suspects-1The Pentecostal Mission(TPM) has finally relented. It is not because of their own conviction but the pressure applied was so intense that they had nowhere to go. When the 500 and 1000 currency denominations were invalidated, it became the Great wall of China for them.  TPM have now agreed to the fact that people within them are the ones involved in the Killing and they are willing to let go of them. However, they fear that if arrests are made, many skeletons will tumble out of the closet as the accused would want to increase their numbers. The accused may point to different conspiracies which may be harmful to the organization as a whole.

We are expecting few arrests to be made very soon. We also understand that legalities may take long. However, we are not discouraged.

Some Issues that need to be addressed immediately

This is not the first murder that has happened in TPM. We at know that there are quite a lot of suspected poisoning deaths that have happened in TPM. But they have mastered the art of burying the dead in a hurry. Moreover, they immediately shift the dead body in the mobile mortuary  to avoid close inspections. We appeal to all concerned TPM Believers to get an inspection done on all TPM Ministers’ dead bodies by independent doctors.

People need to understand that ALL TPM Ministers are not Saints. In fact, a few of them are very dangerous folks. Apart from these crooks, we also understand that a huge number of TPM Ministers are burning with Sexual desires and when it gets to a tipping point, they get carried away. However, we do not condemn these folks because they are forced into a Celibate life by the allurement of some heavenly reward which is not at all biblical.

It’s Prophetical that These kinds of Hypocrites will come in the Last Days.

1 Timothy 4:2-3

“influenced by the HYPOCRICY of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron. They will prohibit marriage and require abstinence from certain foods that God has created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.”

IT IS HYPOCRISY TO TELL THAT YOU ARE CALLED TO BE AN EUNUCH WHEN YOU ARE NOT. Do not force your man-made doctrine on people who do not have that gift and make them ACT as if they have it. IT IS PLAIN HYPOCRISY. God Hates Hypocrisy…

And by the way, having a gift of being an Eunuch do not make you superior to others in any way. Do not get carried away with devious doctrines.

Our Contribution

We are normal Christians who love the Lord. As you can know, our site is not even ONE MONTH OLD.  All the way, we knew that TPM Doctrines are not of God. It is a man-made evil thing to rule over simple folks. We call these folks simple because they do not read , understand and follow the bible. They have outsourced their spirituality over to these hypocrites who act as holy men and teach them all kinds of nonsense.

We already knew of unnatural deaths happening in TPM, which they were keeping secret. However, as we do not have adequate medical proofs we could not take up these cases in the court of Law. Many of our relatives are part of this Ministry and we would secretly ask them about issues within and they always tell us that they regret their decisions which they did in their ignorance. Once they are trapped, they are stuck as they have nowhere to go. This is a travesty which needs to be dealt with.

Why was Pastor Killed?

We knew that they were trying to poison Pastor Kanagaraj. This is because he opposed many immoral things that were happening in the Faith Home. As per advice by close believers he never used to eat faith home prepared food. He ate the food delivered from outside.  When their “PLAN A” did not fire, they were forced into implementing their “PLAN B”. This Plan B was so brutal that it came out in the open and we knew that if we did not start an awareness campaign, many innocents trapped in it might end up like Pastor Kanagaraj. This prompted us to take up an initiative by spending our own money and effort to make people known. There were no other option.  We did not care about any threats or allurements which kept coming at regular intervals.

We thank all TPM Believers who spread the awareness of this gruesome murder which TPM tried to cover up. When questions became unanswerable, the leaders knew of the avalanche that it could trigger. Our Contribution even though a small one is part of the Lord’s doing. We are thankful to all those who were involved in getting attention.

Our aim is to keep following up this case and any others that might come to our attention. We will keep blogging and make people aware of the devious doctrines of TPM that are not Biblical.

God Bless you.




  1. Dear bro ,dont think TPM doctrine is devious doctrine, dear bro do you know one thing, one of the disciples of Jesus was murder … so your are coming to tell Jesus doesn’t spoke biblical words… think over it , dear bro god love’s you more and more don’t spread such a bad things in public..if any one see this message and become degrade… who is responsible for this?????.

    • Ye Shall KNOW THE TRUTH and the Truth Shall make you free.
      Yes We know Judas was a Murderer…But Where did you ever see all other apostles of Jesus siding with Judas? This is the case where TPM as an organization was covering up for murderers of Pastor Kanagaraj.There are stark differences in both the cases.

