlier years, we are seeing manifold increase in the numbers with each passing year.
        We also believe, that during the dark ages, where True Christianity was underground, there would have been saints who would have lived in true apostolic fellowship according to Revelations 14.
        And in these last days, the Lord is hastening this work and we are these signs.
        As soon as stone number 144k is placed in Zion, the Lord will appear.

        • I’m sure Pastor Sampath has plenty of evidence for TPM doctrines existing in the dark ages. That’s just a cop out. When they don’t have an answer they just make up stories out of thin air.

      • Brother, last year was reasonably better year for Tpm with 253 young Turks have joined as saints. Even brother Richards your estimate is slightly exaggerated. The say “coming of Jesus is near”. In this pace another 700 years.

    • Thats a huge overestimation and just by chance that happened, then there would be a super over or sudden death or a tie breaker, to decide what to do with the surplus…. lol

      I believe that TPM is built on ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ and motivated by aspirations that once befell angels. They are fiercely competing with Mr Zebedee’s wife, for reservations based on works.

      [Request from James and John’s mother
      Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus along with her sons. Bowing before him, she asked a favor of him.
      “What do you want?” he asked.
      She responded, “Say that these two sons of mine will sit, one on your right hand and one on your left, in your kingdom.”
      Jesus replied, “You don’t know what you’re asking! Can you drink from the cup that I’m about to drink from?”
      They said to him, “We can.”
      He said to them, “You will drink from my cup, but to sit at my right or left hand isn’t mine to give. It belongs to those for whom my Father prepared it.”
      Now when the other ten disciples heard about this, they became angry with the two brothers]

  3. One of my favorite English song is,
    You are my strength, You are my song…
    Off late I started realizing stanza 4 and came across the self exaltation part:
    Saints who walk in white, are alone your delight!
    Now whenever I sing this song, I skip stanza 4! 😀

    • The real message of the 1999 English song- is in Revelations 3.4

      But you do have a few people in Sardis who haven’t stained their clothing. They will walk with me clothed in white because they are worthy.

      When you read the whole message to Sardis, it goes like this- You are living untrue to your outward reputation. They were dead inward but kept pretending to be lively. In other words, they had an outward show of white, but their inward lives were far from the TRUE WHITENESS. So this applies as a warning esp. to TPM as they keep up the outward whiteness which Jesus discards as irrelevant and immaterial.

      So in TPM version, White became a colour that God loves and thus it became easier to wear white and still have nothing to do with what God delights.

  4. Col 3:2

    Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.

    They think on places of heaven , like Zion.

    What is the wrong bro…??

    • Except for the Name Zion, what are the Good things they think? Can we see any fruit of the Spirit in them?
      TPM’s Zion teaches them to violate Philippians 2:3, Proverbs 20:23 and many more God’s Commandments.
      Their Zion is not got anything that the Bible says. In Their Zion even Jesus cannot enter. Jesus and Apostles will have to be a TPM Clergy to enter their Zion. If they are looking for Heavenly Zion, will they spend millions for purchasing land and building all over the place? Will they take money from the poor to set up their kingdom? Will they exclude the poor at the expense of the Rich? Go to Madras Convention and see their ZION where poor stand in long lines and the rich have the preferred treatment. They have separate pastor’s kitchen though. Do you think Jesus is the one who does this work? Please read James 2 to see the SIN of Zion proclaimers of TPM.
      What they are doing is professing ZION and doing Philippians 2:21

    • Even pagans think about heaven and the heavenlies and less about the things of the earth.

      Who would prefer becoming a geologist over becoming an astronomer? haha

  5. Dear TPM believer and apologist,

    What do you conclude on the topic of workers selection- Chief pastor will get an anointing….. and his hands will come upon the heads of the select few…

    I personally thought it was genuine, until a few years ago… Now I prefer to look back and realise how much the lack of scriptures can do to one’s conviction.

    I know of how innocent sisters are asked to leave the mission, even if its a threat, just because they murmured/ stood their ground. A young brother was ex-communicated/ secluded for months on charges of eating at a bakery.

    Anyone leaving the mission is said to have entered Tartarus/ outer darkness, the minute they step out of the mission gates. This fear of losing eternity is the greatest threat to their sanity. Over a period of time, they cool off, remain as barnyard ducks back here, and greater transgressions are birthed in their emotive urges. No sooner are they backslidden in their minds, one group goes all out to restore themselves through works, while the other group lapses into small sins.
    I call these groups as equally lost.

    My fellow brethren- Christianity is not something you should define by social norms. If yes, then it is just normative ethics and not the blood of the Lamb.

