The Scriptures demonstrate over and over again that Truth has always been hated by the masses of mankind, but especially by those who hold so-called “positions or offices of authority” inside a religious system like TPM.

The Present Church System

Confused and Deluded church members
Confused and Deluded church members

Men who would assume positions and titles abound in every sort of religious institution.  There are many men who would receive acclaim without service.  There are many men who become intoxicated with the lust for power.  There are many men who would gladly earn a living pontificating on religious matters.  They can go and even appropriate for themselves Divine titles like “Chief Shepherd or Chief Pastor”

The picture of a drill sergeant barking orders to a marching platoon is nowhere to be found in Scripture but IS found in the church organizations Like TPM.  Many “church leaders” of various institutions have thought that this is the kind of authority that they are to possess in order for them toruleover God’s people.  Their teachers, their seminaries, along with their carnal hearts told them to rule this way.  This has caused untold hardship to many individuals and families in many institutional churches.  The need to “keep people in line” by force or coercion is not a Scriptural principle, but IS seen all too often in an institutional/corporate church system of TPM and also many other Churches.
Can we see why Jesus said that those in His kingdom are expected to reject titles and positions of rulership; even the title or position of guides?
You didn’t know He said that?  Please read on to see that He most certainly did; Click Here

The Influence of the World System among God’s People

Jesus took a group of social nobodies and endued them with the gospel message. They were a scruffy group to say the least. There was obviously a great contrast with the pomp and “holy” demeanor of the Scribes and Pharisees.  Human nature, being what it is, seduced even the disciples with a desire to be greatest in the Kingdom.
Jesus, while continually challenging the narrow-mindedness and self-righteousness of the Jewish leaders, insisted that things were going to be different in his community.  When His disciples came to Him and asked who would be greatest in the Kingdom, Jesus answered:
“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you turn and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 18:3-4).
“Just a minute,” He said. “You guys need to change your standards of operation. You are looking at things the wrong way.  You need to change your attitude or you will not enter the kingdom at all.”
Does this sound like the apostles were going to receive even a hint of position, title, and institutional rulership?  If you’re still not sure, then let’s proceed further.
In Matthew 20:20-28, Jesus was worked over by the mother of James and John wanting, what else, for her sons to be greatest in the kingdom.
“Grant that these two sons of mine may sit, one on your right hand and the other on the left, in your kingdom.”
(verse 21)
Of course, the other disciples made a great show of indignation as though they had not wanted the same honor for themselves.  So Jesus expounded on what His impending community structure is going to be like.  The leadership in His assembly or community would be unlike worldly authority and the ecclesiastical system of things represented at that time by Jewish Scribes and Pharisees, the Jewish Sanhedrin (elders), and Roman secular rule.

The Jesus System

Jesus rejected the authoritarian structure of his own religious heritage as well as anything that would approach the empires and kingdoms of men.  Jesus explains this plainly as he continues.
“You know that the rulers of the Gentiles are lords over them, and those who are great exercise authority ( or are tyrants) over them. YET IT WILL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave, just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

“Greatness is attained through service, NOT positions or titles.  You want to attain greatness in My kingdom then serve. Those desiring esteem in my assembly must set the example in serving!  You will not exercise authority over my people!”
How utterly ironic that this is exactly the type of leadership style Christ specifically warned His disciples not to practice!
If that left the disciples in doubt about what positions they were to enjoy in the Lord’s community, He certainly cleared it up by attacking the prevailing system of the religious leaders and their love of titles and position in Matthew 23.

“Then Jesus spoke to the multitude and to his disciples, saying: The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. But all their works they do to be seen by men. ..They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, greetings in the marketplaces, and to be called by men, Rabbi, Rabbi.

