The Below is a testimony we received from Brother Sam Alangaramony whose parents surrendered their worldly possession to TPM and Joined the Organization (then this organization was called CPM- Ceylon Pentecostal Mission). Brother Sam is now 78 years old.

Testimony of a Faith Home Child
The Inventor of TPM Doctrine – Alwin de Alwis

The TPM Doctrine that we know today is an invention of a Hypocritical Sex maniac called Alwin de Alwis. TPM is a runaway train. The people in TPM is happy that they have thrown away the driver(Alwin) of the runaway train. They are unaware that the train is speeding away on the wrong track which Alwin placed it in. No Wonder we are faced with such a monstrous organization gobbling up innocent souls in the Name of Zion.

Testimony of Brother Sam Alangaramony below.

The confusion about the TPM Zion doctrine is because it was the personal revelation of Alwin , who was the greatest hypocrite and cunning wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was obsessed with sex but was able to cover it up with his diabolical teachings on Zion, and celibacy. He was talking about victorious living, but he himself was a slave to sex!!!

I was his valet, masseur, and servant. He used to masturbate.,
I have seen him doing it. He asked me pour water and clean it up several times in front of the Borella Faith home in Sri Lanka. I was at this time a teenager.

In the early sixties in London, he asked me to get three dead bolts,
which were installed in two rooms in two different Faith Homes. He told me that he wants to pray thru to victory because the Tamil believers are creating trouble in Sri Lanka. Instead of praying, he was ‘sanctifying’ sisters. One morning I asked a sister, why she was sad, and crying. Her eyes were bloodshot. That night he put her thru, hell trying to ‘sanctifying’ her. Pastor S.B Ernest told me that several sisters thought that this was normal, and were wondering why he did not “sanctify’ them.

His revelations were never challenged by the other Pastors, except for Pastor Freddy Paul, who was banished to the USA.

Alwin, flew around the world while innocent children in the Faith school were starving, in Sri Lanka, He beat the daylights out of us kids. I was his blue-eyed boy. He never beat me, while he kicked some of my friends, for combing their hair and had a small curl. He grabbed a teenage girl by her hair and threw her to the ground, for writing a love letter to a boy.

He brought young and beautiful sisters from India, put them in the Mattakuliya Faith home in Sri Lanka. He used to visit this faith home,
made them confess their sins to him on the pretext of total victory.
While confessing, he wanted details.

I will not go further any more today. If you want more dirty stuff about him just ask. It will make you angry, and you might even throw up!!!!!

As a teenager, I had my doubts about him. I just can’t imagine how AC Thomas, C John, and Thanbirajh covered up for Alwin and controlled people’s minds. These guys were power hungry cowards.

Alwin used to teach that the Tabernacle was a true symbol of New earth, Jerusalem, and Zion. Well, friends, the veil is rent and we all have access to Zion!!! Celibate or not.

I believe , like Paul , Ye have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living god———–Heb 12:22


  1. I was wondering when the admin would find brother Alangaramony and get him to speak out.

    Brother Alangaramony has been posting against TPM since quite a while.
    I first came across his name and comments on a blog post by another sister who left the faith.
    She had her reasons and may God bless her.

    Sam Alan, the online moniker he goes by, continues to speak ill of the church he left years ago.

    He claims that because he lived and grew up in the faith home, he is a “true” witness to all that he claims happened.

    All I know about this gentleman is that he lives what seems to be a comfortable life in Canada and definitely follows a different doctrine.

    God bless you brother Sam. I sincerely pray that He does.

    It is without doubt that in the days of Pastor Alwin, some disturbing things did happen.
    That matter was settled by the leaders at the time and to my knowledge Pastor Alwin left the ministry and went his way.

    This site is hosted by a bunch of people who seem to have a problem with
    1. TPM minsters not marrying.
    2. TPM’s doctrine about Zion and New Jerusalem.
    3. TPM’s handling of money.
    4. TPM’s purported cover up of “murder” and other illicit behaviour.

    If you don’t like what you see and hear, then you have a very clear choice.

    Follow in the footsteps of Bro Sam Alan and others – LEAVE!

    Otherwise, voice your opinion openly and fearlessly.
    You claim to worship God and have knowledge of the “right” doctrine.

    What are you afraid of?
    Is YOUR god too small to protect you from anything in this world that might “harm” you if you come out in the open in protest?

    I’m sure that nobody in their right mind is interested in taking the trouble of coming down to Thoothukudi to deal with you.

    • Dear Vik Gant,
      You said

      This site is hosted by a bunch of people who seem to have a problem with
      1. TPM minsters not marrying.
      2. TPM’s doctrine about Zion and New Jerusalem.
      3. TPM’s handling of money.
      4. TPM’s purported cover up of “murder” and other illicit behaviour.