      Please Don’t Link TPM Doctrines to JesusAll TPM Specific Doctrines are WRONG AND DEVIOUS…We can prove that from the Bible itself…We have been in TPM for over 50 years to know what are these TPM Doctrines.
      Do you have any reasons to agree that TPM Doctrines are Right? We can discuss that in Love.
      There are so many articles on this blog site refuting TPM Doctrines in the Light of Bible. If you think we are wrong, please correct us. We would be happy to be corrected in the light of Bible.
      But please do not start using abusing and mocking words as used by many TPM die-hard supporters.

      • U mentioned u are on Tpm for 50 years and telling it’s devious , the spirit of King Saul is talking, David life pleased God , because as a weak man he sinned but returned with a contrite and asked forgiveness from God, in a lak of workers people like John thomas don’t decide the fate of Tpm, do some good Good pleasing job Mr admin how old are u

        • People like John Thomas don’t decide the fate of TPM but why are people like them in your system? Why do you wait for the police to march in your faith homes and why people get transferred to other faith home if police is not involved.

          Now you will say no Church is perfect. Then why do your workers and believers boast with great humbility about your perfect church and there is no other church. By the way I don’t think David covered his sin like you do.

          Before you ask, I am eighteen years old. Does it matter?

        • This fellow does not know the story of Achan who was the cause of the humiliation of 30 Lakhs Israelites. Some people never learn from History.

      • Dear bro. ,i dont know who has started this, but one thing is clear that from scriptures we are here to preach and teach the gospel of our saviour Lord Jesus Christ to gain souls but instead of that you people became archeologists to dig especially TPM but why you are highly focusing only on our Pastors… Try to fulfill the Will of God instead of doing your own Will by representing the faults of others..Jesus will look after everything.. First please be aware about your spiritual life and just stop criticizing our Pastors..May God help you dear brethren to do His perfect Will…Praise be to the Holy name of the Lord

        • //but one thing is clear that from scriptures we are here to preach and teach the gospel of our saviour Lord Jesus Christ to gain souls

          That is not true. TPM is using scriptures and perverting it. The Purpose of the site itself is to expose the evil doctrines and practices in TPM. TPM is basically a Buddhist group making use of Jesus name to send people to hell.
          This site follows the commandment in the Bible to Expose the works of Darkness (Eph 5:11-13) and letting people know that they are following another Gospel and another Jesus (Gal 1:8-9)

        • See these are the last days where these kind of fanatics who are accusers like devil will rise as they don’t see their mote in their own eye and they see others, any how do not bother about these cults, people told Jesus itself Satan and whether will they leave us. TPM stands on the corner stone, and not on the sand even when such kind of storms comes it will stand.

    • Daniel says:
      November 15, 2016 at 11:48 am
      Brother pls make it clear.
      if sunday school teachers having the strong faith in divine healing means why they are going to hospital to give birth a child and took injection to them and took vaccine injection to the child also. They can go to the faithhome so that all workers can pray and take the child. Why they are not strong in that. But teaching about the divine healing subject. Sunday school teacher that is sister why they are not strong can you reason out please .

  2. Henna, yesterday I asked to one of the die-hard TPM followers the difference between “Zion” and “New Jeerusalem” based on bible. He couldn’t. I think you have been following this teaching since your birth. Can you please explain based on scripture. The I will give you enormous evidence of wrong teachings in TPM, everything is man made.
    Sister please don’t try to hide behind “God will do” slogan.

    • Bro. Wilfred, the common response is – New Jerusalem is the city of whose capital is Zion. I have tried to explain people but somehow, it just doesn’t make sense to them.

      • Bro Santhosh, Can you tell when will rapture take place according to Revelation.
        You said : New Jerusalem is the city of whose capital is Zion. What is the biblical evidence?

        • Bro Wilfred, I don’t see any evidence of it in the Bible but because of few verses from the OT like, “David setting up his throne in Zion” and “the law proceeding from Zion”, etc.
          I have researched a bit on it and could understand that Zion & New Jerusalem are the same place, the terms used inter-changeably. Please correct me if I am wrong.
          With regards to Rapture, other than Paul’s writings in 1 Thes 4 & 1 Cor 15 – I don’t see any specific rapture doctrine. Though indirect references can be found in Revelation but that depends upon interpretation. I believe this – it’s not important to know when or how the end will come, but to be spiritually prepared when it does. Rapture doctrine doesn’t affect your eternity – whether it happens before Trib or after Trib, if you are prepared, you will be with the Lord.
          Hope it helps.

