It is going to be almost 2 months since Pastor Kanagaraj had been murdered. It is undisputed that the kingpin, in this case, is none other than the Assistant Centre Pastor John Thomas.

  • Do you know why TPM is opposing tooth and nail against the arrest of John Thomas?
  • Have you asked your local Pastor why they are hiding this murderer?
  • Why are the TPM Ministers outside the incident area trying to cover up and act as Holy Person when they are protecting and feeding a Murderer?
  • Do you know that it is your hard earned money these crooks are using in the name of the Lord?

Do you know why?

Yes, we know the answer. But we are looking how much more will TPM Believers act as an ostrich by putting their head in the sand of “God will look after it“. START BEING RESPONSIBLE.

Have you considered the following?

  1. If you take some medicine, you are excommunicated . You cannot receive communion.
  2. If your son/daughter is married to a different Christian denomination, you will be excommunicated.
  3. If you ask questions about unethical things done by the clergy you are excommunicated and also CURSED.
  4. If you are a poor person, then you have no rights. You stand a higher chance of excommunication.

But The TPM Ministers can do the following

  1. Commit Fornication and Adultery within themselves and with believers. If this incident comes to light, they will be transferred to another center and this same person is a SAINT in the New Place. Seems TPM Bureaucracy does a much better job in washing sins than the blood of Jesus Christ.
  2. They can murder their own colleagues by poisoning and also by brutal methods as was done with Pastor Kanagaraj. The killers will be protected at the expense of the Mission and its believer’s donations.
  3. They can take medicines in secret and also undergo surgery. It’s perfectly valid. Very recently a circular from the Pontiff has been released threatening demotion to ministers caught in consuming medicine. Hilarious.
  4. They have the exclusive right to curse the believers for non-compliance to their carnal dictates. These people do not know that they are piling upon themselves the curse in Galatians 1:8-9 for following a different Gospel.

This is what they are doing as per the scriptures

  • You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. (Matthew 23:24)
  • But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Matthew 15:19)


John Thomas is part of a Team in TPM which has been doing very heinous crimes. Any mouth opening by John Thomas will pull off the central pillar of TPM, the Organization. If he tells the truth, many graves will need to be opened for investigation.  Many secrets of the organization will be out in the open.

We fear for his life. He has a good chance of being eliminated so that his possible mouth opening will be closed forever.




  1. “If he commits suicide, just know that he was eliminated in the same way as the worker brother involved in the Coimbatore incident last year.”
    Can you explain the details of this incident ?
    Who was this person and why was he eliminated?

    • If you recollect, there was an incident where Pastor M.T Thomas was attacked by a worker brother in Coimbatore over a year back. You should have seen the picture of M.T Thomas in blood. As per some messages, he was beaten by the rod of the mike stand. Do you know what happened to that Brother and WHY?

      The whole incident was not as what was propagated inside TPM Circles. Though we cannot confirm lots of things at this late stage, we know that the whole incident there even reeked of sexual misconduct. The entire story is quite convoluted and it involved more than few brothers and sisters. This is what we could gather from some internal sources and also news reports in Coimbatore those days.

      Anyway, the Brother who had attacked MT was found dead on his way back the next day itself. He had injuries in his head. But it was made up as a Suicide attempt by that brother and case closed. Money Speaks and Works.

        • Brother why do you think TPM is against Social Media like Facebook/Whatsapp etc? Remember they had banned the usage of MT’s photo after that incident? It’s not because of a blood oozing photo of MT. It’s because of the sexual nature and stories which emanated after the incident. I should say that they were greatly successful in that bid.

        • They always are successful in doing such things. Last sunday they read a circular in our church to completely wipe clean the internet of every TPM related info. I think they are freaking out because people will realize the kind of church they are in. I was shocked to see the picture of John Thomas. Way back in 2003 International Youth Camp, he was the one who gave me water baptism. Imagine my shock! It is only since the last few years that I have realised all the false doctrines and false practices in this church.

        • You are one of the few TPMers who refuse to be taken for a ride. People like you rock and Surely God will bless you.