    Do not believe what this site says… Do not even believe what I write here…
    Do not believe all that you blindly followed… Do not be fooled by your own understanding either… Please do not be blinded with the infrared powered TPM lens.

    Your personal salvation is a gift that comes only when you have accepted Jesus without a TPM intermediary. Why are prayers so boring here? Why is it no one joins in the singing? Why is it like an audience and performer meet rather than REAL fellowship

    I have found greater satisfaction in small gatherings/ home churches.

    Check out for yourself- how many TPM born youths are really born again, in character… Poor quality when you compare them with a converted Christian in a different fellowship.

    The biggest blunder TPM made, is by reading the Tabernacle through Buddhist/ Kushan mindset. It then gives a huge kick to become special and have a following…
    In fact, it is true in most christian charities in India- to have a business idea and follow up with it with a Christian theme. Mother Theresa has more hope of entering Zion than TPM does, as she truly served God, although an RC.

    If you do not serve God in some way or the other, you will not know how loving the Father is- TPM distorts this view and makes serving God a clergy-right and all others should serve God by serving the clergy.

    I attest that I have placed this comment with all sincerity and no bias.


  6. @bro Denzel joy.

    “””‘What do you conclude on the topic of workers selection- Chief pastor will get an anointing….. and his hands will come upon the heads of the select few…

    I personally thought it was genuine, until a few years ago… Now I prefer to look back and realise how much the lack of scriptures can do to one’s conviction.””””””””‘

    Is it unbiblical????
    Or any other spirit behind it ???

    Different anointing ???

    • I personally think that this is all acting (a show business) to make people believe that some divine intervention is there….But I am awaiting Bro Denzel’s reply.

      • Brother, I believe (blind guess) that in the formative years, the selection had a divine intervention.

        As generations rolled, the same custom followed as if it is a must…

        In other words, this event would have been genuine 80 years ago and latter pastors would be bound by the law of imitation, and against their true free will.

        In other words, if all practices would be given the leeway of relaxation,this practice/ annual rite would be the first to be dissolved.

        However, whimsical it might sound- gifts of God are genuine, but they are within the control of our minds and words.
        The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. I Cor 14.32

        Exercising these gifts is a responsibility that God lays on each individual conscience.
        If you take away the liberty of grace, gifts end up looking like divination.

        Do you want me to write about divination in Pentecostalism- don’t have to look beyond the gifts.

        Gifts that are exercised in the bondage of the law is a type of divination.
        Do not call me a heretic now- You can pray and discern for yourself.

        If you would be keen to know- I am willing to write about divination in TPM.
        However, I would request maturity from the readership and gracious penmanship.

        Since am (only)studying eschatology, please feel free to ignore my naive inputs altogether.

        • Brother, But if we have to check out any pattern for such calling in the New Testament, it was totally different. Individuals are Called to serve the Lord DIRECTLY rather than serving the Organization or through an Organization.
          Jesus prayed all night and then he went to the sea-shore and called out his disciples “Follow Me” (Matthew 4:19-22). He went to the market place and saw Levi and asked him “Follow Me“(Luke 5:-27-28). Paul was directly called to serve the Lord on the Road to Damascus. Jesus did not put up a meeting of the pre-anointed ones and then tried to show off his anointing and importance and having a Flying-touch off some aspirants among them and reject the ones he did not touch. I say that this is all ACTING. Whom are they trying to fool? I don’t see any of those biblical characters mentioned above as an ASPIRANT. They were about their usual work. They did not try to show off their calling by screaming in unknown tongues and trying the best way to Jump.

          Once the calling is there, a person is not to search out for an ORGANIZATION. No place in the scripture, we can see any precedent that a called one is following the dictates of an organization. If you join an organization, you are not at liberty to do what the Lord asks you. Look at Sadhu Sunder Singh or Smith Wigglesworth. However, if the calling is not genuine, you end up serving an organization.
          TPM is no different. They bind up even a genuinely called individual inside their organizational cobweb.

        • Yes you are absolutely right many fallen down stars still scratching with proud.
          But now tell me as you have been in with zion people why they beating the drums so hard and fast , some say it the rhythm…..!!! And pls explain the right Doctrine