But you, do not be called Rabbi, for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, who is in heaven. And do not be called leaders; for One is your leader, even the Christ. But those who are great among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”  Matthew 23:1-12
Jesus, in these few sentences, is making it very plain what the nature of leadership in His community was going to be. His leaders would NOT assume titles or positions. “But you, do not be called Rabbi”! They were not to assume the title or position of Rabbi (master, teacher).
As if this was not basic enough to persuade them, He continues in this vein by saying, “And do not be called leaders .” Even though the KJV translates the word “leader” master, the correct translation could actually render the Greek “guide”. Vine gives it this definition:
“KathHgHtHs is properly a guide, to go before, to guide, translated master, a teacher, Matt. 23:10 (twice).”
Jesus emphasizes this very point while instructing those who would later be called apostles.  “Don’t even let someone ascribe to you or ‘ordain’ you with the position or title of leader or guide”.
Don’t be called Pastor Smith.
Don’t be called Minister or Reverend or Elder or Deacon Smith.
Is this not a true application of what Jesus was saying?  If not, why not?
Another example was before the feast of Passover.  Jesus must go, but first, there was something He must do; something He desired very earnestly.  He would draw away from the crowds, and gather the twelve to eat the “Last Supper,” a meal filled with types and shadows, the fulfillment of which were only hours away.  He longed to reveal the prophetic significance of this meal to His disciples, and it would soon be manifest before their eyes.
When the Supper was over, Jesus got up from the table, and the disciples, thinking He was performing the usual ceremonial hand washing, kept their seats.  But something was wrong.  Why was Jesus straying from the traditional format?  Maybe He had grabbed that servant’s apron by mistake.  Why is He filling that water basin?  Now what is He doing?  Surely not!
He knelt before them one by one, until every dirty foot in the room was clean.  Then He said, “Do you know what I have done to you?”  They were speechless.  Never before had they seen a King wash His servant’s feet.  They saw with their eyes what we can only imagine, “God with us,” washing human feet.
“If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” John 13:17
AGAIN, we see that the model of leadership in God’s ecclesia is not the CEO Business Exec; it’s not the “Chief Pastor” sitting on the Pulpit; it’s not a group of men(Clergy) ruling, and reigning; barking out their demands of authority and headship and submission to every beck and call.  No, it’s the household slave!

For from His knees in the upper room, Jesus said, “For I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.” John 1315
Let THIS example be before us like frontlets between our eyes!
Yes, Jesus did leave us an example to follow – one that stands in stark and total antithesis to the current notion of “Church Leadership”!!

This model from heaven, like oil, does not and will not mix well with the waters of a “local TPM church” rule of despotism.  And many of these “pastoral despots” will spend large portions of their life seeing to it THAT IT WILL NEVER MIX WELL
It is interesting to note all the instances in which Jesus avoided even the appearance of the ruling class.  From his birth to his grave, he chose the most humble means.
He really was born in a barn.  His baby clothes were swaddling clothes, mere rags wrapped about him.  His crib was a feeding box for livestock.  Common shepherds came to pay Him honor, while many others chose to ignore His lowly birth.  At the Jerusalem dedication, His parents could only afford a pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons, which was the offering of the poor.  He grew up in the household of a working carpenter in the lowest of all the towns in lowly Galilee.  He made himself of no reputation.  Isaiah prophesied that He had no form nor comeliness, nor anything about Him that would attract carnal men.  That final week of His life on earth, He chose to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, not as a conquering king on a great horse.  He washed the feet of His disciples that last night.  He died in the most shameful way possible, the death of a criminal with two common thieves, although He was innocent.  They even buried His body in a borrowed tomb.

Alas Where have we landed

Those who posture themselves to “rule over God’s people” refuse to see Christ in this light, or if they do, pay the most pathetic, empty lip service imaginable, and then turn around next week and do just the opposite!  The Lord’s call to let this mind be in you falls upon deaf ears to the majority of those in “leadership positions in the local church.”
They possess absolutely nothing of “the mind of Christ.”   Historically, and indeed, right down to this very moment, the “institutionalized TPM church” of today has looked nothing like the Serving Christ.  It has traded in the servant’s towel long, long ago and has replaced it with a Clergy cloak.  Many today are above the washing of feet other than a ceremony, as kneeling before the lowly laity has become so far beneath the so-called “Sacred Pastoral Office” and the “ministerial dignity”  of the professional clergy.  How far we have fallen from the divine standard only God fully appreciates.
Instead of ever wanting to have the Lord Jesus as our example, our Divine mandate; instead of wanting to set before our eyes the image of the Lord of heaven on His knees serving, washing the road-weary feet of His disciples, what do we see?  Do we see love constraining?  Do we see love bowing low?  Do we see love wrapped in a servant’s towel?
No.  This is what we see.  We see men, ever looking to be as the world!  We see men setting up and operating “their churches” along the lines of Fortune 500 companies!  We see men hollering and screaming with spittle flying out of their mouth’s: “WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION MY DIRECTION AND AUTHORITY?”  

  • We see men defying the Lord, commanding that …You must address me as “Pastor.” 
  • We see men commanding submission unto themselves, teaching that ….submitting to me is submitting to God….”
  • We see men seizing upon, and then usurping “the authority of Christ.”
  • We see men operating their “local church institutions” like military bases; like slave camps; like mental hospitals.
What have we done?  We have gone back to the weak and beggarly elements.  We act as if the life of Jesus and His example was a myth and the cross at Calvary a fantasy.  We are not the family for which God planned.  We are an organization of our own design.