        • Keep up the good work, brother. I was pleasantly surprised to find your site.
          A few years back in Bangalore, Pastor MT preached (twice actually) saying Daniel in the bible NEVER commit a single sin in his whole life JUST LIKE JESUS. And all the people in the congregation nodded their heads. That was my breaking point. If a pastor can get away with saying something as blasphemous as that, then what else was wrong in TPM? That is when I began to read scriptures without having a TPM filter on and many of the errors became clear to me.

        • Haha…And Recently I read a preaching in “Doctrine of Truth” where one pastor was showcasing all WRONG THINGS with Job.
          These people have no business of finding issues with the one whom God gave a great testimony.

          First, let these guys go through 1% of what Job went through before opening their dirty mouths to find fault with someone like Job.

          Plain and Simple, THEY HAVE LOST FOCUS.

        • It is because they have a low view of scripture. They actually don’t believe scripture is the highest authority nor do they believe everything needed for Christian doctrine is found in the bible. Their “personal revelations” have more authority than scripture. They have absolutely no scripture references when they say the “saved” go to “New Earth” or that the OT saints go to “New Heaven”. It’s just a bunch of man made doctrines.

          If you read their publication “New Testament Ministry Part I & II”, they say that TPM pastors are the “High Priest”. Scripture clearly says the Jesus alone is the high priest, yet they try to usurp Jesus’ position as the eternal High Priest. Every publication of TPM is filled with so many unbiblical doctrines it would take forever to refute!

        • Yes true. I have heard of a Pastor who said that the “Servants of God” cannot be corrected by the Believers (the lowly cattle class revenue stream) 🙂

        • Recently in Mumbai I hear the pastor preaching that holy spirit is the garment of the church. Everybody nodded except me.

      • In one particular sermon in TPM, Pastor M.T Thomas taught science.

        He said that normal petrol we get at our gas stations has water mixed in it but Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) has no water content in it. Since petrol has water, this water at higher altitudes will become ice and choke the engine of the aircraft so petrol cannot be used, but ATF does not have water content in it ,so no question of freezing.

        Likewise in our spiritual life also we must be like ATF i.e without contamination otherwise we will not be able to fly like an aircraft. I was hearing this sermon with my mouth wide open because since childhood I learnt that oil is lighter than water and will float on the water and both cannot mix and lo! a new revelation that the petrol in my car has water and if I happen to live in Canada my engine will be destroyed.That day I forgot my elementary school science.

        And guess what TPM die hards (even highly educated ones) were so astonished and praised God for this new revelation and were all praises for the knowledge of pastor MT.

        I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

        • I am working in oil industry.what pastor said is true, atf fuel should not have water.there are special provisions in the petrol industry to remove the water from atf that is aviation fuel.

        • Brother,
          I don’t think Richie is saying that ATF should have water or something like that. What he was saying is neither Petrol nor ATF is supposed to have water content. Whereas M.T Thomas was saying that Petrol can have water content but ATF should not have.
          Can you please cast some light into that? I mean can petrol in our cars have water content?
          I personally tend to think that neither Petrol nor ATF has water content. You may please enlighten us, possibly with supporting references which we can check out.

          I understand that ATF is a special kind of kerosene which can remain liquid at a lower temperature. As aircraft travels at a lower temperature, they put additives for de-icing which happens during transmission. I am still to get a satisfactory answer which says that the ATF is manufactured by removal of water particles whereas petrol can have water particles in it.

  2. Are you sure the brother who attacked Pas MT died the next day? Because what I heard was that he was escorted back to his native place. There were rumours of his suicide in Whatsapp also but none of those rumours were confirmed and no one knows whether the guy is alive or dead now.
    I heard another brother from Coimbatore died last year. It was propagated that he collapsed and died while getting down from a bus though some people were of the opinion that he could never have died that way as he was a strong person.
    So I was wondering if the person whom you say was eliminated was this same person who collapsed and died.
    What I have heard and know may be just rumours and they may not be true .