      Our Answers
      Yes, We have problems with all the above and many other issues which will come in due course. We will highlight the heretic teachings of TPM to all TPM Folks. If a speeding train is coming towards you, it is the sincerity of a bystander to shout at you to move out of the way. The Bystander has done his job. But people like you who enjoy playing with their lives will continue to do what you are doing. We will continue to do whatever we are doing in the light of the scriptures. We know that you are deluded so we can just feel sympathy for you.
      “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie” 2 Thessalonians 2:11

      You Said

      If you don’t like what you see and hear, then you have a very clear choice.

      Follow in the footsteps of Bro Sam Alan and others – LEAVE!

      Otherwise, voice your opinion openly and fearlessly.
      You claim to worship God and have knowledge of the “right” doctrine.

      What are you afraid of?
      Is YOUR god too small to protect you from anything in this world that might “harm” you if you come out in the open in protest?
      I’m sure that nobody in their right mind is interested in taking the trouble of coming down to Thoothukudi to deal with you.

      Our Answer

      openly and fearlessly??

      What More Open environment can you get than the INTERNET? Aren’t we open enough? Is not it TPM who are secretive of their activities? Think child.
      Our articles are hitting your doctrines right where it matters. What makes you think we are fearful? Aren’t we presenting our case strongly enough?
      Do you even know what you are telling?

      In case you are are telling about our identities not being revealed, it is a strategic move which gives us the insight into TPM which an outsider will never get.
      Moreover, as we have said it earlier we will disclose our identities once TPM Does that. Why don’t you have the spine to ask your TPM Leaders to do that? They are the ones who are fearful and afraid. Not us.

    • Hey Vick,

      If you cant take the heat , get out of the kitchen.!!!!!!!!!!!

      You sound like the man who said ‘Don’t disturb me with facts, because I have already made up my mind.’

      Regardless, you are not beyond redemption!

      Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free indeed.!!!!!!

      The man who refuses to see is worse than a blind man. Are you a TPM Pastor? God bless you anyway.

      • Vik Gant is a classic case for a deaf adder who does not understand anything. He can keep spewing his venom but if you noted, he does not have even 1 real argument points..This is how TPM destroys their folks. They lose their common sense. I pity him.

    • This is a free country. Just yesterday there was a huge circular from the Chief pastor read in a Bangalore faith home. It sounded like a circular read in communist Russia. The circular actually said that those who post ANY INFORMATION of TPM online must be ratted out by other believers by going behind their backs and informing it to the pastors. It is sickening the atmosphere that TPM has built. So yes the admin has EVERY right to not reveal his identity and so do I. I will do all that it takes to expose the false doctrines of TPM online by any means necessary.

    • andrew paul sinnethamby
      eupener strasse 20
      22049 hamburg
      skype code
      tel 049 – 040 – 36 19 55 47
      Dear Richard,
      i am a sri lanken living inhamburg for the past 43 years, my parents were members of the pentecostal mission in borella,
      i was a small boy, remember pastor freddy, alwin and their sister frida de alwis
      they prayed for us. ceartinly i am not intrested in the intrigue happenings at the penecostal mission in sri lanka, i only knew about the breaking of the mission some where around in the 60s in two branches.
      my auntie diana de alwis lived in the penecostal mission at the irrawady road, singapore as i had corrospondence with her last in 1975. due to my education in germany i lost contact.
      i have been trying to find information about auntie diana and my cousin james (jimmy)de alwis, he was a pilot at the royal air force in england, and lost all spures of him, i hope he is alive as he was about 45 years elder to me, i am now 72.
      i take this oppurtinity writing, as i am intrested in knowing something about them, and making contact.
      hope you could contact the pentcostal mission ,irrawady road singapore.
      nice to contact you
      hope you can help, it would be wonderful
      god bless

  2. Mr.Anonymous Admin you can also do this ministry in your own name like bro.Alangaramony.why you are afraid?….if you have any threaten is there you can also have legal ways and you can say openly.

      • I belong to tpm bro . I really appreciate and welcome you when I read the above post. Some times I feel the same in many things in the ministry I was a faith home boy for 1 year and driving car in f.h in Avadi adayar center.
        Help me understand about the real doctrine and objective of tpm and all its history and above all pastors and their character history if possible.
        I want to be in touch with you . Don’t worry I am open to truth and reality stuff.
        pH no- +91-**********
        Let’s share few words bro.

    • I am missing a point here. Why is it so important to reveal admin’s identity rather than tackling the serious issues that are highlighted here. We are not afraid when we speak abt other doctrine or denomination. Core aim is to stand for the truth i believe and hide it. I having nothing against anyone here but just like what admin said why cheat the poor and sincere soul. Kindly attend to the issue said rather who said it. We can ignore if the said point does not exist but clear over the trail of conversation i read here i notice the issue is clearly exist. My dear fellow brothers and sister do not comment if you are not concern for the sincere soul instead more worried for the wrongly conducted teaching.

      • Lyna

        When accusations are leveled against someone, the laws of most countries allow the accused to face his or her accuser as well as witnesses.

