I am very much inspired to write this article after hearing the message of Pastor M.T.Thomas at Kottarakkara convention. Time and again we have been highlighting the arrogant attitude of TPM Ministers. The Sermon of Pastor M.T.Thomas on Thursday night at Kottarakkara convention is a glaring testimony of our assertion. I feel sorry for him as he was boasting about their consecration rather than the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Sadly, most of the TPM ministers have made their consecration as the focal point and pushed Jesus and His works to the corner in their sermons. I have been statistically noticing few sermons in my local assembly and checking out how much they preach about Jesus. I should be glad if they even had a passing reference to Jesus in their sermons. Jesus has taken a back seat in the TPM World.

Boasting and Pride from the Pulpit

Now coming back to the Kottarakkara sermon of Pastor M.T.Thomas. He emphasized much on consecration to go to Zion and New Jerusalem. Here I would like to remind that, if the consecrations were well enough to go to heaven (Zion & New Jerusalem from TPM perspective), there was no need for Jesus to come and die on the cross.

The Samson Parallel

He mentioned about Samson in his message that, Samson became weak when he lost his consecration. From an angle it’s true.  However, from God’s perspective, he permitted this in Samson’s life to prove that his strength is not in his consecration. Samson was living in a deception that his strength comes from the seven locks of his hairs. As Samson told this to Delilah so also many TPM workers are openly telling the crowd about their consecration. In the case Samson, God allowed his head to be shaved to convey a message to him. What was the hidden message God wanted Samson to understand? It’s,”O foolish Samson your strength is not in your hair but I am your strength.” And when he realized this truth, we can see in Judges 16:28 that he humbled himself and cried to the Lord to strengthen him. In verse 30 it’s written that he killed more Philistines than when his seven locks were well intact.

Now again TPM preachers will say that he could do that because as in verse 22 his hairs grew again. It’s true that his hairs grew but once his head was shaved his consecration was lost. Had God given importance to his Nazarite consecration then He shouldn’t have strengthened Samson once he lost it. Any person can understand that it’s not consecration but it’s your trust in God that makes you strong. If there is strength in consecration, then why there is no spectacular healing in their special healing service where thousands of consecrated workers are seated. In fact, they have become so proud of their consecration and because of that God is not working through them. My dear TPM worker stop boasting your consecration and start boasting in the name of Jesus & His finished work on the cross.

The John the Baptist Question

Next point in his message was about John the Baptist. See his audacity to say that John the Baptist cannot go to Zion or New Jerusalem. I cannot understand that how a person can dare to hijack the glory which purely belongs to God. In Isaiah 42:8 God says,”…I will not give my glory to another.“. When we talk about God’s glory there are many aspects and all his actions are are the part of His glory. God has not appointed any man to allot places for others in heaven. It is solely the job of God the father. If any man starts deciding who will occupy which place in heaven, then he is trying to take God’s glory.  In fact, they somehow are trying to portray that they know much better than Jesus himself. I wish they had read Mark 10:35-40

TPM Disqualifies their own doctrine

Now let me come to the important point based on his message. He said that John will not go to Zion or New Jerusalem. Why is that so?. If TPM workers boast and lay their claim to Zion just because of their celibacy, then John has more right than them to go there. TPM workers cannot come anywhere near John’s consecration. If TPM workers consider their celibacy the quality to go to Zion then remember that John was also unmarried. Moreover, unlike TPM workers dazzling white, stiff (washed by poor small sisters) Costumes, his clothing was camel’s hair. Unlike TPM workers delicious food (chicken, mutton, costly fish, etc.), his food was locusts & wild honey(Mathew 3:4). He was more consecrated than all.the people on the earth. Yes, concerning that John, Jesus said in Mathew 11:11 verily I say unto you , among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” .

Why did Jesus say this?  He wanted everyone to know that our greatness is not in our consecration but it’s in our belief in his  finished work on the cross.


Apostle Paul was a man with many consecration & boasted in them until he was touched by the fact. When he understood that his consecration is nothing, he made a confession in Galatians 6:14but God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…“. It’s my humble request especially to the TPM believers. Kindly check the bible like people of Berea instead of blindly believing whatever comes from white-clad men & women from behind the pulpit.


  1. A most wonderful observation, dear brother.

    I totally second you. How fatal and toxic such preachings can be to the gullible heart and innocent mind.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. TPM glorifies their ministry more than God. Which is why most believers place their faith in their “consecrated servants of God” more than God.