What else do we find concerning “duly authorized” men having the “upper hand” when we read the rest of the New Testament?
Paul warned that this human tendency was right around the corner as well.  Speaking to the “elders” (literally, old people. See the explanation that follows) of the Ephesian community of believers, he warned:
“Pay attention to yourselves and to the flock in which the Holy Spirit placed you, to feed the assembly of God which he has purchased with his own blood. For I know that after my departure, fierce wolves will come in among you who will not spare the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking distortions, to draw away students after themselves.” (Acts 20:28-30)
Notice the specific nature of these people who would draw disciples away from the Lord.  They would “rise up” among you.  They wouldn’t appear from outside their ranks.  They would speak perverse things.  They would draw away disciples after themselves.  The focus was going to be removed from Jesus and be placed upon themselves.
We know of many people who follow these men(Wolves) and is drawn behind this special class of people who has set themselves as rulers over the others. Many of them have even come to this site spewing abuses, but unwilling to open their eyes of understanding. We pity such people and pray for their deliverance.
It is the “spirit of antichrist” which speaks, not only of anything that replaces Christ, but also who practices things which He explicitly forbade!  Christ’s likeness in a thing determines its legitimacy.  Does it reflect Him in what He has said or not?  If not, it is none of His.  It is NOT of His doing.  It is NOT of His workmanship.  It is NOT reflecting His image or His character.  And neither is it His “Church!”
Behold the anti-Christ in all his glory before men, and shame before God.


  1. The premise of this post is that all titles need to be done away with and that all men are equal.
    I agree with this – if we lived in an ideal world, where men and women could live in perfect harmony.
    Before God, all men are created equal.
    The difference will be evident at the time of judgement, where there will be two basic groups – those that will live in eternity with the Lord and those that won’t.

    However, historically and even in the Bible, through the ages, God has set “leaders” upon his people.
    You had Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – who could be called tribal leaders.
    In the post Exodus scenario, there was Moses who “led” the people out of captivity.
    He passed the baton on to Joshua.
    Further down there were judges and leaders – one prime example being Samuel, who never held any formal position, but played the role of a judge, prophet, leader and eventually a king maker.
    Saul was anointed king by divine guidance, after God agreed to the insistence of the children of Israel.

    From then Israel was ruled by several kings (good and bad).
    They further went into captivity and lived under kings and emperors.

    Fast forwarding to the new testament era, Jesus commanded Peter to “feed my sheep”.

    The job of feeding the sheep is quite nicely described in this non-TPM web page:
    (I’m not an expert on doctrine so cannot confirm that all of it is right, but it makes sense.)

    Feeding “sheep” is a pastoral duty.

    No group of individuals in this world, as we know it, can function effectively without clear leadership.
    In all political and corporate systems, families and even in recreational systems, groups of people are “led”.
    Those that lead are “chosen” (by different methods) and “ordained” with a title.

    The human psyche needs something to follow.

    Spiritually we follow the word of God, but on this earth, we are “led” by leaders.

    Now to come to our admin’s issue with TPM.

    He has a disdain for everything TPM – yet he calls himself a believer.

    For administrative purposes, our pastors and chief pastors of yore set up a structure of brothers, sisters, elders, mothers, pastors, centre pastors and eventually a triumvirate of chief pastors.

    The triumvirate of chief pastors was set up in order to ensure a smooth transition of administrative authority – so that there is always someone to guide the sheep while on this earth.

    We believe that each and every one of the individuals who held and holds that position was ordained after much prayer.

    Our late pastor Don Spiers, reluctantly took on the position of associate chief pastor.
    He remained in that position till his end, although he was fully entitled to move up the ladder on the passing of a chief pastor or deputy chief pastor.
    Another little note on him, it was only outside of the US that he was called “Pastor Don”.
    In the US, his co-workers used to call him “Brother Don”, which is what he preferred.

    Our current associate chief pastor Jayam, on the passing of pastor Wesley Peter should have moved to the role of deputy chief pastor.
    But he humbly declined and chose to remain in the 3rd place.
    It goes to show that the men who hold these positions do not hunger for or crave power.
    But, when authority is bestowed on them, they accept it with humility and grace and perform to the best of their ability.

    The persons who have held those positions never fought elections or lobbied for them (like in a lot of other churches).
    It was done so with consensus and without question.