        Since we are not in a court of law, but the court of God, I am not worried because while the admin can hide here on earth from us, the all knowing God Almighty knows who he is.

        This would have been fine if he was doing directly and one-on-one with his target.

        But, since he is trying to distort the truth and sway the beliefs of others with his propaganda, it is important to know who he is.

        Another reason why it’s important to know who his identity is to gauge his true motives for doing so.

        From what I can gather, he has faced some resistance from his local pastor or brother, who have “rubbed him the wrong way” for his views on the doctrine.

        I also gather that since he is so vehement in his quest to defame TPM, he has been excommunicated or asked to stay away from the fellowship.

        Excommunication is not a simple matter or a decision taken lightly.
        He must have said or done something that is considered grave in the sight of the centre pastor of his area.

        I ask you if you will blindly believe a faceless and nameless person on the internet who offers no hard evidence but just quotes scripture and proposes his own version of a doctrine because he doesn’t agree with that of TPM.

        It’s just like some stranger walking up to you on the street and telling you that your boss at work is a murderer because he happens to live in the same building.

        • Hello Vic Gant,

          Your following statement is logically flawed.

          “I also gather that since he is so vehement in his quest to defame TPM, he has been excommunicated or asked to stay away from the fellowship.”

          This is called ad hominem. Ad hominen is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

          Example: A convicted drunk driver is serving a prison sentence for killing 10 people in an accident. The convicted drunk driver does not have the moral authority to speak against drunk driving.

          What is wrong with that logic? Even though the drunk driver is not an example to follow his speech against drunk driving is still valid and true regardless of what he did in the past.

          You need to refine your critical thinking skills because such statements only make you lose intellectual credibility.


          Dr. Thomas Wright

      • Exactly! To be honest, admin is not doing a great job either in trying to justify themselves to a bunch of closed minded lunatics on why they don’t wanna reveal their identity!

  3. Q. Who is the true apostle?
    A. TPM ministers call themselves the apostles.In II Corinithians apostle Paul clearly spoke about the mark of an apostle.”the things that mark an apostle-signs,wonders and miracles were done among you with great perseverance.” Like the church of Ephesus, please check whether the so called apostles of TPM have these qualities?

  4. Dear Admin
    You have started adding the unclean things of the private lives of some fallen individuals.
    Just because Pastor Alwyn did some unclean things, that doesnt mean the whole of TPM is unclean. Even David did worse things than this. HE committed adultery and killed also. Nevertheless he was a man after the heart of God. TPM has servants of God who stand for truth and who do an unspotted life. Keep barking at us with all your might. As a sun TPM will shine more and more though there are some black spots (as black spots in the sun also).
    If you dig at the private lives of any individual including you and your family sure you may stumble upon a few unclean things. Will you post your family’s private things over here ?
    Jesus said he who doesn’t have any sin let him cast the first stone. If you haven’t done any sin at all in all your life, then you can cast a stone.Otherwise you are like the pharisees showing that you are above the law whereas no one knows about your private life.

    Everyone knows Pastor Alwyin fell from grace and he was immediately banished. There’s no reason to gloat over a banished individual’s failures.

    Who is this Sam Alangaramony? Who knows anything about him? What credentials he has to prove the things he alleges. I also can assume an alias and say whatever I wish about any organization or individual. That doesn’t mean all what I say about the organization or the individual is wrong.

    May God save you from this evil obsession of hatred and revenge

    • Brother,
      You need to come out of the delusion you are in. Before commenting just think over if you are getting carried away by emotions or not. From what I see, you are a highly emotional person and does things at the spur of the moment.
      Now coming back to Alwin.

      1. Alwin was never even a spiritual person to start with. He was Devil’s advocate that somehow got associated with Pastor Paul. Just the same way Judas got associated with Jesus. He was not even a Saved Person. So he FALLING AWAY is not even a consideration.
      2. The Bible clearly tells you of the wickedness of Judas. Do you know why it had to record his wickedness? Think over. The same reason holds good for this site.
      3. Do you know that all exclusivist doctrine of TPM that you hold dear are the invention of that fellow called Alwin? None of these Exclusivist doctrines were the input of Pastor Paul.
      4. Why do you want to hold dear to the doctrine which was planted by Satan himself through Alwin? Do you know that you are also swayed by Satan to continue with this Doctrine?
      5. Till people do not know the wickedness of this Satan Influenced Person, how will they be convinced that the Doctrine propagated by him has to be Evil?
      6. Do you know that out of an Evil Tree comes forth Evil Fruit only. Never a Good Fruit. You cannot suppress the Evil Nature of Alwin and Tell that His fruit(The TPM Doctrine) is Good.
      Matthew 7:18-19 “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”
      Do not live under the Delusion that Alwin is Bad but his Fruit is Good

      Now coming back to a term that many TPM Pastors and believers use without an iota of what it means.
      TPM Folks thinks that if someone leaves their group then that person is “FALLEN FROM GRACE

      But what does the Bible say? According to the Bible, Most of TPM Ministers and Believers are already Fallen From Grace.

