The Reason for this Article

I have already spend few decades in TPM as a Minister and I feel it is my responsibility to make people aware of what happens inside TPM. If your daughter, sister or any relative is about to go to this Ministry, you need to read it. There is a huge chasm between what is projected externally and the true internal story.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

This is a season when many innocent young girls are going to throw themselves into the pit of great deception. I think many of them are charmed by the outward show & pomp of their forerunners. If they knew the things happening with the small sisters inside, they would think at least ten times before taking the leap. The sad part of this story is that some of the small sisters who are going through the physical & mental torture, still encourage others to join them. They think that as they are anyhow trapped & deprived of freedom. So let the others also be ensnared.

The Inside story

First of all, I would like to reveal the confession of a brother who was assisting one center pastor in Coimbatore, a few years back. Till 2000 the training for the brothers & sisters was of one-year duration.  Thereafter, it is customary to transfer these trainees to different centers after the Easter week. As per the custom,  sisters were sent to Coimbatore also. Somehow in that batch, there was nobody who was good looking. These sisters when they left the room after meeting the Centre Pastor, he told the assistant brother that, “not even one in this batch is good looking to take with me.” I don’t say that all are the pastors are the same. Of course, there are moral people inside. Why are these celibates concerned about the look of the sisters? My dear parents why do you want to throw your daughters into the lion’s den?Exposing the wolves - Torturing of Sisters

Have you ever paid attention to the verse Revelation 14:4 which is a key of TPM Celibate Ministry?  TPM uses this verse to fascinate the people to join their organization?  According to that verse, those who are standing on mount Zion were not defiled with women. It means only men can go to Zion and if at all its true only for TPM male saints. If so, what is the purpose of sisters in the ministry? It’s a simple fact in a very simple language that women cannot go to Zion according to the literal interpretation of the verse. Then why does TPM encourages women folk to join the ministry? Are they not deceiving them to join the ministry in the name of Zion just to use them as maids to clean, wash & cook? 

 I want to ask the following to dear parents who send your daughters and sisters to join TPM.

Do you know the mental torture they go through? Have you brought them so lovingly just to be slaves with no freedom?.

I will narrate few of the tortures they go through this ministry. If you love your daughters or sisters, Please don’t encourage or force them to join TPM. Let me state that there is a great injustice to many who join this ministry because they receive discriminatory treatment based on looks and education. If they are educated and good looking, then they will be given some decent work during the training & after also. But if they are less educated or not good looking, they will be given some mean job continuously. Moreover, the sisters who are placed into the premier ministry positions because of their looks or education, have to face the envy of others who are seniors to them. The seniors always feel threatened because of the new entrant’s looks and education.The premium job belongs to the singers, musician, accountant and etc.

In the TPM ministry, brothers don’t have much trouble. Their labor lasts for  3 or 4 years till they are given some individual charge. But it’s not the case with small sisters. Of course, there is some good mother like senior sisters. However, a majority of them are task masters. Suppose the senior sister in a local church doesn’t give good food to the brother in charge, he can go and eat outside because the tithe money goes to him. But the small sisters cannot do that because they are not allowed to keep money with them. Normally the pastor/brother in charge eat hot, good food but the small sisters will eat the left-over food.

Some Examples to highlight the Ordeal of Sisters

There are senior sisters who won’t allow the small sisters to bathe in warm water during the biting winter months. It’s just a dream of small sisters to eat the good food & fruits. I know of a Center Mother who is still serving in TPM. When she was a local Sister-in-Charge(Mother), the junior sisters asked her for a banana. You won’t imagine what she had done. She took a plain paper, drew the banana picture and told her to eat. Imagine, how inhuman people are they.

According to Revelation 14:1 those who stood on mount Zion have His (Jesus) Father’s name written on their forehead. According to TPM interpretation father’s name means the father’s mind. How can one imagine such kind of treatment from them who has the Father’s mind? See what Jesus has said about the earthly fathers in Luke 11:13, ” If he then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children…“. I know of no good earthly father or mother who would enjoy the best & give the sub-standard ones to their children. But sad to say that TPM ministers who claim to go to Zion, don’t have even the nature of earthly parents. After treating their junior workers worst than the earthly father and mother, they claim to go to zion. Are they not portraying the Heavenly Father worst than the earthly fathers? Would the Heavenly Father tolerate such kind of wickedness?