        • Iam TPM believer converted from Hindu, IAM coming to the side, u r saying TPM wrong, if TPM is wrong doctrine or cult what ever u say, if I have to accept this,tell me the answer how I get deliverence from satanic spirit when I come to this church,how Satan can give deliverence from satan,if TPM is satanic doctrine, now I am blessed ,how Satan will bless, now I feel presence of God any time that not allow me to think sin, it’s not my effort only by holy spirit I recieved from that, bible says taste and see that the lord is good, iam tasting holy spirit every day how it’s possible, I have peace ,how it possible……in wrong doctrine

  3. Our Lord Jesus after fasting 40 days and night, he was hungered the devil told him that if Jesus the son of God to turn the stones into bread. If jou deeply review this conversation between the devil and Lord! Here the devil is seeking a proof if Jesus the son of God. Similarly you’re seeking proof if TPM churches following the correct doctrines? They don’t need to proof to you. The Almighty God is watching everyone. TPM churches uses the King James version of the Holy Bible. Yes,there is a death of Pastor in Thoothukudi but let the matter be handled by the respective authorities. But dont take advantage of the situation and slander churches and consecrated servants of God. The Almighty God is in the know!

    • Brother,
      We are not in the process of proving the authenticity of any individual. It is between them and God.
      However, We are CONVINCED that TPM Doctrine is a man-made doctrine to control simple folks. We are against this devious doctrine.
      This is an open forum. We have opened our comments column. You are free to prove us Wrong on the basis of Scripture.
      Till then we stand by the Bible with Strong Conviction that TPM Doctrine is EVIL and Not Godly.

      We have already proved and in the process of putting in more proofs. BTW…You are thoroughly misled into even thinking that the TPM Ministers can be even compared to JESUS.We usually compare Apples to Apples. Not Apples to Yams.Their actions are just like the Pharisees.Do not even think that they are any way connected to Jesus

      • Lord Jesus is the son of the living God. There will no one succeed to even compare to him. Even before having this internet forum all of us read the bible throughly and understand precisely. There may be some short comings have occured but that should not be basis for condemnation. I have read all of your articles and I strongly believe it’s just a terrible misunderstanding between you and TPM ministers & church. While you’re still alive sort it out in the name of Jesus.

        • Brother,
          You are getting it Wrong. We are not against any individual or TPM Ministers. We are OK with Shortcomings of people. That is something they have to sort out with God…
          We are AGAINST TPM DOCTRINE….Not TPM Ministers. Please get it Right.
          We are Friends with so many TPM Ministers. We have absolutely No issues with Them. We Belong to TPM Church. That is why we are wanting to reform the Church. We believe that the TPM Ministers are also trapped in their dangerous doctrine.

          Pastor Kanagaraj was a TPM Minister. That is why we are in the mission to cleanse the Mission from the crooks.

          At least we are proving that we love Genuine TPM Ministers by this blog and all our efforts behind it.
          We are not just like any normal TPM guys who do not care or like some who accuse us of bad intentions.


        • If you truly belief in Jesus and Christianity than you must reconsider your final statement which says ” DESPERATE SITUATIONS NEED DESPERATE MEASURES” This thought and concept is definitely 100 percent wrong. Our Lord Jesus when he was on the cross crucified and yet pleaded to the Almighty Father God and said ” Father forgive them for they do not what they are doing”
          Now your other points:
          1. Reform the church – not through criticism and condemnation but through proper dialogue with all concern parties and must be face to face in prayers.
          2. TPM Doctrine – is derived from the Kings James version of the holy bible. If there are difference in the interpretation of any verses it can be always be corrected prayerfully without dispute.
          3. The Pastors in TPM – in my understanding and opinion they have never ever compared to equivalent of Jesus. In fact if you look into the holy bible the position of Pastors is quite low!
          4. The Chief Pastor in TPM – They travel throughout the world preaching during conventions but I have never heard exalting themselves or claiming to be “the Chief Shepherd”
          5. TPM ministers – are always guided by their leaders but of course they are humans and as such there will be short comings which are supposed to be overcome only by prayers.
          Admin, from all your replies and articles I conclude that all these are after the death of Pastor Kanagaraj. Yes, indeed I feel very sad, shocked, could not believe it, heart broken to hear a consecrated servant of God just like that perished! suspected murdered. But emotions, anger, revenge, condemnation of the entire church, reform through internet just simply does not augur well. Watch your soul which is in your own custody. Call for prayers throughout the TPM churches, comfort the family of Pastor Kanagaraj, reconcile and do the corrections by prayer and on gradual stage. Praise The Lord and May God Bless You.