      Galatians 5:4 “You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace.
      As you are a veteran TPM guy you should be knowing that the Entire TPM edifice stands on the formula of Trying to be justified by the Law (Both Man Made and also Old Testament ordinance applicable only for Jewish Nation)
      Whenever the TPM Pastors want to prove a point so that the Folks follow them, they will immediately go to some portion of the Old Testament. Twist it for their situation, and get that implemented in the Gentile Church.
      Moreover, they have all these mundane laws like Forced Wearing of White Dress, Monetary Tithing, Mandatory attendance for all meetings, Clergy System (Doctrine of Nicolaitans), excommunicating people for unbiblical reasons etc.
      Clearly shows that they are “FALLEN FROM GRACE” Already

    • Thomas, it is really pathetic that your visibility is not perfect. You know pastor Paul became father twice after the formation of CPM. His children Harry and Dora were born in faith homes. Then who brought this celibacy doctrine? It is none other than Alwin, the TPM sexual predator.

      • Dear Franklin
        The doctrine of celibacy is not from TPM nor from pastor Alwyn.
        Go and read the Bible for yourself. You will know celibacy is required.
        MAT 19:12
        For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.
        There are some who live as eunuchs for God’s kingdom. He who is able to receive it let him. If you cannot receive it no one is forcing you.

        2 Timothy 2:22
        “Flee also youthful lusts:
        Had Timothy been married, it was not necessary for St Paul to write this.
        IS 56:4,5
        For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant;
        Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.

        I SAMUEL 21:15
        1 Samuel 21:5
        “And David answered the priest, and said unto him, Of a truth women have been kept from us about these three days, since I came out, and the vessels of the young men are holy, and the bread is in a manner common, yea, though it were sanctified this day in the vessel.”

        Exodus 19:15
        “And he said unto the people, Be ready against the third day: come not at your wives.”

        This was the requirement in OT for the normal people to abstain from sexual relations for at least three days .
        The OT tells about Elijah, Elisha, and so many other men of God who were celibate.
        Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, Timothy were all unmarried.

        Mat 19:27, 28
        Then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore?
        28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

        Here Jesus is approving the saying that Peter has forsaken ALL. In other places whenever Peter tells anything wrong, we see him being reproved by Jesus.
        But here he is not reproved.

        Do not be blind to the truth. Celibacy is a requirement for ministers of God.
        If you see in the NEWS, the news is replete wih so many examples of married pastors committing adultery and all sexual perversions.
        Married or unmarried, it is individuals who fall into sin.
        Because some tpm pastors have committed sin , that cannot change the truth.
        God’s word is unchanging and His truths are infalliable.
        You open your eyes to see the demands of a holy God.
        He doesn’t expect everyone to be celibate. Because He is the one Who ordained the institution of marriage. But He expects, those who want to serve HIm to leave their earthly attachments and serve Him

        • Dear Thomas,
          Why did you conveniently ignored my comments about Pastor Paul. You mean Pr Paul is a fool and lack scriptural understanding. You give me an answer for the above question, then I will tell you what is MAT 19:12.
          2 Timothy 2:22 I can only sympathise with your scriptural understanding.
          Can you tell me how many disciples of Jesus were unmarried? You mean Jesus also was a fool like Pr Paul.
          Brother, Charley Chaplain became a father at the age of 84. Don’t forget it. This is self explanatory for your arguments. May GOD bless you.

        • Time and again you are ignoring the Bible Franklin. You mentioned about Pr Paul. I don’t base my beliefs on Pr Paul or any other church organization. If Pr Paul was married, let him be. That cannot change the word of God. Jesus said, there are some who make themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of God. There hangs the whole substance. Even if all TPM servants of God marry, that cannot alter the words of Jesus. Peter tells Jesus we have forsaken all in that same chapter when Jesus was talking about marriage, divorce and riches- which saying Jesus also approved.
          In my comments I never mention that what I write is TPM doctrine and neither it is though they have based their church on this doctrine. I wonder why you pull in Pastor Paul or any other pastor into this argument. May be you want to divert from the topic.
          Read Exodus 19:15, I Sam 21:15 for yourself and rethink about celibacy for those who want to serve God. Come out of your narrow mindedness of just finding fault with TPM.

        • Thomas, explain 1 Timothy 3:1-10

          If your argument is true you mean JESUS was a hypocrite like your carnal saints. Jesus was not knowing it at the time of selection of his disciples. Don’t twist the bible according to your convenience.