Let me continue the ordeal of the junior sisters. They are like absolute slaves with no freedom to do anything on their own. While cooking they need to ask every small thing from the senior sister like what to cook for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Suppose they made anything without asking the senior sisters, you know what is the reaction. Do you think they will say, “well done child, you made good food today” No, not at all! They would ask the junior sister, “when did you talk to brother? he must have told you to make this & that’s why you have made this. I know you all are always after these brothers.” The junior sisters would never have even imagined all these things. The Mental Torture in TPM is very shameful. There are Pastors & senior sisters who want their clothes well colored with pink & blue, stiff with starch with no wrinkles. If the color & stiffness not as they desire the assistant brother or junior sisters are required to wash them again. Some even want their undergarments also ironed without any wrinkles? Just imagine the energy your children are wasting & how much of your money are being wasted?  There are Pastors & sisters who give sleepless nights just to massage their hand and legs. If you are a sensible person with some love for your children then think, would you still like to send your children to such organization? According to Jesus your children are indebted to do their duties toward you, Mark 7:11-13

Do not allow your daughter to be an example of 1 Samuel 8:13. God Made them free. Let them be Free and Not slaves to the Deceivers who has brainwashed you. Do not let her tears judge you of your wrong judgment in the last day.


  1. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:15,16)

    This is such a timely article. TPM needs to be exposed for what it is, a cult. On the outside they like to show things as though it couldn’t be any better but the practices inside are so rotten.

  2. if u take literal meaning for rev 14:4.

    then what about god ‘s spirtual church, it also reprsent woman.

    THAT means only woman not men ???? lol..

    also jesus bride… only woman???

    i think rev 14:4 for both man and woman , one who un defiled with opposite sex.

    here you qoute some of few faults of seniors.
    dnt think all seniors are cruel,unkind.

    why u emphasise the mistakes ??

    its common, if there is a blackdot in white page , we only see the blackdots.not thousands of white dots.

    if there is fault , give to god, pray to god. god will judge, we have no right to judge..
    why cant we pray to god, if there is any mistakes, problems in tpm. Oh god pls give good revelation to tpm.

    instead of starting website, and campagine to tpm youth or belivers to rebell against TPM ORGANASIATION…


    WHY WILL YOU CONDUCT AN OPEN DISCUSSION or debate WITH TPM MINISTERS??? like sakshi ( refutee m m akbar by jerry)


    • Brother..It’s TPM Who is taking this chapter to a Literal Meaning. NOT ME. My issue is that if you are taking a literal meaning to a passage, please do take it literally in a complete sense. Do not mix literalization with spiritualization.
      TPM is the one saying that the number 144,000 is a literal number.
      TPM is the one saying that defilement is physical defilement.
      TPM is the one saying that it is physical separation from earth.

      The second part of your comment has only one response. You are speaking from a TPM-centric point. But for me a TPM Centric Point is invalid. For me, a Bible-centric point is the only valid point.
      According to Ephesians 5:11 I am expected to EXPOSE TPM’s False Teachings of Darkness. Not hiding and compromising.

      • U fools don’t think that u r a great….
        There is no guile find in Gods chruch I want to say u a verse read II Thessalonians 2:11

        “And for this cause God shall sent them a strong DELUSION that the should believe a lie”

        Dear brother u are stuck in a strong delusion that is the reason u speak a lie and believe that the chruch formed by God is lie.

        Don’t be fooled and die like a non believer. Before the time cease repent, I’m not fighting for Chruch u alone fast and pray and ask God to show the true apostle doctrine which shall make to get ready for Jesus second coming.
        And one thing I’ll ask if they are not the true server of God, how could God reveal them such a glorious doctrine so therefore u don’t be deceived and don’t make others to end up their life’s in Hell. Be careful of what u do Frankly saying SATAN is using you as a weapon the same serpent which deceived man with his subtility in the garden of Eden which told a lie to Eve, and that lie seems to be true thing for them but you know what happened for them later. So don’t be deceived it very difficult to bring back persons who once tasted the goodness of God and now backsliders. Spirit of Antichrist works in you bro so better be careful

        • Thank you for addressing us by your choicest word “Fools
          Next time you use this word at anybody, just remember to open your bible and turn to Matthew 5:22 to know the reward awaiting you.