  3. Gud observation about samson parallelism, that God taught samson that it not your nazarite vow or consecration but i am your strength and victory. – “Without me ye can do nothing.”

    Concerning John the baptist.
    I think Jesus in this passage is explaining that the man with highest kind of holy asectic celibatic life is counted unworthy to enter kingdom of God. Only they who are born again can enter kingdom of God. John the baptist (as pointed by admin) was anointed (from mother womb), unmarried, had life of seperation (lived in wilderness), did not wear clothes like the world used to wear (no fashion, no jewellery), did not eat like the world used to eat (no hotel), ( include no tv and no medicine too), and was preaching kingdom of God. If tpm saints are unmarried, john was unmarried too, if tpm saints are anointed then john was anointed from his mothers womb, if tpm saints lived a life of seperation then john too lived life of seperation, if tpm dont go to hotel, dont wear jwellery dont take medicines, then john also didnt go to hotel, didnt wear jwellery for he wore camels hair clothing, and he didnt take medicines ( leave alone chemical drungs he didnt even eat herbs of wildreness he only ate locust and honey), and if tpm preaches gospel of kingdom of God, then John also preached ” repent and be baptised, for kingdom of God is at hand.”

    In no way tpm can boast of ministry better than john the baptist. Remember he was anointed from his mothers womb. But Jesus said that minister or preacher of such an ascetic celibate consecrated life cannot enter kingdom of God. So tpm ppl who claim merits in their consecration like john the baptist fail to see that their consecration celibacy and life of ascetism cannot make them enter kingdom of God.

    Ill continue in next post .

  4. When Jesus said, ” among them that are born of woman no one is greater than john the baptist, but he that is least in kingdom of God, is greater than John” then it means following,

    To say, “no one born of woman is greater than john the baptist” means that john the baptist is the greatest human being ever born on earth (Including you and me and 12 apostles). To say ” he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than john ” is other way to say nobody can be lesser than least if he is to be found in the kingdom of God (please read it again to understand). This means that the last fellow in heaven or least holy man in heaven is holier than greatest man ever born on earth.

    This means if john the baptist (who is greatest human being or holiest human being, ever born on earth) ought to be in heaven, he must be born again (for he was born of woman ) or else he will be lesser than least man in heaven and thus ultimately out of kingdom of God! And if john the baptist is required to be born again then there is no exception for you and me. So the point is that if the greatest man ever to be born on earth or the holiest saint ever to live, needs to be born again to enter kingdom of God, then everyone else also need to be born again if they ought to enter kingdom of God. It is like saying there is no way of entering kingdom of heaven without being born again. That’s the simplest meaning of the entire passage about john the baptist.

    Now if tpm teaches John the baptist cannot be in kingdom of heaven then they are right! But! But to say John will not inherit kingdom of God is unacceptable. Hence somehow he was also given new birth before his death. Otherwise he cannot enter kingdom of God. Therefore either he is some how given new birth or he can never be seen in kingdom of God (including OT saints).

    To say he will be in new earth is entirely unscriptural. Where does bible say john the baptist or old testament saints will be in new earth? It is man made assumption.

    Even if they will be found in new earth, it doesnt mean new earth is outside kingdom or reign of God.

    The point is that to teach john & OT saints will inherit earth raises serious questions. ( it is here tpms new earth new heaven hew zion theory begins to crumble and fall to pieces).

    To say john & OT saints will be in new earth assuming they were not born again, is to say new earth is outside of kingdom of God. If old testament saints wont enter kingdom of God, because it is assumed by tpm that God did not give them new birth, then will the old testament saints inheriting new earth supposed to be outside the kingdom of God? Because to enter kingdom of God there is no way other than being born again. Did not Jesus say ” unless a man be born again (of water n Spirit) he cannot enter kingdom of God.”

    So there are only these conclusions leftwith us, if we believe tpm teaching on john the baptist and new heaven new earth and new zion theory,

    First) Either New earth is outside kingdom of God,

    Second) or John the baptist and other OT sainst were given new birth in some way or other and tpm theory of dispensation is absolutely false demonic doctrine.

    Third) or there is another way apart from new birth (of water and holy spirit by sign of toungues) for old testament people or mankind to enter kingdom of God.??