          Thomas, You need to understand that there is no Clergy in Christian Church like the “TPM Servant of God” . Clergy system is a Roman Pagan custom which has been brought into Christianity. TPM is nothing other than a harlot religion the daughter of Babylon the great. Revelation 17:5 “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS…”

          Therefore when there is no special clergy as per the bible, you do not push the doctrine of Eunuch as in Matthew 19:12 for a Clergy. It simply means that some people has the gift of remaining unmarried for Gospel related activities. It does not speak of the eunuch being superior to the married. All of the 12 disciples of Jesus were married and they continued to be married till the very end. Only Paul and Barnabas was unmarried/widowed/divorced Whatever it is.

          1 Cor 9:5 “Don’t we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord’s brother and Cephas?”.
          It’s a wicked teaching to assume that Cephas(Peter) left his wife. If you have been married, it is expected for you to continue with the wife till “Death Do us Part”.

          TPM Separates Married couple against the Divine edict of Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
          This is a gross disrespect to God’s Plan. God will punish TPM Pastors for separating Married couples in the name of the Religion. Even God Does not break his own Laws. But TPM Pastors Break God’s Laws in the name of this Cult Religion. Genesis 2:18 “The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

          Paul telling to Timothy to Flee Youthful lust is not only applicable for unmarried, it is applicable for Married as well.. I think I need not go deep in making you understand this point.

          Now Staying without sex is part of a decision by some people because of the laws of uncleanness in the Old Testament. Those ordinances are no more applicable to us in the New Testament. There are only very few OT Ordinances applicable in the New Testament.
          Acts 15:20 “Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood.”


        • Hello Thomas,

          Celibacy is not for married couples. Married couples that come into the TPM ministry in the past have separated and “consecrated” their marriage. This is not a Biblical practice and the Word of God warns us not to do that. TPM in the United States takes in married couples and this erroneous doctrine forces married men to live in temptation for the rest of their lives and ministry.

          3 The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband.
          4 For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.
          5 Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. I Corithians 7:3-5

    • Thomas, I advice to you (as a true Christian) not to hate anyone but pray for them just as others would be praying for you too.
      What I see here is hatred no love at all. There has to be sadness along with righteous anger. Some may even prefer to see those voicing their thoughts, opinions, experiences, views, grievances and concerns banished or even burnt at stake. That is sad indeed.
      With Christianity being under heavy attack and seeing so many being killed around the world for bearing the “tag” of Christians , it is not the case here.
      It is right that people are given the opportunity to voice their opinions that right that another has the opportunity to defend too.
      Jesus did not get a fair trial did he? But, he sure did tell Pontius Pilate what he thought of him.

  5. Mr.Thomas…….TPM belivers have a poor visiblity not like others who all are have broad visiblity but they all are against ONLY THE TPM…..but we ll ask them about good church with Better doctrine with the broad visiblity… they can’t tell us.they always research Pas.Alwin and his ancesters history.if they affected by pas.Alwin or other Tpm servants why they didn’t take any legal action against them or mission on that particular time.even they can’t prove also they can take actions openly and bravely or protest against them.but they will not do anything by legally or openly…because they are also followers of Pas.Alwin only.

  6. Bro Sam, This is Shaji. Today while I was talking with one TPM die-hard said “tailor Chacko” used to share the mat with Pr Alwin. Tailor Chacko told him Pr Alwin was trapped by somebody in France with ladies. Is it true? Do you know this tailor Chacko please.

  7. This is a big lie. Nobody trapped him. They were scared to death by Alwin.
    Who is this tailor Chacko. Does he know me? How old is he?

    • Interesting.

      So, now we have a witness who seems to suggest that the stories about pastor Alwin may not be exactly as reported (tailor Chacko).

      This seems to be in contradiction to that of Sam Alangramoney and sister Sosamma Thomas.

      Questions are:
      1. Who do you believe? Sadly tailor Chacko seems to have passed away. But he related his story to someone before he died. Do we discard his story?

      2. Does it matter? These things happened before most of us here were born. Except for Sam Alangaramoney and sister Sosamma and her husband.

      How does discussing the misdeeds of pastor Alwin help with our spiritual growth?

      The admin would have us believe that because of pastor Alwin’s fall from grace and his misdeeds, we must discard all his work.

      I am sure that if this was the correct logic and wisdom, then it would have occurred to subsequent leaders.

      I’m sure Judas did a lot of good work for Jesus, when he was a faithful disciple, before he betrayed him.
      But then, his role as a betrayer was pre-destined, was it not?

      Perhaps, God, in his great wisdom, wanted there to be a Judas in TPM in the early days.
      We will never know.

      Ofcourse I dont expect brother admin to every accept my argument or suggestion as it is in direct opposition to the position he has taken.

      I do not expect him to stop questioning doctrines either.
      I always say that if you have doubt, ask the preacher.
      If you are not convinced, ask God.

      • Hey, Vik Gant..I will expect Sam Alangaramony to answer this…But as you referred to me in the last part..Let me chip in.
        You have been fooled to think these are the 2 options.
        1. I always say that if you have doubt, ask the preacher.
        2. If you are not convinced, ask God.