          I agree that there is no Guile in God’s Church and that is the very reason we are telling the truth. But you do not understand that TPM is just a human religious organization and NOT God’s Church. I understand it is uncomfortable truth for you but I am doing the work I am called to do. I am doing it at the risk of your friendship.

          Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? Galatians 4:16

          As far as 2 Thessalonians 2:11 is concerned, My dear brother, the Delusion we talk here is an eschatological delusion. We will prove it conclusively that TPM is already caught in that Delusion of Eschatological misinterpretation.
          Just hold on.

          Your next comment says as follows

          /*And one thing I’ll ask if they are not the true server of God, how could God reveal them such a glorious doctrine so therefore u don’t be deceived and don’t make others to end up their life’s in Hell.*/

          Can you please be kind enough to explain what is this Glorious Doctrine that you are speaking about? I have been a member of TPM for over 3 decades and still did not hear this Glorious Doctrine other than Boasting about this non-existent Glorious Doctrine. I am really looking out for this GLORIOUS DOCTRINE which you folks keep telling me every sunday and Saturdays.

          Stop Boasting and let me know the content of this Glorious Doctrine.

        • Brother, they use the following verse as a consecration for workers esp. sisters, from not visiting/meeting their family, during conventions.

          Gen 24. 61 And Rebekah arose, and her damsels, and they rode upon the camels, and followed the man: and the servant took Rebekah, and went his way.

          Isaac’s tent is the faith-home and Laban and others are the earthly siblings, who they should totally dissociate from.
          Explanation they give- Where is it given that Rebecca went visiting her maiden home, after marriage.

        • Do they not see that Rebecca also carried idols of her father along with her? Is not this Idol a type of the TPM SAINTS whom they keep worshipping in one form or other?
          This is a gross misapplication of scripture. If we agree with these kinds of logics, we will have to agree with Smokers who says that they are following God according to Psalm 18:8 as below.
          Smoke rose from his nostrils; consuming fire came from his mouth, burning coals blazed out of it

        • Thanks for the correction Brother. Anyway my point stands…We should never take any scripture and just prove anything.

        • Absolutely well stated brother- 90% of the believers and 50% of the workers have very poor Bible knowledge. They will be gullible to what is preached or prophesied.
          That is why they need to visit other churches to get an idea.

        • Bro Joe, What do you mean by glorious doctrines? Can you give any biblical evidence for all these so called glorious doctrines?

          Galatians 1:8 : “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse”.

          Luke 12 : 56-57 Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time? “Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?

          See who is cursed? Someone who is interpreting correctly or someone who has a strong DELUSION that he should believe a lie? Read bible without tpm lens, then you will understand the scripture correctly through the guidance of HOLY SPIRIT.

        • Brother Joe,

          Is TPM’s divine healing a “glorious doctrine”?

          Is Zion a “glorious doctrine”?

          Is celibacy of the ministers, a “glorious doctrine”?

          Is the teaching that TPM pastors are High Priest, “a glorious doctrine”?

          Is the teaching that TPM pastors bear our sins, a “glorious doctrine”?

          It is easy to use catch phrases like that to justify your beliefs as being special. But shouldn’t you use the word of God to show us the early Church did indeed believe those doctrines? Unless you can do that, TPM’s doctrines are just as “glorious” as the Jehovah’s Witness guys who claim they are the 144,000 on Mt. Zion.

        • What is glorious doctrine?
          To whom God was pleased to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.—Colossians 1:27.

          The glorious doctrine was how Christ could dwell in every believing heart.
          Every heart could become the seat of God’s glory.
          Here Paul is appealing to the ‘mystery of redemption’ which Greek Gnosticism opposed. He says, this privilege was not given to angels, nor preadamites, but to Adam’s race THROUGH Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.
          Is this much clear my friend?

          I don’t want to write more unless we are on the same page.

          The most glorious doctrine if you want- Go back to your knees, confess your sins, unlearn all that you were parroted, submit to the word, allow the Holy Spirit to teach you.
          Confess that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

          Did you know that Job was the most righteous, yet misunderstood saint in his days? When the voice of God met him, all his self righteousness and his idea of God melted away, and he humbled himself in ashes.