    No individual who held the position was every measured for his length of service, educational qualifications or any other metric other than the guidance of God offered to the chief pastors after prayer and supplication.

    Some have served long, like pastor Jacob Ratnasingham who served for 14 years. Others have served very short periods, like pastor Wesley who served in the chief pastor position for only 16 months.

    The very fact that all other servants of God obey them without questioning is evidence of one of the founding principles of the church – obedience to the divine guidance of God.

    It is fine to question the methods, but such questions should be put to the ultimate authority – God Almighty.
    Alternatively, perhaps the people who question this administrative structure should pray and wait for the kingdom of God where there are no titles and all souls worship God and him only.

    Anything else is mere rebellion and pride.

    Since this site is all about quoting and following the word of God, I am reminded of Hebrews 13:17, which reads “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.”

    (I now wait for the admin, Wilfred, Durae or Sam Alangaramoney to blame pastor Alwin for this as well. It seems everything is his fault.)

    • Dear Vik Gant
      We are putting up an article on Hebrews 13:17 which is one of the most misapplied and misused verse in the Bible. Just hold on for few more days.
      The article will also be addressing the part of leadership which is twisted by our TPM Pastors beyond recognition.
      Therefore we do not want to reply to this comment of yours in detail.

  2. Mr.Vik Gant ……pls give him 2 days to this Mr.Anonymous Admin and his friends.they will sit and crack their head and they will reply you.Their only aim is throw the stones towards TPM….If any thing wrong in TPM ……Mr.ANONYMOUS ADMIN and his ally can protest with their own name like Lawer Athissyakumar.

    • Bharathi… I have all the patience in the world for this.

      Frankly, it does not matter what the anonymous “saints” of this website say or do.
      The word of God has been interpreted in thousands of different ways, so I will only take their version as merely an interpretation of a black heart.

      Had they taken the moral high ground and tried to preach the word according to the revelation that they have received, then I would have had some respect for them.

      Instead, they took the lower path in the mud by abusing and accusing men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve the Lord.

      The recipe for the site is as follows:
      1. Grab hold of an incident that seems to have taken place in Thoothukudi.
      2. Add the allegations made by some lawyer, with political connections and possibly some other ulterior motive.
      3. Blend in some video of a sermon or testimony by some crooked evangelist.
      4. Bring in the “testimony” of one disgruntled former “believer” whose only job in life seems to be to dig up old stories of a fallen servant of God from the past.
      5. Rile up some support from a few others (Wilfred, Durae, Richi, etc).
      6. Quote Bible verses like it’s going out of fashion.

      While doing all of the above, they have forgotten that
      1. India is a country of laws. It may not be perfect, but the law does take it’s course.
      2. Not all people can be fooled by merely throwing accusations.
      3. At the end of the day, the church belongs to the Almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent God who was a pillar of fire for his people, who fed Elijah, who felled the walls of Jericho and ultimately sent his ONLY begotten son to die for our sins.

      The same God will not let iniquity go unpunished.

      These guys think that they are going to be judge, jury and executioner – all in one.

      As I mentioned once before, those who speak or act against the servants of God, will suffer terrible consequences and the wrath of God will not stop with them but will go further down their generations.

      I do not wish for any harm to come to these people, but I have seen it with my own eyes.

      They can write article after article, but it will do no good for them.

      They are swallowed by their own pride, so much so that they cannot see night from day.

      They speak as if TPM is their ancestral property on which they have some sort of right.

      TPM and all churches where the word of God is preached in truth and spirit, belong to God.
      He will take care of it.
      If something is wrong, he will right it.


  3. I don’t agree with what all admin does. But there is some value in it. You would not talk this if your daughter were in the ministry mrvik gant. You would flounder like a fish out of water. Let God defend TPM, you better pray.
    People like you must have condemned martin Luther, john Wesley, John Wickliffe and general William Booth. Just imagine without these heroes we would still be in darkness.
    Dear admin please withdraw yourself once TUTICORIN issue is totally exposed. You have done enough hard work. You need a vacation.
    Let us (tpm)humble ourselves. Our heads are hanging down in shame. Our good worker sisters are in shatters.Our pride is the root cause, pride in everway.

    • Brother Nixon

      If my daughter were in the ministry, it would be a source of great joy for me.
      I imagine that she would have done that of her own free will and choice after much prayer and accepting a call from above.

      Once she is in the ministry, after being called by God to serve, what happens to her is God’s will and it is her service to endure what happens.