        Option 1 is your doctrine…For me, option 1 does not even exist. Read Acts 17:11. The Berean Christians did not give Paul an Option.OK?

        The Real Option 1 is in 1 John 2:26-27.

        Yes but the real Option 1 is only for the anointed people, NOT for SPIRITUAL SLAVES.

      • Vik Gant, Do you know that Tailor Chacko was Kicked out mercilessly out of TPM/CPM.
        Do you know Why was he (tailor Chacko) kicked out of CPM ?

  8. Hi you all. It is very interesting to read these comments. My husband was raised in the then CPM faith home in Sri Lanka and was tortured by several so called pastors including the monster Alwin. He still has nightmares about his childhood days in the Nawinna CPM School. All the false doctrines of TPM are carved out of the pits of Hell by Alwin and his cohorts in succession. The children were not able to do anything because they were under the bondage and tyranny. If any one needs any additional information about this cult and my husband’s experience of molestation by TPM workers, I will be glad to furnish you.

    • Sister Sosamma.
      I am very glad to hear from your husband, since your husband experienced the reality you know the truth. Do you know this brother Sam Alangaramony. Looking forward to hear more from you and your husband. Please let people like us who come to this site know more about the ordeals.

  9. Shaji,

    Sosamma’s husband Thomas Abraham was in the same school.

    His story will break your heart. Thomas has been a AOG Pastor.
    Just recently retired and lives in Houston Texas.

    • Sir,
      Once again it is being proved beyond doubt that this site is the work of God to emancipate the bonded TPM innocents, Thank you sir for your information. God is bringing another of your childhood friend who had the same experience like you.
      Madam Sosamma please bring the ordeals of your husband to the entire world so that theses Alwin followers will think for a moment. That itself is a great work of God.
      Admin hats off to you. May God bless your abundantly.

  10. I wish to make a few comments about separation of families.
    This was one important requirement of Alwin. My father was totally
    brainwashed by Alwinism. My father used to tell me that Alwin was the only saint in the world, at least one her was the very few.

    My mother was separated from her children, and husband. This happened when my mom was in her late twenties. She lost her mind always worrying for her children. Eventually she was sent home to kerala. She lived all alone for forty years. WE had to put her in a nursing home and she passed away. TPM conducted her funeral, but never offered us a penny, with her funeral expences. I
    feel TPM should have taken total responsibility,

    I have an older brother. He was a beautiful child, and grew up into a extreemly handsome young man. Pastor Alwin used to tell him,
    ‘Peter I was also handsome like you when I was young, but I was a terror to the girls’ I just don’t know what he meant. Maybe they were scared of the sex maniac!!

    My mother’s testimony: ‘ I have committed sin only with Pastor Alangaramonney.’ Her husband and our father.

    Alwin had a degenerate, and twisted my mind, because gave heed to seducing spirits.

    1 Tim 4:1 Now the spirit speaketh expressively, that in the last days,some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron!!

    Only a man who has no conscience, can fly around the world, when innocent children were starving.

    I shall return to defend the truth and expose Alwinism. I am not for the collapse of TPM
    If it did, where would the innocent and poor, brothers and sisters go for their food and shelter???? These captives have to be set free.

    The truth will set you free!!!!

    I tell you guys managing this website, Like Churchill said, NEVER. never, never give up. You are the defenders of the faith. At 78, my time is limited. I promise to do my best.

    I shall return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Marriage is the First institution that was established by God. And who would want to destroy this institution of Marriage established by God other than Satan?
      Yes, it is conclusively proved that TPM is a satanic tool. But alas blind people do not see even though they have eyes. We have this VIK GANT here who is blinded as your Dad was blinded towards Alwin. God Bless him with Vision.

  11. Hey all, I just want to say there is no one right in this world only God is right, and who are we to judge eachother we should have a unity and happiness that we are all brother in Christ, let’s not judge each other but fast and pray for eachother! I saw the things which you guys have said and some things can be true and I agree with them but feww things i want to say is about Divine healing, firstly we should be perfect in faith then only we will be able to be caught up in the coming for the lord soo faith involves trusting God whole heartedly not doubting him bible clearly says “by his Stripes we are HEALED” it doesnt say yes we are HEALED by his Stripes but we must take medication for it work! Secondly about sisters getting tortured Im sorry but I disagree with that because they chose to serve the lord and they also have a choice to leave. And yes they will be some seniors sister will have pride and will show arrogance but remember God loves us and surely if that senior sister is rude or not doing the will of god he is there to solve it! Thirdly the reason we don’t have internet ministry is because the internet is not controlled by us in details you can research about it (internet came from) another reason we don’t have internet ministry is cause someone downloads tpm messages and edits them and picture too so yea there has be some inappropriate stuff which was post by strangers about ours messages and pics of servants of god which were soo vulgur. I have stayed in faithomes and I have seen there struggle and it is very tough there were times I thought how could someone leave there own parents and serve the lord I really respect them for what they are doing. And yes there are many who fell into the hands of the enemy and sinned im not saying there isn’t but I cant say anything against them yes it’s wrong but I can’t judge because im not right. Im sorry if I have wasted your time, but I just wanted u guys to know this that our God is good he is faithful as we have called up on him he is surely faithful to finish the work he has started let’s be one body of Christ and spread his word across not about each others. May my lord bless you all out of zion.