          TPM ‘Jobs’ are not so, they will argue about their consecration and will make a following to fall away after their self-inflicting wounds.

          Bro, sometimes this website articles seems scathing and fault-finding. You might think so… Initially even I felt peeved.
          In my humble opinion that I strongly reserve, this website is the voice for the voiceless and the defense for the ones who really want to come out of Christian lobotomy.
          You should rather appreciate the write-up and should suggest feedback to the mission pastors.
          I am in no way advocating this website as a handle cart to dump opinions- mot that is nobody’s intention. However, in secret societies, no reprisal is feared more than fear of dissemination of information.
          So, you should look at this website not as anti TPM but as ‘Christological journalism’

          I am sure the ADMIN will remove this website as soon as sweeping changes are made in ALL the respective facets- one of them being the treatment of worker sisters.

          @ ADMIN- what do you think- Are you also ok with my suggestion?

        • Of course brother..If I see an improvement of the organization and it getting itself corrected, this website would have achieved its purpose. We do not have any more motive than getting the whole lot of TPM devotees turning back to Jesus from their current Clergy Devotion. We are spending our hard earned money and time to do this work. It surely is painful when people think we are kind of anti-God because they associate TPM to GOD. We are simple people like the rest and have absolutely NO AMBITION other than getting people follow the LORD.

        • I’m not optimistic. From what I’ve seen in TPM, any major change would indicate an admission of being wrong all this time. This will not go well with the thousands of believers who were thinking all these doctrines were handed down directly from heaven to TPM ministers. The foundation of TPM will be destroyed. Just imagine if tomorrow the RCC admits the none of the popes were ever infallible. It would cause irreparable damage to the RC church.

          If anyone has not read the site “totpmwithlove”, they should read it. The site is by Dr David Paul who started the Voice of Pentecost magazine and was the editor of the magazine for a long time. There is an interesting exchange between David and Pas. Michael Thomas from USA. One can see through those exchanges the difference in doctrines and practices. Pas. Michael even admits to ordaining married men and women along with their children for full time ministry in NTC. He even admits those ordained for full-time ministry have kids born while in the ministry.

        • Yes Brother, you are right. That is why the pillar and the ground must be TRUTH for the structure to be seen as a ‘CHURCH’

          “These things write I unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly: But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:14,15, KJV).

        • This is the problem of establishing institutional church. An independent church can rectify its mistake but it is very difficult for an entire institution like TPM or RCC to change! No wonder neither Jesus nor Apostles founded any institutional church.

        • Bro, Not all is lost- Some of the revolutionary changes below:

          Some of the rules TPM has relaxed: (that I know)

          Prohibition of pets at home- Col 3.2

          Prohibition of Aquarium

          Prohibition of cameras inside the church

          Prohibition of tucking the shirt within the trousers (This was followed strictly in the 80s/90s- I was severely reprimanded as I had an aversion to the rule)

          Sitting on chair= Pride (This is also relaxed in the last 20 years)

          T- Shirts & Jeans- Nowadays, you will find even in a communion crowd.

          Marriage where partners belong to the same branch faith-home- I see this done away with.

          Computer science- In the 90’s there were diktats that computers are a type of antichrist and is typical of the mark of the beast

          Internet- I was so confused about this double speak that I feared creating a personal email ID, until I realized that Pastor T.U himself sends devotional email messages to a set of youths

          Voting- We were taught in 80’s and 90’s that voting is not meant for Christians- Pas. M.T was primarily responsible for scrapping this notion.

          Not to buy land- How many well to do believers in the 80’s lost a financial security, while the Church acted smart in buying.

          Home loans/ Vehicle loans- This was prohibited, until Pas M.T clarified that it is not a loan but hypothication.

          Singing the National anthem- Was told that it is the same trial as Daniel’s friends underwent- At school, I would keep mumbling praise the lord’s when anthem was being streamed.

          Dowry- in the 70’s- early 90s, dowry was nothing strange within TPM- but now they have prohibited it openly- which is wonderful.