        • Yes What i feel on the Selection of the New Full Time Servants of God is that there is no need to show case the Selection of New Servants and it shall be Hypocratic because i have seen this selection and there was a Pain in me because there was Some Sisters monitoring over the selection of Women Servants and when Pastor not selected any New Women Sister but when a New Women Sister filled in anointation the Supervising Women Sisters treat them very badly as if they are of Satan and Remember TPM Hypocrites she is also daughter of Jesus but Jesus not preferred her for some noble reasons and it does not mean they are not qualified and Iam asking only one question to TPM Gods that how many Servants of god you have selected departed from TPM Ministry and this indicates that Your Selection is Not Authorised By Jesus and it is Just a Self Propaganda and i will tell you how to select the New Servants of God first of all get from them the Consent from their Parents and give them the forms and ask them to fill their details and submit all forms to the appointed Pastors and does not Mean Chief Pastors and dont Make Chief Pastor as Super God of TPM and this may cause a diversion in divinty and finally the appointed Pastor Must Pray a minimum of 2 Minutes with each form and God will let you Know the Candidate Selection

    • Dear brother,

      Had someone told me this 6 years ago, I would have been very hurt… had someone said the same thing 12 years ago, I would have hurt him.

      Time and chance has taught me a bitter lesson… our learnings and leanings are different and I do not want to offend anybody’s sensibilities with off-the-cuff remarks.

      I have placed my opinion in crystal clear terms in my comments and I do not expect anybody to oblige me with their reasonings.

      This is the land of free speech and expression… No need to thank me when you have realised it yourself.

  7. Concerning divination in TPM, I can narrate a true incident that happened in 1987, when Pastor Bobby was around- I do not know the location but I know for sure it was not Bangalore.

    Since it is a sensitive topic on an open forum, respecting the sensibilities of the Mission, I would write only after I got a go-ahead from the website owners/ admin.

  8. Excellent debunking of the Alwinistic twisting of scriptures on zion.

    Is TPM still ordaining workers by laying on of hands, by the chief Pastor? Alwin pretended, by roaring like a lion, that a powerful anointing came upon him. In 1956
    I was forced into the ministry when I was sixteen. Alwin sent a search party to look for me and forced me to kneel like the rest to be ordained. I hated everything CPM, having seen their hypocrisy, and brutality. I still have the marks of a brutal beating. When Alwin rushed towards me, I pulled down my head as low as possible, hoping he will miss me. Since I was his Blue Eyed boy, he stooped low and laid his hand on me. Either God made a mistake, or Alwin was a fake. Alwin was the chief Imposter. I remember one very senior Pastor calling him the CHIEF BASTARD!

  9. Ezekiel 21:21
    For the king of Babylon stood at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways, to use divination: he made his arrows bright, he consulted with images, he looked in the liver.
    I Kings 22:22
    And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so.
    2 Thessalonians 2:11
    For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie,
    Judges 9:23
    Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech,
    1 Samuel 16:14
    Now the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD terrorized him.
    1 Samuel 18:10
    Now it came about on the next day that an evil spirit from God came mightily upon Saul, and he raved in the midst of the house, while David was playing the harp with his hand, as usual; and a spear was in Saul’s hand.

    Consider and ponder over all the above mentioned verses vis a vis ‘divination’

    Divination is not a mere pagan rite, it is the spirit that presupposes knowledge and passes it on as an oracle. It is most abhorrent not only to be involved in this rite but also to gain some insider info, esp. about the things of God, being filled with the wrong spirit. It is also called the spirit of Clairvoyance.

    Baalam was a soothsayer, so was the damsel in Acts 16.

    Contrary to simplistic general assumptions that divination is the express work of the devil, it is basically the sufferance of carnality into the things we do for God. Only after they are sufficiently exposed, do we understand that it was not from God.
    Why does God allow evil for long? Because evil cannot nurture evil- they will always strive for superiority.
    Take the example of prophesies- why are there false prophesies- it is because the prophet was immature initially, uncorrected in time, and presumptuous for lack of judgment, and finally he becomes a certified false prophet, because he silenced the voice of God completely.
    Why do you have multiple prophesies at the same time- it is a competitive spirit that is also present when the true word of God is being revealed.
    How do you discern divination- When somebody claims to know about your secret life and your conscience is clear before God- it is the accuser with divining power trying to teeth you in. Over a period of time, just as evil communication corrupts good manners, so true gifts that are exercised with the wrong handling spirit and divination is manifest. Hence, it is always important to be covered by the righteousness of God and we should not deal with sin directly, but with Christ. When we deal with others sins directly, we are also inviting divination to brood over us.

    With this introduction, I will in my next comment state what I have heard of a divination incident in TPM in 1987.

  10. In 1987, I guess it was in Tamil Nadu, on a particular day, a young worker sister went into a trance.

    She was physically alive but her spirit had departed from her.

    This condition is medically common and we need not be alarmed at all, as if it is a one-off.

    Pastor Bobby who was in charge, he got excited about the whole stuff and got her ‘corpse’ to be laid in the meeting hall.