    • No Issues.We can do a recheck of the status with some more of our sources to confirm the death. However, I myself have read newspaper reports of the sexual misadventures in the same incident. Some of those newspaper cuttings are still with us but it’s too gross to publish on this site and so late after the incident. We cannot do anything about what has already happened, but our focus now is to drain the swamp of this dangerous trend of murders. For us the lives of people are more precious than the “Name and Reputation of the Mission

    • Just got it reconfirmed. Yes, what we said is correct. His dead body was found the Third day beside a temporary dam setup for agro-purpose in the outskirts of Coimbatore. Initially, He was taken to his home. But his home folks refused entry to him. Suicide is what TPM makes people believe. But From our sources, we understand that he was a normal person who was posted to a local faith home and could not digest some immoral issues he saw there and raised it up with the then Centre Pastor Luka. Luka then punished him and forced him to center faith home. Then there was a center pastor transfer Where MT Came from Bangalore and Luka Went to Bangalore. MT was not fully aware of the reason for this punishment. So it seems that he was quite strict with this brother who could not bear the insult for a question which he thought he was right. So there goes the story.

  3. 2cor4:5 Paul said ‘we do not preach ourselves but Christ. We are your servants.
    Many preach to magnify themselves. They project themselves as hero, speak in a way to attract and seduce weak minded woman. Instead of being a sign post directing believers to Christ they tend to have their own followers, they have them cling to the sign post. Deceived souls will never reach the destination.
    If they don’t kowtow, they will be slapped with condemnation.
    Men keep a protective eye on your women. Don’t let them get swayed away by these ministers.
    First indicator.
    Are your ministers preaching themselves magnifying and glorifying their positions , calling and ministries.
    Second indicator.
    Are they your servants? Many claim to be servants of God but are they servants of believers. They expect you to inform them and take permission for anything and everything but what about vice versa.

    • One thing I find problematic is that believers can’t relate themselves to the ministers. They make themselves seem like they live in a different reality. I happened to live in that bubble for a very long time thinking every minister was as sinless as sinless gets. They ask every believer to confess their sins publicly but never see them do the same. For them, it is more important to preserve the outward appearance of godliness. Which is why every scandal is covered up so that those living in the bubble continue to live in them.

      Jesus said to his disciples “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” (Mark 10:43). We don’t see that in TPM. We treat them like they’re second to God.

  4. I had that information checked. The guy who attacked my MT Thomas is very much alive. He is married now. He is working as a construction worker in Madurai. His mother attends TPM shenoy nagar Church.
    I heard he is a nice person.

    • Sure, will wait for your mail. We do not want to take a wrong stand at any point of time. That is the precise reason we shifted from being dogmatic with TPM Doctrines when we found out that it was NOT TRUE.
      We have decided to follow the truth at all times even if it is not comfortable for us. We have no shame in acknowledging that we were wrong.

  5. It is sad that most of the TPM Believers are under grown both in wisdom and inheriting the Powers of god and the strange feauture is that they dont have common understanding of doctrines and they never have a purpose in living a high divine Life and More Sorrowful View is they think that whoever is blessed with money are mostly blessed by Jesus and they never practice the life of high Mercies and richer in glories and it is sad to note that jesus is still begging each and every day to me to solve his problems as iam a sufferer of past 31 Years in Jesus Name and still under going problems and some times argues me to Fall in Certain Sins and which cannot be said and this is true and because of the under growth of the TPM Believers and these sins what i have done are cancelled for extreme unremovable Curses and Bindings and if iam telling a lie on this that iam along with my Family shall be destroyed in earth but we live on complete Mercies of christ and sadly the TPM Believers May be one day understand all the topics that i have discussed for the Time being i request the admin to take note of my post that it will be one day useful for all the TPM Believers to work for christ in uniform Manner with Sense of achievement and Wisdom Amen

    • Well said Anbu,

      God will use your pain to bring new comfort to many… Do not worry about the past… We are with you… We also understand how a sincere yet poor believer feels within this church.

      Let your relationship become a personal one, directly with Christ, and you will feel a lot of relief.

      I can pray for you…

      Feel free to also write to admin, perhaps they can write an article concealing few details and making it generally useful for reading and understanding.

