This is in continuation to my earlier article about the suffering of sisters within the TPM Establishment.

The Task Master Attitude of Seniors in TPM

Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.” James 5:13

But in TPM small sisters cannot practically apply this verse in their lives. If in prayers she opens her heart and with weeping pours her sorrows before the Lord, you know what would be the reaction of the sister-in-charge?

don’t act very spiritual, I know why you weep in prayer. Is it not to gain the sympathy of brother/pastor?

Now suppose she by mistake hums or sings few lines of any song in the kitchen or anywhere else, you know what is the taunting of the senior sister?

sing, sing little louder; I know you want the brother to hear & come after you.

Just put yourself in her place and think how you would feel? She is bound, not knowing what to do? Are all these biblical practices?

The Entrapment

There are many small sisters who have confessed that before joining the ministry in TPM, they didn’t know to argue or fight, but after joining they have become fighters. Jesus had already told about this more than two thousand years ago in Mathew 23:15Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.” Who made them like this? No doubt, this is caused by the torture of their seniors. They have no other option to survive in the midst of such wolves. Some become so frustrated that they want to die early. They are stuck without any solution.  Therefore, they purposely reduce their food intake & invite the sicknesses. They think that, if they left the ministry they will be a burden to their parents who already have spent a lot on their bridge burning meeting. Some parents have already given their share to the organization. Another thought which stops them from leaving the organization is that if they leave TPM, it would cause their family to suffer public humiliation. Who can they tell and who will understand their ordeal?

Elder sisters who are not even fifty years old, order small sisters to give them body massage with oil and some sisters who wash their head only with RO water. In this area, even some brothers & pastors are not far behind. I have heard about a pastor who bath only in mineral water. What a luxury? There are poor believers who drink normal water because they cannot afford to install an RO in their house. Isn’t it a wicked practice to enjoy the luxury with the tithes and offerings given by such believers?

Hypocritic Lifestyle of Senior TPM Ministers

One of the prominent scriptures TPM uses to claim that their ministers are the true disciples of Jesus is Luke 14:26 “whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.” Many of the TPM ministers boast about all in that verse but practically ignore the last and important point. They never hate their own life. How can they say that they hate their lives? I think more than all others they are more concerned about their lives. If not, why are they very particular about the water, rice, oil etc. Once I heard that one Pastor (presently Centre Pastor) went to visit a believer’s family with the worker mother and a worker sister. That day itself few of that believer’s relatives were present there and they were from other Pentecostal denomination. The mother introduced that sister to the people present saying that she is the one who cooks for the pastor. She said that the Pastor eats only the food made Exposing the wolves – Torturing of Sisters-2by that particular sister. Why was he so particular to eat food made by that sister only? Can’t we smell a rat in it? This is because of either, he is very particular of taste or we cannot rule out a carnal attachment also. If these people have hated their lives then, why can’t they eat the food items available where they are stationed? Then why take trouble to get it imported from other places?

I want to add few more things in this article before I conclude. Ideally, these consecrated people should be a real blessing where they stay. I remember a place where the ministry was started and they had bought a land where the construction was going on. So two TPM sisters were kept in a believer’s house which was near to that purchased land. The bible studies also were being regularly conducted there. It’s written about Joseph in Genesis 39:5, “….that the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake.” But you know what happened to that believer’s house where these two consecrated sisters stayed? Sad to say that the believer came under a heavy debt and finally he had to sell that house to pay his debt. By this we can understand that God wants a good life rather than the outward consecration. In Hosea 6:6 God says, ” for I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” please read Mark 12:33 also. I have written some ordeal the small sisters are enduring in TPM to warn the parents. Apart from that I have few other things that, TPM ministers should stop fooling the innocent people and teach your senior sisters to love the small sisters as your own children. May God give the believers a heart ofunderstandingg and their ministers a heart to love.


  1. Perfect sequel. Though I believe there could be more… But this exposure is just right. I always used to wonder how do these ladies survive inside this mission. You see, at least the Catholic nuns are getting to do some real “service” like teaching the under-privileged, looking after the sick and orphans, running schools, etc., what’s there for the TPM sisters? And they talk about Zion! If you pose this question to them, they’ll straightaway say that it’s their calling. That is what God wants them to do to keep them humble. I mean, I have no more words… How blinded are they!