      Just because one man and his cohorts put up a website making claims and accusations, is not going to stop me from seeing the good.

      The admin has dedicated this site to talking about all that is BAD about TPM.

      How about for a change, he tell us what he approves of and what is GOOD about TPM?

      Surely, it is not all BAD from head to toe…..

      • The height of blindness ..I pity you VIK GANT…You are just prompting me to put some horrific testimonies that I have been receiving.

        • Brother admin

          I’m sure that you understand that the blind and masked person that I am may not believe any testimonies that you publish.

          I have a simple principle to never trust anything that is merely hearsay.

          I enquire, inquire and seek evidence that convinces me.

          There is too much sensationalism and propaganda in the world to blindly believe everything you see and hear.

          Everybody has an agenda – a public one and a private one.

          Mine is to live my life by the truths I have known.

          Everyday I learn something new.
          Sometimes new truths will demolish old ones.

          I also dont throw stones at other people.

          I’m not perfect or without sin and the Christ said “Let he that is without sin, cast the first stone”.

          If that is good enough then, then it’s good enough now.

        • Dear Vik Gant,
          No Christian throws a stone at anybody especially when it comes to matters concerning God. I understand that there are exceptions at many places but we are not those. Don’t think that one fine morning we decided to start this website. We know this work which we are doing now is neither pleasing you nor us. But do you know that when Gangrene sets in, a surgery is required for life to the sustained? We need to remove the cancerous part. And yes we understand that exactly is our call. We were pushed to this by God himself with many signs. We could not refuse it.

          OK…Now Let me give you a small part of my testimony.

          Do you know that Muslim suicide bombers and their parents believe that the death (which they call martyrdom) gives them a place in Jannat (Heaven)? They genuinely believe it and hence they justify their actions. SO every time a bomber dies killing few infidels with them, the whole community celebrates as they consider it as a blessing.
          But have you ever considered, why don’t the kids of the leaders become suicide bombers? For eg. How many kids of Bin-laden chose to be suicide bombers?
          None of the Leader’s kids become suicide bombers because they live inside the charged up atmosphere and hence know THE REAL TRUTH

          Now coming back to an incident that happened in my life. I can’t Give you any “Factual Evidence” as that is part of My history.

          I was and is even now a very spiritually inclined person. So in my early 20’s I was thinking about joining TPM as a minister. We have quite a lot of TPM Ministers in our relations. Some of them are quite well known as well. But I was particularly close to my Aunt who was a Sr Mother in one of the well known Centre Faith Home in South India. She is quite well known. Now she is no more. She loved me as her own son. So once, I asked her and said about my desire of joining TPM Ministry.Immediately her face shrunk with a question mark. After some time she said This is not the place for my Son. What she said put a big question mark on me. I don’t want to go to too much detail.

          Now take this parallel with the earlier story of the Muslim Extremist and meditate for yourself.

      • Please read Matthew 7:18
        Vik Gant…You have just seen the mask…and what you are doing is trying to cover up the wolf’s face with a sheep mask…Don’t worry as you can see so many comments of people seeing the real fellow behind the wolf mask.

  4. Brother vik gant I salute for the principle life you lead. Gossip is deadly. But you know brother in the west there is a proper infrastructure, ploicies and measures in place that would act as deterrent. And if something happens, immediately they review the current policies to make sure no such thing happens.
    Therefore country like India, it is dangerous. I came to India around the time of pastor Kanagaraj death. I heard with my own ears how Faithhome sisters are terrified. Not one or two, many. Our TPM NEEDS RESTRUCTURING.Two center pastors told me that sisters are refusing to attend common prayers in the night because they are frightened.
    But what pains me is the attitude of pastors. They scolded the sisters saying ‘hey have you not joined the ministry to die’. No sir they have joined to minister and live for christ.
    Because of this attitude (born and called to suffer) we do not have compassion and love among the ministers and believers. There is no balance. About suffering I wrote a little under another title, please read.
    Brother the ultimate sin as per any standard is murder. If that happened means what about other things. I assume you don’t have a daughter otherwise you would not have replied like that.

    • The most insane thing I saw was the callous and secretive attitude among believers of TPM by looking the other way after such a gruesome murder. It pains me to see people like Vik Gant senselessly defending the Organization even after this thing…

    • Brother Nixon,
      I appreciate your courage and openness to accept the reality. Many in this dreaded organisation don’t have it. People like you are required to change the system. If the changes happens within it is ultimate. Hope Vik Gant and others like him will realise it.



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