    He also summoned two worker sisters to take notes and witness the ensuing drama. One of them is the then accounts sister Freeda (d/o Willy brother)

    With a lot of drum beating and rapid fire praising, and songs, they tried to revive the poor sister.

    Then pastor resorted to speaking with her and to his amazement, she started responding.

    The sisters were taking notes of this interview.

    Q&A in full flow- Where are you? Who do you see etc. Answers were to the point. She was in heaven and could see few familiar faces.

    Things got more exciting- Pastor kept mentioning names- tell me do you see this person- yes/ no..
    To his dismay, many of the prominent pastors were not to be found.
    He prods on ‘tell me what happened to them- they were anointed and gifted sons of Zion…’
    The answer is they are in Hell- Not one or two, a big majority. Of course, there were many names she mentions of being present in Heaven.

    Pastor is blown away- tell me what their sins were- She gives a brief answer concerning the secret sins of those who failed to make it to heaven.

    It started at 11 PM and went on till 4AM when the sister cut short the pastor saying it is time for praising here- I cannot speak now- You get to praising as well and thus the interview stopped.

    (For those who want a better info of this incident, try checking with Pas. MT/ Luke or any of 70’s batch- they will give you a clear narration)
    This is what is called Divination in Christianity- if you are not convinced, you pray sincerely. Do not allow any subtle mediums to bring you the word for your future or your child’s future.
    Pastor… will I be successful?
    Pastor… what is the will of (god)?
    Pastor… who should I marry?
    If you encourage this attitude, God will allow an evil spirit to give you frightening answers.

    • //It started at 11 PM and went on till 4AM when the sister cut short the pastor saying it is time for praising here- I cannot speak now- You get to praising as well and thus the interview stopped.

      Nice to know that Heaven also follows Indian Standard Time…LOL 🙂

    • Recently there was a surge in such trances and TPM made CDs of these children narrating their experiences and distributed in every church. I’m skeptical about these trances. They just seem to reinforce the false doctrines of tpm lately. Supposedly Jesus said in the trance that people are in hell because they wore jewelry or because they owned a TV.

      • Well…. I thought TPM was against the distribution of any literature other than Deeper Truths, Convention hymns, Procession campaigns and gospel address flyers.

        Not bad, they have gotten onto the mass media bandwagon slowly. lol

      • Such doctrines will create an artificial sense of security or a refuge of lies. People will be willing to trust in their GREAT consecration, and… be unmindful of the meek and quiet spirit we are called to be yoked into.

    • Just researched some more. It seems those sisters who went into trances are currently possessed by demons and some are sick. Just goes on to show these things are not from God.

      • Just as Samuel was raised up and presented to Saul… before the Gilboa defeat.

        That was also a masquerading spirit imitating Samuel-

        I can say that with assurance because I am studying different facets like demonology, Jezebelology in relation with the CHURCH.

  11. Bro,

    Pls post an article about the divination, bcz , poor people deceived on it..

    I think 75% of the TPM doctrines reveal by divination to their ministers…

    I think ( mistakely) it was real , until bro denzel’s comment

  12. Acts of “False prophets & false prophecies” is nothing new. It was present in Old Testament times. See Jer 23, Jer 14, Deuteronomy 18:20-21 etc. The problem is that we think we are reaching out to true prophets and others outside are false prophets.

    I was one of fanatic “prophet-fan” of TPM who used run from one end of India (north india) to other end (south India) just to meet powerful Tpm saints and seek “What God wants to say to me?” I used to make audio recording of prophecies and listen them at my free time. Finally God showed mercy on me to teach me to trust him instead of running to show-off men!

    I sincerely feel that you can take people out of false tpm doctrines with the help of Bible verses. But the prophecy is one department where people are so emotionally involved that they refuse to believe TPM is wrong or any other charismatic so called man of God is nothing but show business. It is easy to take people out of Roman Catholicism than his belief in prophecies! I would say, It is easier for camel to pass through eye of needle than a man blindly believing prophecies to come out of it!

    I rememmber message of Ravi Zacharias for such people. In his one the messages he speaks about pagan divination and belief of people in prophecies. He says that in times of greeks and romans, kings and soldiers would consult prophets and oracle speaking woman, whether they should enter a war or not! And then he ended his message by repeating a poem uttered by king George VI on radio on Christmas day, broadcasted during times of world war. It was time of Hitler and his terrorism! Christians were worried about what is going to happen in new year (because it was December 25 of Christmas)! The poem is called God knows! It asks people to trust God when you are worried about what lays ahead in future, instead of running to wizards and prophets to know future. Here is how the poem goes!