          Half saree for older sunday school students- This was compulsory during the annual day and chudidhars were considered as Babylonish garments which Achan coveted- Done away now- Praise God!

          Shampoos and dettol- Today they see it as neither cosmetic nor medicinal- Great.

          mandatory fasting was glorified- today it is not.

          Whatsapp- There are convention messages staing that Whatsapp since acquired by Facebook is demonic as FB’s founder (MZ) is a satanist.

          Procter& Gamble products- since its founder was a secret satanist.

        • I remember some of them. I think reading newspapers and playing chess was also prohibited. Now centre pastors need newspapers every morning!

        • Per my memory, the English newspaper- those days was Deccan Herald mostly- was prohibited- only the pastor would access it- it would come without the supplementary sheets.
          However, I can be confident that prior to that, any newspaper would have been frowned upon.
          My dad got such a scolding for buying us (90’s) a transistor, they said we will not be able to hear the Trumpet sound if we had a radio in our house to to interference of frequencies.

        • Oh yes, I remember a children’s day I was part of where they made a skit to show certain products like Camay and P&G were satanic and shouldn’t be used. This was in the 2000s.

          Here’s the thing brother, the problem is much more deeper. As long as TPM relies on man made laws to make one “holy”, the rules that are relaxed will be taken by new rules as technology gives new products. I remember a few years ago Pas MT severely reprimanding a 50 yr old believer for suggesting that he use a projector for his bible study. There is a rule that not a single word of what’s taught in TPM must be shared outside whether on WhatsApp or FB. This circular was read only a couple of months ago. The root of the problem is works salvation.

        • When Roman Catholic Pope sends a circular it is called encyclical. In Tpm we call it circular by chief pastor. We can therefore use the word encyclical when we listen any circular being sent by Tpm Pope.

        • In RCC there is litany- We have RPD; They have rosary- We use finger count or the watch to count the time.

        • *Few months back the Brother in our church was praying for an important point in Fasting prayer, “Lord, Please Chase the Pet animals from all the believers houses”. We have a Pet dog and when he came for visiting, he questioned us, How can you have a pet?
          *The same brother asked the Boys who wear jeans and t-shirt to NOT come to Church and to go to other places where it is allowed.
          One Pastor told the Church that Jeans was worn by Cow-boys in America and Cow-boys will involve in activities like Murder and theft so he instructed the Parents to have a check on their children so later they wont become like Cow-boys.
          *Regarding Computers and Internet, a brother told the world is getting ready for Antichrist and there are symbols which has 666 i.e.,
          #the symbol of Google Chrome has 3 sixes(rotate and see)
          #The symbol of Mercedes and Audi cars has 3 sixes and he told there are 51 such symbols.
          * Regarding Voting, Pastor M T requested every eligible member of the church to Vote.
          * About Loans, Most of the Pastors are against it. Pastor Durai in most messages tells that if you have loans you will be left behind.
          *Whatsapp and Facebook is not accepted. pastor MT told people who use whatsapp to spread messages about the church will be cursed. And a pastor told that, FB was initially named as “DEVIL’S BOOK”. And because of the name people dint use it so they have changed the name to be FACE BOOK. So don’t use it.

    • Sakshi Apologetics? Do you think TPM chiefs will welcome any of us for a debate? They just like to sit in their chambers and speak tall things from the pulpit. I would love to have such a debate, but since childhood I have only heard them say one thing – “Run away from vain arguments. Don’t get into debates. God is not pleased with it.”
      Brother, you talk to the seniors and get them ready for a debate. Once ready, share it here and I am sure, one of us will be ready to get into the debate.

      • @santhosh.


        am belongs to one of local faithhome of kottarakara.

        our elder in charge,,, call a challenge in bible class, about the topic of WHO ARE TRUE APOSTLES ??


        he also tell personaly , when i ask about true apostles,

        is all tpm ministers are apostles in TPM??

        HE told no , their is qualifications for apostles, u check and find yourself who is true apostles…!!(rev 2: 2)

        in his speech, in a church , first apostles is there, then second others (1 cor 12:28) .

        in other pentcoastal churches, only elders (i timothy :3:2)

        no apostles are there…

        in his bible class, he welcome debate for anyone..