    • Brother,
      You have given a long sermon…But Why are you not able to substantiate it with the scriptures? This is exactly the problem with the TPM Organization. For them the sayings and traditions of their white clad clergy is more important than the Scriptures.
      BY His stripes Ye were healed is a Misapply of CONTEXT as is done by TPM all over. Please check back the context both in Isaiah and Peter. Both places it is mentioning about SIN and not Physical Sicknesses.

      You seem to be going great lengths to defend the Faith Home inmates and Their Lives. But have you even considered that the present Faith Home setup is biblical/un-biblical? Can you show me the present Faith home style living in the Bible?
      As far as the struggles of the people in Faith Home are concerned, that is brought about by themselves and please do not make it sound as spiritual. Its the same case of compatibility struggle which a daughter-in-Law has with her mother-in-law. OR it is the same type of struggle which people having extra-marital affairs undergo. This is the byproduct of non-spiritual environment setup of TPM. God is not involved in the unspiritual unbiblical way of TPM. Period.

      The Faith Home Inmates are NOT SERVING THE LORD. They are Serving a Man Made Organization. Please get out of that Delusion that they are Serving the Lord

    • Dear brother Kevin,
      You are defending the TPM faith homes inmates with tooth and nail. Well, it is your prerogative. Have you ever thought of the life they are living? Mumbai center pastor needs goat brain in every menu. I don’t have any issue with it, again it is his prerogative. Then they should not say that we have left everything for you, that is emotional black mail.

      They are leading the most cosy life among all christian missionaries.
      As far as “God will do” slogan is concerned, can you explain it from bible the number of incidence where God directly did? God is working through you and me brother. That doesn’t mean that God can’t do. So please avoid such slogan and follow bible completely without any tpm lens. Then you will understand the reality. No pastor can take anyone to heaven, except CHIEF PASTOR JESUS (not tpm name sake).


    • Kevin, the point is TPM style “faith homes” are unbiblical. None of the early apostles lived that way (unmarried men and women living together).

      Jesus did not die on the cross for our sickness. He died for our sins. There are absolutely no verses in scripture that connects physical healing with the cross. Of course he heals. But he does so because he is a compassionate Father and so that HIS name may be glorified.

    • There is too much glorification in sufferings which God didn’t bring about,in the first place.

      Even the Sages of Himalayas/Tibet and other far east land has better consecration than TPM.

      If there is something we need to do, is rejoice in the free gift of grace and salvation and shout for joy…. if you are not willing, you will look for performance of fleshly works.

      What shall we say then? That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith.

      But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness, hath not attained to the law of righteousness.

      Wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For they stumbled at that stumblingstone;

    • Kevin
      Your sincere comments need to be taken in that context and in that context alone that I respond.
      Some of the treatment that is meted out to brothers and sisters in the Faith Homes is deplorable. Little is taken in to account that they are human beings and need to be treated as one. Tradition (unfortunately) dictates that they are treated as slaves/servants (like in the dark ages) as we would not ill treat and will show some respect as we are more educated now.
      Breaking ones mind – is inherent in TPM as is the case with the RC, JW, Mormons churches… Sad to say love of Christ is not easily seen.

  12. What to do now ??? just think !!!!
    TPM is registered as per Indian Charitable Trust Act, as I believe.
    As per this, there should be an elected governing body, a proper account for income and expenses and an audited financial statement to be submitted to the government authorities. A clear and clean account for charity work being conducted by the TPM. One can approach court to see whether TPM is doing this or not.
    In my opinion it is too late, someone should show the courage to tell the top brass pastors, this will be initiated if they are nor running the TPM as per govt of India rules.

    • Yes, Joy PK. What to do?

      Question is “Who will do it?”

      Most “believers” are apathetic or caught up in the idolisation of individuals.
      Thats why most of the wrong doings in the churches do not get reported or acted upon.

      Most “believers” are too cowardly to speak up.
      It’s call self preservation.
      They worry about being ostracised and cut off from the only social fabric that they know of.

      They worry about “how will i get my kids married?” or “who will pray for my job?”.

      There is little faith in God and lots of faith in men – the opposite of Psalms 118:8.

      If anybody does speak up, not a single other person will support him or her.
      The attitude is “why should I put my head in the lions mouth?”

      So, as long as this cowardice prevails, so will such activities.

      I have defended TPM’s ministry as it originally stood.
      But I no longer believe that the men and women who serve today are standing for the same principles that it was set up on.

      This is the end, my friends.

