Please view the below videos to know that the power exercised by TPM is not of the usual type. They are truly WOLVES in SHEEP’s clothing. It seems that the Church is not interested in getting justice for their own pastor who was brutally murdered. Even though TPM agrees that insiders have killed pastor Kanagaraj, they are unwilling to let them go. Why are they afraid to let these crooks GO. Of course, you guessed it right, they may reveal lots about the secret scandalous working of this organization.

Question for Blind TPM supporters

How could you still support this organization after hearing the truth from the believers onsite?  

Is not this bringing blasphemy to the name of the Lord in the Land?

Yes, you  can ignore these questions as your conscience is already dead and souls sold out. Undoubtedly, you can be part of the Muscle power and Money Power at play.






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