        • If he welcomes openly to debate
          Stand in front of him and ask him brother a simple request has been made to you by Nath in your challenge to open debate..

          Tell him that Nath wants you read three simple verses loudly before everyone….in acceptance to your challenge…

          Tell him a boy on internet said that if you can read loudly 3 verse then Nath will accept his defeat..

          All he has to do to defeat Nath is to read three bible verses loudly….

          If he agrees..Make sure that he reads and no one else and see how he fumbles…

          1st) Ask him to read loudly
          I Cornth 4:9 loudly — it says God has set us apostles LAST….

          2nd) Ask him to read 1 Pet 5:1
          Here apostle Peter says, i am elder ….
          This means = elder equals apostle
          This means elders in other churches = Apostles like tpm.

          Thirdly ask him to read loudly
          Matt 23:12 — Whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased…

        • I don’t know but if didn’t read these articles on the internet I would have still been a slave to tpm. By articles like these I knew the truth. When it’s so clear in the bible that tpm is false then still why encouraging them?
          If you haven’t read the book “To tpm with love by david paul” please read it. Please don’t follow your feelings or what other persons say but follow what the Bible says.

    • Brother Sabu, you are contradicting yourself a lot. Very much like tpm does (this is not a judgemental statement but a factual statement). As the admin very clearly pointed out, tpm itself takes Rev 14:4 in the literal sense.

      CONTRADICTION # 1 : On one hand you are saying that Rev 14:4 isn’t literal, but on the other hand you’re defending tpm which takes Rev 14:4 in the literal sense.
      CONTRADICTION # 2 : You said “i think rev 14:4 for both man and woman , one who un defiled with opposite sex.” Bro Sabu, please be specific about defilement when you use the word “undefiled”. Are you referring to sex? Or are you referring to sexual sins like adultery and fornication? If you are referring to sex, your argument is totally invalid because God created man and woman to be fruitful and to multiply, and if sex is something that helps fulfill God’s purpose i.e Procreation, then it can’t defile a man or a woman. So if a married couple lives a Godly life and have a healthy sexual relationship, then there is a good chance that they will be with God on Mount Sion mentioned in Rev 12:1, so Tpm’s doctrine of celibacy is utter non-sense.

      CONTRADICTION # 3 : You said ” here you qoute some of few faults of seniors.
      dnt think all seniors are cruel,unkind.
      why u emphasise the mistakes ??
      its common, if there is a blackdot in white page , we only see the blackdots.not thousands of white dots.” On one hand you accept that there are faults,mistakes and black dots, and on the other hand you have a problem because this website calls out the existing hypocrisies and controversies in tpm. Don’t you think you and your tpm folks should be open to criticism and correction if they have “faults, mistakes and black dots”? And if there are “faults, mistakes and black dots”, how can they claim that they’re better than other churches? how can they claim that their ministers hold a higher standard compared to pastors from other denominations? how can they claim that they preach that they may present us perfect before Christ? how can they claim that they are the special group of elite people whom God has chosen to reveal His mysteries which He hasn’t revealed to anyone else till date? How can they claim that theirs is the true apostolic fellowship?

      You said this website is started with the purpose of making people rebel against tpm. Dead wrong brother, this website has been started with the sole purpose of informing people. To rebel or not rebel is totally up to the people.

      And what makes you think that Tpm would be open to a debate with us especially when they have issued diktaks against us? They are asking their believers not to read articles from this website, they’re trying their best to shut down this website, and you’re asking us if we would be ready for a debate? Hahaha!! Tpm is a tyrannical organization which will never come for a debate, because they are too scared that their false agendas and unbiblical doctrines will be exposed on an open platform.

  3. Dear Admin,

    Your last para and its Bible verse is just too apt and very well put out. I can feel the pain as I read. What else are my sisters and your sisters doing there, other than service to man?
    And he will take your daughters to be perfumers, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

  4. For way too long they have been using Jude 1.6 as the condemnation for those who leave the ministry, I also remember teaching this in Sunday School back then.
    And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

    They do not understand that this refers to the angels (superior hominids) who left their heavenly estate and descended on Mount Hermon during the days of Jared, in order to mate and dwell with womankind. Going by the (apocryphal Book of Jared)
    For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.