  6. In our accusations, let us remember that Judas was one of the twelve chosen by Christ himself. If anyone sincerely wants to set aside the fanciful hearsay (I can share many a such true stories that are exponentially worse) and have a conversation about the merits of the doctrines itself, then we can surely have that discussion. Bear in mind, that the devil will work his hardest, where the knowledge of the truth is the greatest. Do not follow a belief system based on its adherents, but by the merits of the doctrine. There are a few deviant practices that I personally do not agree with, but these are inconsistent with the written tenets of the church’s catechism and does not inherently take away from the doctrinal foundation, that the church was planted upon in its inception. Feel free to contact me, with any of your sincere questions or comments. E-mail: Please forgive us for the shortcomings that have brought a mockery to the name of Christ and pray for the leadership as well as the believers. God bless.

    • Brother, the question is not about the existence of Judases and Demases. The Shocking thing is the shielding and supporting these Judases and Demases at the expense of Thomases and Timothies.

    • @JJoseph, Sir, Interesting observations.

      For the benefit of the later generation of believers, can you please spell out the written tenets of the TPM church’s catechism and the doctrinal foundations that this so called church was planted upon in its inception.

      Since TPM’s ministry is so hidden, I have never come across any written tenets so far other than what was published in the Deeper Truth website. This site was pulled down by TPM heads the moment started dissecting their deeper doctrines, published there as it became an embarrassment to them.

      The excuse about Judas being one of the twelve is a classic which every TPM headbanger uses to defend the shenanigans of their perverts.

  7. I was (unfortunately) born in a family follows CPM in Malaysia. Attended SS (Sunday school) without fail (no absence) and learned the bible. As i was growing, i was unable trust the bible thereafter due to the wicked characters / actions of some ministers n believers which i used to notice regularly.. That includes Pastor MT who was actually practising favoritism. He did revealed his anger many times by raising the voice high. I never seen him confessing in the public before he takes the communion himself. He came up with new policies, rules & made the believers to practice his ideas. One of the rule is ; a believer should inform him or the church if he/she wants to buy any household or spend more than MYR100 for a particular things except usual monthly expenses. It was really funny to hear it at that time and now its sounds so stupid. He also said a believers shiuld not visit another believer’s home.

    He use to conduct special bible studies teaching from Genesis – Adam & Even until the end of world, of course with the colourful drawing on a huge canvas sized 20 × 8 feet × 2 canvas which shows the beautiful heaven with various departments especially Zion with 144,000
    space to be filled by saints / ministers and forgetting the 3 different dept in hell. What he thought was interesting but in later years i felt like nice fairy tail stories. I was wondering i don’t even know my great great grandparent’s name & image, how do i believe a story which was written thousands years back where there is no facilities to carry fwd the book n image til now. We can’t even track our past 5 hierarchy’s of
    our own family. Why should i believe Adam n Eve and also their descends which sounds immoral (i beleive cain would have slept with a woman of his own family bcos there were no other ppl around besides thier family???????) Even it is all true in the bible, why should we follow the OT which does not recognize Christ. (Of course someone will quote some verse or relate some prophecies to make it sound logic.)

    Anyway coming back to Pastor MT ; he did serve quite well by reviving all the churches nationwide. At the same time he did lot of mess like dividing people by cast, he had some favorite Malayalee believers, treated the rich men well, overruled other ministers including our beloved late Pastor Mathew, he even misused church fund by investing a big sum in a wrong property saying that he wanted to build a new church building in a new place (empty land), he even named the place as Taman Pentecost ( ha ha… ,funny guy). He managed to make some big money and we heard that he was stopped by the airport authorities for …….. when he left Malaysia after 8 years of serving, (don wanna mention, many knows this case) There are other cases which we can’t prove bcos there were no authorities to check on them in their territories. All believers beleives that all ministers fear god as they do.

    I came across criticisms many times, humiliated and ignored by SS Head master & some teachers and especially by MT.

    There were many local pastors and sisters were dominated by India ministers till today. The Malaysian chief pastor was transferred to Sri Lanka and now an Indian pastor is now holding the position, to do a better financing we guess. The is no proper accounts in this church. Black money everywhere. Most of the fund sent to India every month. No records for tights going into pastor jippa pocket. No genuine AGM. All preset nomination and seconded immediately by their ppl. OMG, i think i better stop. Lots of old memories making me down now. Lot more actually…

    Anyway it is abt saving the remaining people from this kind of ministers and wrong teachings. TPM has double standard. Oh God… Help the blind innocent believers…


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