  5. Certain famous quotes that we should read and check how low we are with our diminutive mindset of exalted uprisings.
    1. “when…God initiated his relationship with mankind, it didn’t begin with a command; it began with an invitation: will you trust me?”

    2. .“Every number has a name! Every name has a story! Every story matters to God!”

    3. “Dead faith rooted in morality, religion, spirituality, or tradition is fruitless. Only faith rooted in Jesus will produce lasting fruit.”

    4. “Religion says, ‘I obey; therefore I am accepted.’
    Christianity says, ‘I’m accepted, therefore I obey.”

    5. “Radical obedience to Christ is not easy… It’s not comfort, not health, not wealth, and not prosperity in this world. Radical obedience to Christ risks losing all these things. But in the end, such risk finds its reward in Christ. And he is more than enough for us.”

    6. “God often turns tragedies into yet another opportunity for spiritual growth. ”

    7. “You cannot be in the presence of God and be bored at the same time. For that matter, you cannot be in the will of God and be bored at the same time.”

    8. “Haven’t you shouldered that guilt long enough? Let grace happen for heaven’s sake. ”

    9. “Life is too short, the world is too big and God’s love is too great to live ordinary.”

    10. “Jesus did not go around “being good”; he went around “doing good” and releasing all who were oppressed. What has he anointed you to do?” ”

  6. I think this MT Thomas is very good in twisting the Bible verses to show he is great. In the previous article also you have exposed it. Great work, please continue. May GOD bless all your endeavours.

  7. @admin

    good work..

    also he gave explaintion , why didnt they give seat to pastors or elders in other churches (christain missonaries) in stage .!!

    also he advised to the people ” dnt forget the pastor AC Thomas, his works to tpm”, also he briefly explain his life with ac thomas.

  8. “I would like to remind that, if the consecrations were well enough to go to heaven (Zion & New Jerusalem from TPM perspective), there was no need for Jesus to come and die on the cross.” Great revelation. Keep it up. Looking forward to more such inspirations. May GOD bless you.

    • Brother,
      Old testament Saints also Reach the same place. God does not do Partiality.
      In Old Testament, the saints looked forward to Christ’s Coming. In New Testament, we look backward. We have an easier path because we have history to support us.

      In Romans 4 the apostle Paul makes it very clear that the Old Testament way of salvation was the same as the New Testament way, which is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. To prove this, Paul points us to Abraham, who was saved by faith: “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness” (Romans 4:3). Again, Paul quotes the Old Testament to prove his point—Genesis 15:6, this time. Abraham could not have been saved by keeping the Law, because he lived over 400 years before the Law was given!

      Much of Romans and Galatians addresses the fact that there is only one way of salvation and only one gospel message. Throughout history people have tried to pervert the gospel by adding human works to it, requiring certain things to be done to “earn” salvation. But the Bible’s clear message is that the way of salvation has always been through faith. In the Old Testament, it was faith in the promise that God would send a Savior someday. Those who lived in the time of the Old Testament looked forward to the Messiah and believed God’s promise of the coming Servant of the Lord (Isaiah 53). Those who exercised such faith were saved. Today we look back on the life, death and resurrection of the Savior and are saved by faith in Jesus Christ’s atonement for our sins (Romans 10:9-10).

      The gospel is not an exclusively New Testament message. The Old Testament contained it as well: “The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: ‘All nations will be blessed through you.’ So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith” (Galatians 3:8-9, quoting Genesis 12:3).

      As early as Genesis 3:15, we see the promise of a coming Savior, and throughout the Old Testament there are hundreds of promises that the Messiah would “save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21; cf. Isaiah 53:5-6). Job’s faith was in the fact that he knew that his “Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth” (Job 19:25). Clearly, Old Testament saints were aware of the promised Redeemer, and they were saved by faith in that Savior, the same way people are saved today. There is no other way. Jesus is “‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone.’ Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:11-12, quoting Psalm 118:22).

      Do not believe in the different Gospel and the Different Jesus preached by TPM. TPM Essentially is having a corrupt theology of one-upmanship and they preach a God of Partiality. Our God is Impartial.

  9. Psalm 16.6 The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.

    I have heard this verse being used to depict the differential places, in heaven. ie. NE, NH, NJ, Zion

    John 14.2 is also taken out of context….
    Seems everyone wants ready- made, instant doctrines and a hint of favour from God who they think is partial.


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