    I said to the man who stood at the gate of year,
    ” Give me light,
    That I may tread safely into the unknown”
    He replied,
    “Go out in darkness and put your hand in hand of God”
    That shall be to you better than light
    And safer than the known way.”

    So the message was simple, that instead of running here and there in order to know future, just step in darkness with your hand in hand of God. And this will be better than walking in light and safer than walking in known paths.

    • Deuteronomy 18:10-12 Common English Bible (CEB)
      10 There must not be anyone among you who passes his son or daughter through fire; who practices divination, is a sign reader, fortune-teller, sorcerer,
      11 or spell caster; who converses with ghosts or spirits or communicates with the dead.
      12 All who do these things are detestable to the Lord! It is on account of these detestable practices that the Lord your God is driving these nations[a] out before you.

      DO NOT believe just everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.” 1 John 4:1

  13. If at all something like is available how many of them will go there? Because entire world know the behind the curtain demeanour of these saints?

  14. Yes this happened in TPM and i was attending a

    overnight fasting Prayer at IRUMBULIYUR from 10 pm to

    Morning 4 A.M and i was Praying for about 6 Hours

    continuosly and We Prayed for Pastors , Believers and

    for TPM Churches and i was tired at 4 a.m and i were

    able to see a TEA can and a fULL Time Servant of TPM

    guarding it and i took a disposable glass and iwere

    about to fill the TEA and Immediately the servant of

    TPM woke up from Half Sleep and Shouted at me when i

    about to Fill TEA and not allowed me to drink TEA What

    a Pathetic condition of TPM that even god cannot

    forgive it.More over the doctrines of zion is

    completely wrong that all anointed people also can come

    to zion and all are Servants of God and even today if

    we ask any believers of TPM about zion and they simply

    point out that Full time Servants of God are zions and

    i got this experience even with believer who is having

    experience of about 45 Years and when i corrected him

    he told that iam preaching wrong doctrine and the

    believers are immatured and indoctrinated and Finally

    the Preachings of 144000 Saints in TPM is completely

    wrong because 144000 is just a Account in the eyes of

    god and it may be 10 crores of people of zion and these

    are fundamental thing that even believer like me knows

    the Secret and how come the TPM Full time Servants of

    god are ignorant about this and TPM Full time Servants

    of God is Just a Grace to establish the Powerful Will

    of God as Jesus Said Reward is coming along with me

    according to their deeds and then why they(TPM Full

    Time Servants) Bothered about the Self appreciation and

    Honour.More over Many Scheduled Caste Hindus who are

    Converted to Christianity forgering their Certificates

    and getting benefits from the Government and these

    People are given Good Responsibilities in TPM Churches

    say for example elevated to Sunday Class Teachers by

    the TPM Servants of God and TPM Full time Servants of

    God otherwise that god may raise the World to give you

    Severe Pains and which is already Happening and We are

    not against TPM but as a sufferer because of you in

    Most dangerous and abominable ways that jesus has given

    Authority and Power to Write against you with Full

    grace of Jesus.

    • I note with deep pain and sincerity and appreciate you for writing.

      20 years ago, they could have been given the benefit of doubt- citing ignorance.

      Today, the judgment is at hand.

  15. TPM is a real church of god. whatever our saints say that is true. plz read revulution14.only our saints can go to Zion.they have some qulities that is written in this see it in all over the bible

    • Dear Grace Saji,
      I think you are one of the most disciplined slave one can ever see in this world because neither you nor your white clad day light saints know what is scripture? You seem to be brainwashed beyond repair. You read Galatian Chapter 3 without TPM lens, then you can understand the position of Abraham.
      1 Peter 3:6, “Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her lord. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear.”

      Moreover don’t think your ignorance will be justified, 1 Corinthians 4:4, “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.”

  16. Dear Grace Saji
    You claim that TPM is the real church is hollow. You have moreover said that your TPM saints have some qualities mentioned in REVELATION 14. It means you have accepted that they do not have all the qualities mentioned in that chapter. But at the same time you say that your saints will go to Zion. I really pity you because you don’t have proper biblical knowledge. Nothing to be surprised about it because your saints too have very poor scriptural knowledge. I suggest, you better be like the noble people of Berea (Acts 17) who didn’t blindly believe what even great orator like Paul & Barnabbas taught them but they made it point to go home & check it with the scriptures. Don’t be typical TPM brainwashed to say that only you & your saints will occupy New Jerusalem & Zion. God hasn’t given that authority to anyone & that is his prerogative. Let God be God & you don’t become God.

  17. Pls don’t confuse the people of Zion for it is hard to come down even to Jerusalem in this entire world only these people will go .
    I encourage you not to loose your soul for their sake.


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