        • Brother,
          You seem to be going in circles without understanding what is being said. We do not have the time to chase you in circles. But we will make this last effort to let you know what we mean
          Point 1. Read Ephesians 5:11.
          Point 2. Don’t get stuck on any Bible Version. We also use KJV. Our issues are not with any Bible Translation..But with TPM Interpretation and TWISTING.
          Point 3. If they do not get compared to Jesus, then why are you comparing them to Jesus? Please check your earlier comments. Quoting it verbatim below

          Our Lord Jesus after fasting 40 days and night, he was hungered the devil told him that if Jesus the son of God to turn the stones into bread. If jou deeply review this conversation between the devil and Lord! Here the devil is seeking a proof if Jesus the son of God. Similarly you’re seeking proof if TPM churches following the correct doctrines?

          Point 4. Let them publicly denounce their Designation as “Chief Pastor”. Will they? Let them start preaching that They are no more Chief Pastor(s).
          Point 5. We are not focusing on a person’s Shortcoming…We are TELLING IT PLAINLY..That the issue is TPM Doctrine…Not any Person.

        • Well said!!. Bible says be ye not many masters that you receive greater condemnation. Bible says overcome evil with good. Every time admin you are trying to convince someone with a reply but miserably failing to acknowledge what is rightly said. Bible says “judge not”. Bible says when you judge others, you do it because you are the first culprit. So be very very careful mr.admin!! As said above, I can perceive that your soul is already under severe attack. If you are God’s child you won’t rant like this. Thinking that you are saving and counseling others, you are loosing your own soul. The power of life and death is in our tongue. When you use the wrong one, you will eat the fruit thereof.. just pause… Think… Pray calmly.. stop your ranting even if you think you are right..ask forgiveness from God for every wrong word said and written.. by chance if someone else curses you for your wrong jibes.. then your destination will be at wrong place.. as per Ephesians 3:17, if you say Christ lives inside you, you should be rooted and grounded in love..which means you can’t hate even a single soul.. and be sure none of the above is TPM’s doctrine.. it’s straight from the Bible.. warning you again in the name of Lord Jesus Christ who loved all sinners, be at peace with all men, bless them that persecute you, love them that hate you.. and stop writing your mind in this open wicked world because more than hurting others, it will damage your own soul first and open doors to the demonic world into your life, family and every thing that belongs to you.period.

        • Brother aren’t you Judging the Admin already? Is not your own logic condemning yourself?
          This often happens to TPM Fanatics who does not know what is the CONTEXT.

          The phrase is often quoted as “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” While the meaning is the same, it’s interesting we have learned the wrong wording from the 1611 King James Version. It should be: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” The verse often is taken to mean nobody has the right to judge anybody for anything at any time.

          The problem? The verse has a context. Jesus told us what He meant.

          When Jesus spoke these words on the slopes surrounding the Sea of Galilee, He wasn’t saying never to judge. He simply warned about doing it the wrong way—by telling us how to make judgments the right way.

          And believe me, it ain’t easy.


          Later in the same book, Jesus commands we do confront a fellow Christian caught in a sin (Matthew 18:15-17). This awkward obligation is supported elsewhere in the Bible (Galatians 6:1).

          So, what did Jesus mean, then, when He said, “Judge not lest ye be judged”? The verse that follows explains—and often it isn’t quoted. Jesus tells us exactly what He meant:

          Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. — Matthew 7:1-2

          Jesus wasn’t confused in His teaching. He didn’t mean we should never make a judgment about right and wrong. As He explained, He meant we shouldn’t make a judgement hypocritically. The verses that follow make this patently clear (Matthew 7:3-5).

      • I think, according to the TPM doctrine, you may go to hell if you:
        1. Consume medicines
        2. Consult doctors
        3. Watch TV especially channels like God TV
        4. Use Facebook and whatapp and another social media, And many more.

    • Mr/Ms. Arul, Its not a suspected murder , Its already proved that it’s a murder. And you mentioned about calling people for prayers throughout, do you think your tpm ministers have given you that privilege of calling others for prayer?

      • I fail to understand how many are cousin, half brother, brother-in-law or roadside aliyan of kanakaraj. Why are you all bothered.

  4. Brother pls make it clear.
    if sunday school teachers having the strong faith in divine healing means why they are going to hospital to give birth a child and took injection to them and took vaccine injection to the child also. They can go to the faithhome so that all workers can pray and take the child. Why they are not strong in that. But teaching about the divine healing subject. Sunday school teacher that is sister why they are not strong can you reason out please .