  2. There is a lot of Indianness/Lankanness to the TPM culture… It has nothing to do with the true Christian fruit as desired by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Don himself had expressed such reservations….

    In the early 90’s, Chudidhar was despised by the TPM (saints)… calling it as ‘Punjabi’, ‘Babylonish’, ‘Worldliness’ According to them, teen girls should get accustomed to wearing half-saree. Theu would carelessly quote from Deut 23 and moral-police the sunday school children, especially the ones who are like-minded.
    Now almost every girl wears this… What changed…. just the mindset.

    Nowadays, the new fad in town- Since the last 6 yrs, too many children are seeing visions and fainting like dead. I personally sense an esoteric euphemism here. Sounds familiar to Toronto blessing/ Azuza Street? Somehow…
    Some of the visions are of how small kids are in hell because they forgot to read the Bible, on one particular day… extrapolate this sentence now in TPM lingo and feverishness, you will find the spirit of pride and discouragement laughing through its teeth.
    I’m no one to discern what is not mine, but I haven’t forgotten either the incidents when they have forbidden my prophesies (long ago..) and on several occasions bypassed me during communion. Later on, they would administer the cup very slightly into my lips and quickly frisk it away. I stopped feeling bad and that’s when things normalised.

    Anyways, I totally agree with this article- Since am a male, I don’t know much more inside stuff than generalised feedback- however your/ my sisters, mothers, aunts in the Lord, will stand in judgment against us, if we stand in denial.

    Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon, which have been done in you, they had a great while ago repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes.

    Thus says the LORD, “For three transgressions of Tyre and for four I will not revoke its punishment, Because they delivered up an entire population to Edom And did not remember the covenant of brotherhood.

    • Hello brother Denzel Joy,

      Did Spirit of God inspire you while you are still inside in TPM as Minister witha word of Prophecy???

      I really wondered multiple times while am at TPM prayer meetings, Would not Spirit of GOD inspire some minister with a Word of admonition/exhortation of wrong doings within in the church…

      Appreciate if you would share word of prophecies which God has put in your heart…
      In love i appeal to you the direct responses, no shying aways/escaping replies…

      • Brother,

        When a worker’s spirit is committed to the obedience to the senior workers, the word of God will still be uttered as prophesies, but it will be like a dull knife. It will have little clarity and lesser personal conviction.

        There were prophesies where the wrongs of others are uttered, but the human mind is presumptuous and will understand that as the judgment on the fallen workers or the rebel workers……… Do you get that… Its a thin line, as God judges hearts very differently from man.

        There were some prophesies like judgement begins in the house of God, but lack of personal conviction always means that God is referring to someone else but not us… Its us versus them…

        As I mentioned elsewhere, I did not stay for more than few days after I became a rebel and I had kind of lost my mental stability as well… I insisted and left.

        My prophesies were oft forbidden, so I cannot be sure there was a message that was heard by the church, and even if it was so, my spirit was controlled by both fear and rebellion, and as such, the word would have been muddled with my own understanding.

        To a neutral reader, I state that prophesy is not necessary an inspired word that comes out of the blue, in strange ecstasy- it is the word that God puts in your heart and urges you to open your mouth and reveal it without any inhibition.

        I do not wish to evade answers, but sometimes I actually do that.. Strangely.

        • Thanks Brother…

          I have got lot of questions to be asked…since you are bit rigid…i am withholding myself…I believe and pray that your heart may be healed completely beyond scars very soon by the Amazing love of our Father God…

        • Thank you Cognizance- you may ask your questions here and I may not have answers to many questions or perhaps some questions are ambiguous; controversial topics are mostly avoided, unless I am stirred in my spirit to.

          Your wishes are truly appreciated!

  3. He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

    Have you heard about this verse? Its used to justify the harsh workers training…

    Christianity has become poorer because of half baked radicals who are more zealous than the Pharisees.

  4. Great expose, please continue to write. Please share your experience inside the faith homes. We have heard a lot about sexual immoralities.


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