  5. Brother, Praise the Lord for exposing the inside story. Dear parents please read this article before sending (selling) your daughters for physical, mental, sadistic (torture) needs of these bible holding appearing to be godly people.
    Great work, looking forward to many more such inside brutallities of tpm faith homes.
    May God bless you the writer brother and admin for such great revelations.

  6. Though the article has ended abruptly, I am sure, there are more inside revelations to follow. I have personally been thinking about the poor state of the sisters inside this mission. The ones who get elevated, they have kind of “escaped” the tortures that the juniors have to undergo.
    Nevertheless, a very good article providing insights into the inside life of this mission.
    Waiting for more brother…

  7. I would be keen to see a series of articles under the heading ‘Let my people (workers) go’ with characterizations of Pharaoh, Moses etc.

  8. My dear brother Sabu,
    Your brother in charge has told that in TPM there are apostles and in other churches it’s the elder no apostles. What do you mean by apostles? Your brother has told to test the apostles (Rev.2:2). Yes, Jesus also said that every tree is known by it’s fruits. Read 2 Corinthians 12:12 and you will know how many apostles are there in TPM. If there is at least apostles in TPM why no miracles, wonders, mighty deeds & signs take place in the Kottarakara & Chennai special healing service? I think your brother in charge also doesn’t know the right definition of an apostle. Regarding the debate it should not be within the four wall of any faith home. If your church leaders are ready, let’s arrange an auditorium and invite all. Go and throw a challange to your leaders.

  9. One of Mumbai faith home (known for its infamous testimonies against their colleague by the holy sisters and then mother incharge ) receives Newspapers of every kind n language( Malayalam manorama, DNA, TIMES of India ,Dhinathanti ,Mumbai mirror to name a few) and you can find the sisters reading it soon after their Sunday feast is over(“in the sister’s room”)…..where some youth girls are made to wash ,clean and iron their (sisters’) clothes and do the dishes while these sisters go through the whatsapp videos of believers or busy with the newspaper supplement.What’s more disgusting is that they are more interested in the pg3 kind of news and gossip columns of actors than the real news!

  10. My sister who has lot of money , is comfortably married to a dentist in Cochin in tears told me how her pastor blackmailed her to have physical relations, then extracted more money to keep it secret. he would visit in blue dot apartments kadavanthara when she alone and no servant and force her to do things. Once driver saw him going out , then she forced to pay driver to keep him from talking. Great work in family counselling..pastor..

    • Dear Sister Sarah
      I read the sad state of your sister, and my heartfelt sympathy goes for her. I request you to take some bold step to bring your sister out of that white-clad demon’s dirty claws & put him behind the bar. Let this devilish system close down for ever.

    • @ Sara
      No dear sister, Sara
      Do not listen to Anthony Parker.
      Whatever wrong our saints do, we must close our eyes to it.
      That is what we believer of tpm always do.
      Do not break the trend. Don’t be trend setter.
      There should not be no #Metoo movement in our glorious church.
      You cannot become hero of it.

      I don’t think our saint doing any wrong. Your sister is lying. Do not believe her. Do not talk to her. Do not let her tears melt your heart. You should not show love and sympathy to anyone except saints of god. Let her suffer all her life, for telling you evil about our saints. Let him go to her house all her life and blackmail her, and let her cry all life, but you stay away from such matters.

      If however the pastor you are talking about is from another church, then in that case,
      please expose his name and address and telephone number.
      Make video of it and show to world, how independent church pastor are evil.
      Show NO MERCY to other church pastors.
      blame him, expose him, criticize him, reproach him.
      Let his church members know about his evil side.
      Give to his church members our church address and let them pay tithe to our church only.
      This is right opportunity.

      • @Elina:
        //Whatever wrong our saints do, we must close our eyes to it. That is what we believer of tpm always do… …If however the pastor you are talking about is from another church, then in that case,
        please expose his name and address and telephone number…//

        What a sneering remark on TPM by Elina! Sarcasm at its best! We need more Elinas here to teardown TPM (may be another sister and a brother as suggested by her – she calls it online local faith home).

  11. @Elina

    //That is what we believer of tpm always do.

    Do you have any experience as Sarah’s sister had ? In future if something happens will you react as per your statement ?


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