  5. Jesus was not come to cure the sickness ,diseases, and weaknesses of the people (all these are very very mere to him ). A doctor in this world can do such things and we could see such happenings in hospitals around the world we are in. If we took him as a deliverer from sickness, disease and weakness we know of him as a doctor not as God . The people declared of him that God had done many marvel things. So we should take him not a mere doctor to do mere things but as a God to do many marvel things in our lives.
    Praise the Lord.

  6. Daniel, Praise the Lord for your understanding which very few are having in TPM. All these things are superficial, hidingly many of them take medicines in ayurvedic form or in the for grand mother’s recipe. In Punlur Central faith home in Kerala, when one of the boys got injured immediately they cleaned him with Dettol. This is their hypocrisy.

  7. Are these three are the suspects in this murder?. the junior Bro Titus might not be hand in glove as he might be forced to be silent and he cant be in the position to spill the beans as he might be threatened by them. Any way he is bound to stand for truth and God.
    The church shouldn’t try to cover up or hide the truth & suspend the culprits out of the organization and thus it will stop others doing these ruthless crime

  8. Brother I have lost my sister in the year 2010 she is suffering from asthma illness for 20 years, she had strong faith in divine healing preached by TPM ministers. She studied sunday school regularly and got centre prize at lost death happened. Lot of confusion in her death. Many senior TPM pastors have prayed for her healing but no result. Any action has the fruit. But all these prayers made by them has no result. Now they want to kick me from the church and instructed to many believer’s don’t talk to that person. Student ask doubt with the teachers instead of clear the dout they kick me from church and form rowdies means what is this. Very shame .

    • Brother,
      We will soon bring out an article which will expose the gross misinterpretation of the bible by TPM regarding their Special Divine Healing doctrine. Please let other friends of yours also know about this site so that they can also come to know the truth. You are on the Right Path Brother. God Bless you abundantly.

    • Bro. Daniel, deeply sad for your loss.
      Regarding the matter of students asking doubts, I too was appointed as a youth class teacher, but after talking to the youths and knowing their doubts, I started questioning many aspects of the TPM doctrines. This did not go down well with the Bro-in-charge and in order to avoid conflicts, i stepped down. He even started pointing me out indirectly in preachings.
      Divine Healing is true, yes I too have experienced it and my family – but it has been grossly misinterpreted in TPM.
      Also, delivering the demon-possessed is something which our beloved workers are not able to do… They resort to beating & pulling of hairs of such possessed individuals which has absolutely no basis in the Bible but rather worldly ways of exorcism. Many such persons are going to other churches and getting delivered.
      I am just wondering, is it really possible to change this church from the inside out??

  9. Continue in the name of divine healing the pastors of TPM they deliver us to affliction at lastly they kill us it is goes along with verse of jesus saying in Matthew 24 : 9 .

  10. For many shall come in my name saying I am christ and shall deceive many. Matthew 24 : 5 so that in this last days many pastors called themselves servants of Jesus and deceive innocent believers and raised against the believers. Luke 17 : 10 Jesus said that they are unprofitable servants.

  11. All my TPM readers and friends,
    I have been looking for a site which is unbiased and at the same exposes the wrong doctrines of this man made revelation identity. Finally God answered my ambitions. Recently I was attending a TPM church in Mumbai, there preacher said “Holy Spirit is the garment of the church.” I was so confused started asking many people inside and outside of TPM. They don’t have anything to establish from the bible also. Everybody said nothing in the bible to establish such a preaching.
    I think 80% of the attendance is mere spectators, even they don’t have any knowledge of Bible. They are coming to the church to give the attendance. They were taught that if you are a member of the TPM church the gate to the heaven is opened for you (like Brahmans). These so called “saints” are taking the full advantage of people’s ignorance. May GOD save the ignorant believers.

    • Yes Richie Remember Garment Means Salvation and Church Means Members Like us and So it is Right Please Read My article on the Negatives of TPM

  12. we tpm belivers and servants we admited we all are cults,culprits,sinners,unworthy,……..admin are you satisfy now?…..pls keep doing your great work continuesly.we expecting more from you anonymous.

    • Sorry, you cannot represent TPM as its doctrine tells us that Abraham in Unworthy. It tells us that the CEO of TPM is in competition with Jesus for the Title of “Chief Pastor”. Such wrong teachings need to publicly disowned before we can think of making any changes to this site. Thank you for the encouragement. We will continue with our great work. We will not be discouraged by the Sanballaths and Tobiahs who taunt us.