      Unless groups of people everywhere rise up and demand change and action.

      But that is not going to happen.

      Most people I have spoken to only whisper in privacy.
      They will not speak out in the open.

      Fear and ignorance are the weapon by which the wrong doers control the congregations.

      Such a shame!

      • I completely agree with Vik. People should start voicing their opinions against the black deeds of white washed sepulchers. If groups of men rise in every FH (atleast in major centres if not at all) then they will feel the heat. If people don’t have courage let them go together with group of 5-6 believers atleast, and be prepared to answer scripturally to their age old threat shibboleths of fear mongering.

      • All the assets of TPM are the contribution from the blood and sweat of poor believers and the pastors have no right to claim. Thus it is high time the believers should come up and question this false teachers.

  13. Dear Vik Gant,
    I am 100% agree with you and also am extremely grateful to GOD for the changes brought by HIM in you, brother.
    In TPM everybody knows that there is no public platform to express their grievances, anguish, doubts and all. Most of their doctrines are uncriptural. If anybody questions them, then other believers will start pointing their fingers at him. Flowing with the stream.

    Acts 15 very clearly teach the need of discussion and debate.

    Acts 15:2, “This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them. So Paul and Barnabas were appointed, along with some other believers, to go up to Jerusalem to see the apostles and elders about this question.”

    Acts 15:6-7, “6 The apostles and elders met to consider this question. 7 After much discussion, Peter got up and addressed them: ————-”

    Here we can see Paul, Barnabas, Apostles, Elders are discussing the with Pharisees about the LAW regarding the circumcision. There we can see, it was not a casual talk but a heated arguments. Finally they have reached a conclusion. This should be the practice of a GOD fearing church. TPM never encourage any discussion, debate or asking doubts because once it is started they know their very foundation will collapse. They want to keep everybody under their bondage.
    So, do you think this is a church controlled and led by Holy Spirit? No, never. It is controlled by white clad day time audacious human beings called saints.

    2 Corinthians 11:13-14, “13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

  14. Oh what an aweful lot of truths are imbeded in this site!As I dig into these as many EPISODES as possible so much of this miry clay of this CULT comes out. Now I must apportion in my daily schedules a little more amount of time for this blessed site.
    Let all Kevins,Vic Gants,Chris,sThomas s, Richards(another) know one fact the Bible-
    James 5:20….”Let him know,that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death ,and shall hide a multitude of sins.
    This is what exactly yeoman service being done by ADMIN and his TEAM all these 3 years and mind you the LORD has been protecting this site ever since. We are so much indebted to ADMIN for bringing these facts into light.

  15. @Sam Alan

    Hi Sam uncle, are you the one who did interpretation in TL osborn meeting in Madurai,1961 ??

    Was that meeting supported by then CPM?

    • @ Slyvia Florence
      I assume that you are referring to the video in the following link:

      That meeting had nothing to do with CPM (now TPM). That meeting of TL Osborn in Madurai,1961 was conducted under the aegis of Lutheran Mission. Coincidentally the preacher was wearing an attire that was similar to TPM (India) attire and some TPM thugs have posted that as a TPM convention video. TPM clergy and laity behave like thugs to prove themselves great. Glaring examples are:
      1. TPM renowned chief pastor TU Thomas act of plagiarism.
      2. Their Dispensation doctrine from Schofield
      3. Their rules pulled out from Roman Catholic code of Cannon law’s
      4. Their monastic lifestyle is a copy of Sri Lankan Buddhist life style.

  16. @Liberated, thanking you for the video of the evangelistic meeting held in 1961. While watching it, I truly felt the presence & the love, mercy of Lord Jesus Christ for the multitude that came to Him to be healed. I also experienced that this was how He Himself must have seen & felt for the multitude 2000 years ago when He was on earth. It was like watching how Jesus Himself was doing his Healing ministry among the people in his earthly days. This kind of true genuine ministry held in those days are all gone now today. What we see today is clergies fighting for no.1 positions, competitions for seniority roles, no true love for people & worst of all, soliciting money & tithes to build their own kingdoms! What a mockery of the Body of Christ. This meeting in 1961 surely would not have been tpm organization as they were already fallen away while Alwin De Alwis was chief wolf back then.

    • @Christ my Savior
      Well said !
      But the sad part is the new gen of TPM thinks assumes that the divine working of God was one of their own making. Usurping the work of God as their own !

  17. Threads about TPM are very long. Rachel Chitra wrote a blog about one and half decades ago on TPM and TPMites started reacting and it was back and forth running to thousands of pages. It gets tiresome.

    I am a TPM child from Madras. My parents married in CPM in 1972 (I was born in 1974) and I thought TPM was christianity. I was in that state for the next 20 years. Later on I left TPM when I started to analyse TPM teachings with Scripture and found it wanting and erroneous.

    Many churches are bad but TPM is sadly the worst. May the Lord open your eyes.



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