  13. Hello I am not anonymous pls explain all my questions which I asked with bible. No one is clearly explained why sisters in Sunday school teachers going for hospital to give birth child pls answer. Talking teachin about divine healing. Why they not strong in divine healing. Put injections vaccine to their children’s. It means you need ine post in the church to fullfill certain formalities marriage death etc. I am TPM Believer i am not fake like admin. I need answer I love TPM minitries and love TPM Wokers i am against them people may think need answer sister or brother pls answer

  14. I believe you guys have bowed down to the devil / satan that you will worship the satan as your God. What we hear from your site are all fairy tales of the devil. In the first place you’re hiding and who will believe a conman? Anybody can quote scriptures! That does not proove you’re representing God Almighty on earth? You’re distorting the TPM church functioning why? Because you just don’t agree with certain issues. So you and your gang have become Lucifers warriors. You guys and gals not far away of being punished by the God Almighty.

    • Brother Arul,
      We are not telling fairy tales. We are telling very real things.And By the way, we have been withholding many incidents within TPM from being published in this site NOW, because your small mind would not be able to even accept it.
      We are not conman. I thought you had the sense to check the meaning of conman in the dictionary. We have been honest with all our revelations. If you asking us why we are not revealing ourselves, its just because we need TPM to see themselves when they do not reveal the writers in their books and literature. Moreover, we are led by the Spirit as we see in 2 Samuel 5:23, John 8:59

      Look at the contents…Why are you worried about the writers? Is not that exactly TPM Tells us when we ask for the writers of their books? Physician Heal Thyself. Once you have the courage to show the names of the writers of TPM Books, we will publish our names in this site. Do you have the courage to get it done?

      Anybody can quote scriptures…Agreed…But if you think we are not comprehensive or dishonest with scriptures, you can call us out. The Purpose of the Comments section is for that only. Can you quote any scriptures against your pastors or your doctrine in the Faith Home? I can guarantee that you will soon be pushed out of the organization if you do.

      See how Jesus told the Devil as “It is ALSO Written….” when devil said “It is Written”. Can you tell that regarding the scriptures we quote? In fact, we are quoting the “It is ALSO written Part…” against TPM’s unscriptural twists. We are calling out on TPM from the Bible and cautioning people.

      We are happy that you are Branding us to be lucifers warriors because this is exactly what the Pharisees said about Jesus.
      “But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.” Matthew 12:24

      I wish you had the plain sense of Gamaliel when he said in Acts 5:39 “But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

      Hope you realize it before it is TOO LATE for YOU.

  15. Hello Mr. Arul & bharathi , what about divine healing so for not taken any medicine to your child. Why u are not strong in divine healing. TPM pastors says that those who are taking medicine tablets they are not taken up in the second coming of the Lord jesus christ. It means more than 99% are taking medicine. Left behind church is TPM. OK Mr. Arul and bharathi pls don’t brush your teeth pls because in paste medicine are there. Don’t brush your teeth wait for divine healing God will brush your teeth wait or use bricks or cement to brush your teeth God will give high place in heaven. don’t put polio drop don’t bath in soap medicine are added. Don’t use dettol. Don’t put any vaccine to your children pls pls don’t use specs pls don’t go to doctor for eye test. Any other reason pls don’t use the word doctor. If you go to doctor jesus put you in hell as per TPM doctrine. Pls follow the above and show how lead a life .

  16. Hello Mr. Arul holy person don’t judge admin before time. OK if you see a women with lust you have committed adultery with women. Are u such a holy person you are filled with evils spirits. OK don’t judge others before I the time who are u man. Hello u first be in faith in divine healing show a way. OK u need certain formalities to full fill in the church marriage death etc., simply don’t support I am also TPM believer

  17. Bharati you need not sarcastically say that we are cults. In reality also you are in this cult called TPM. Why these so called SAINTS advising their pupil not to attend any other prayer meetings. Fundamental characteristic feature of a cult.
    You are all church worshipers (bible call them Pharisees) and pastor worshipers (bible call them idol worshipers).

  18. In TPM the workers says that don’t go for any other prayer meeting if you go means evil spirits will attack u. Isaiah 28 : 10 please read this. So many rules and regulations which is not prescribed by jesus. Man made rules and regulations.

    • Brother
      You can read these blogs and you will come to know of some of that. We will start of with a different website (God willing) for clearer picture. We do not claim to be some Religious Gurus but we are brothers in Christ pressing towards the mark Philippians 3:14.

  19. Richie……….. as per your view we are cults only.thank you for your precious judgement.If you can kindly advice us which is correct doctrine.which church is best.

  20. Mr.Daniel…… one is insited me about divine healing in Tpm church.i am a Tpm beliver and taking medicines also.its our wish.may be sombody misleading grandmother now she is 97 years old still she in divine healing.if you want mail me i ll give you the address you can go and check……and tell me who preached all the Tpm servants will go Zion?……its fully matter of the holy life.without knowing anything dont spill your words against anybody.Thank You.

    • Bharathi,

      Let the visiting workers know that you are taking meds, they wont even give you a church burial, Non taking meds is preached as a doctrine in TPM church, I speak as a EX tpm who did not take meds for 29 years. and they will glorify non medicine taking believers, unless you leave the church your eyes wont be opened.

  21. Mr.Richie…..then dont blame any churches.
    pls tell me which one Jesus’s church? or show me the church without shortcomings?????? really It ll be helpfull for me…..
    am worshiping only my living saviour JESUS CHRIST not pastors or brothers… my early twenties i was a pro periyar follower.when i saved i went lot of churches …meet somany servants with lot of questions.because of the Gods love i found this church.Thank you.

  22. Bharti, what is so special about this church. I think you like to maintain extreme secrecy like this church. They don’t even write the preacher’s name in convention notice board to fool the audience.
    Birds of same feathers flock together

  23. In TPM most of the workers and believers are preacher but not the followers. If workers of God instruct that go and beat that believer and tear the shirts means immediately they will such a training given to believers

  24. Mr.Daniel dont drag the subject here and are the one told shortcomings in every where…i accept we are cults,sinners,unworthy and poor…as per your views am ready to come out from TPM but pls show me correct doctrine and good ready to come with you.thank you.

    • Sister,
      The Issue that you are facing is that you have a wrong concept of “Church”. Therefore you are Searching for a Church. You assume a Church to be a Building, an Organization, a denomination etc. But what does the Bible Say?
      According to the Bible Ecclesia (which we have named as Church) is an assembly of the called out. It’s not an organization or a building as you think. Therefore, you DO NOT GO TO A CHURCH, but You are the church. The Basic Defenition is derived from Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
      Church is a Living Organism not a non-Living Organization. We do understand your issue. Therefore we will bring out a series of articles to put the whole subject in the right perspective.

    • iam very much confused, but one thing is sure only GOd delivered me in the tpm ,only holyspirit lead me there…..if it is wrong docrine how can i get deliverence…

      • What is the deliverance that you have got? From what I see, you have just changed your gods. Earlier it was Hindu gods and now it is TPM gods (the white clads)

      • As per Mark 16:20 20 Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.

        If you are a disciple and got deliverance is God should live through you and you will be able to proclaim the gospel without other person/leadership support . That is true deliverance. You must baptise new souls as Jesus commanded in Mathew 28:19,20. Does your white clads allow that ?
        Then how can you tell that doctrines are correct without obeying Jesus commands ?

  25. Hello bharathi I am also cpm beliver never told to out from Tpm. Talking about divine healing OK it’s your wish but divine healing is true or not . Tell . If true means don’t brush your teeth because medicines added .OK God bless you

  26. divine healing is true or not its up to you.thanks for your advise tomorrow onwards we will use neem sticks…my question is which is the correct doctrine which is the best church?…thank you.

  27. Super taking medicine is quite normal nothing is wrong. Wrong doctrine preaching misleading the believers in divine healing. At last death. church is not only meant for pastor. If ask doubt means kick out from church form rowdies this is divine healing Tpm workers are doing. Already answer given again asking divine healing is a wrong doctrine accept first. Don’t put vaccine to your children polio drop don’t use medicine tablets don’t use if you accept divine healing is right doctrine. OK god

  28. If divine healing is correct means why u are going to hospital and take medicine tablets put vaccine to the children. Tell me at the time of give birth the child go to centre faith home to elder sister they can pray and take the child why reason out .it means u know very well that mother and child if we fails to go to hospital. OK don’t put any injection to your child also . Reason out pls

  29. that is my wish Mr.Daniel. not only you even the Tpm servants also cant force me.understand it no one is forced to stand in divine healing in Tpm.

  30. I am not speaking about the church but about doctrines. No church is best. They themselves boost we are good when compared to others .
    I said already divine healing is a wrong doctrine how they are paying money for the kanagaraj murder. Same did for us. U are not able to strong in divine healing then why u misleading others . I have lost my own sisters in divine healing. In there Young age OK simply don’t support why u put vaccine medicine polio to your child. Reason it show’s that your inner hearts says it is false doctrine or fear to strong in divine healing. If u have fear means it shows wrong doctrine. Man made doctrine Isaiah 28 : 10 plus read this verse. God bless you.

  31. Mr.Daniel Already clearly i told you i ll take medicine and take vaccination for my children its my own one can force me…….in your case you would have advise your sisters to take medicine oryou vould have take them to hospital.why you are or your family members did not do????….any one force them to stand in divine healing??……any servant forcefully keep them or hide them in faith home?..if then why you didnt take any legal action?…you have had lot of options to save your sisters while they are sick.but you were doing blaming the not blaming your sisters.are they belive God or servants?……Divine healing is from the God only not from any man or servants… father,my chithi, maternal uncle and his wife all stand for divine healing with their own wish and died.i losed my father in my early teenage..for this i cannot blame the church,doctrine or servants.they are doing their ministry for us in the name Of Jesus.

    Pastor.Kanagaraj matter …..whoever it may be no one can escape from the Law.wait and see.all the people who all are involved in this murder will be aressted soon.mission cannot announce the culprits .now the case is 100 percent in the hands of police.all you are saying Tpm mission is paying money towards police.why you all people cant go and complain about such officers in vigilance department?….or you can call the press and say openly.bro we have all rights to know the truth about pastor Kanagaraj’s murder case.wait and see.

    ok i accept the man made doctrines in the churches now a days….then atleast show me the church which one dont have a man made doctrines?…it will be helpfull for me.if you dont have a answer dont complain about any churches.
    thank you for your precious time and patience to write reply comments.thank you.

    • Bharati you are sacred of talking the truth. Inside your heart you are very well aware that because this divine healing all your relatives have died. Be courageous enough to accept the truth like Daniel.

    • Bharathi,

      No one will force, but there is un-said pressure to abide by divine healing standards, if taking a sick person to hospital is okay, they should say that in the sermon.
      If this family took their sister to the hospital, the church would not have given a church burial, they would be preaching against this family.
      Its the invisible pressure that is put on the family, may be you are new, you do not know how this church functions.
      Please have empathy for Daniel, who has lost a sister at 20 years old, the TPM church needs no defence from you, while Mr Daniel situation warrants an empathetic approach.

  32. Read ezekiel 34 th chapter full and ezekiel 34 : 10 and 11 pls read . workers are not truthful to god says that myself take care of the believers. Everyone died u said it means no deliverance from sickness. U so cleaver taking medicine it’s good. But u too much selfish . If u take medicine your body will not be transformed u will not be taken in the second coming of Lord jesus Christ. As per false doctrine waste of going to church. Take part in bible study convention fasting prayer all are waste because u are taking medicine u will be one of the person left behind church. No use. Why attending church . Why not obeying the TPM doctrine u know very well if fails to take medicine it is foolish u know very well. If we talk against them they kick away from church . Fear to god not for workers. That’s why jesus said that for thus says the Lord God behold I myself will search for sheep and will seek them out . Ezekiel 34 : 11. In the ezekiel 34 : 10 very clearly says that behold I am against the Shepherds and I will require my sheep at their hand and put a stop to their feeding the sheep. No longer shall the shepherds feed themselves. I will rescue my sheep from their mouths that they may not be food for them. Thank u for your response. Pls make it clear. Good. God bless you.

  33. Bharathi pls . Your own wish u said your are also against the TPM doctrine. In TPM only workers wish only not your wish . U will be left when lord appears in glory but workers need every month offering why they are receiving from u. Your offering is accepted before but you left behind. What is this. So sad bharathi

  34. Bhathi My sister and myself believed the false doctrine of divine healing. It’s our mistake. U so cleaver. Insist others to wait for divine healing .

  35. Mr.Daniel ….yes am clever and selfish..i am not against the TPM servants force me to stand in divine healing… question is ver simple .Anyone forced your sisters to stand in divine healing? or any of the servants hide them in faith home?…if so why didnt take any legal action against them?…if you are not belivie divine healing why you should allow your sisters to stand in divine healing? ……….then why you are still in Tpm? ……now tell me who is selfish?… are the one selfish.dont judge others.just try to fold the fingers towards you before judge others.

  36. pastor Ganagaraj case……while police investicating the case mission cannot do anything.wait and see culprits will be arrested soon…..where is the answers for my question?…..who is paying the money to police?which police officer got the bribe?…..when you are going to complain about this with vigilance dept? or call the open press meet.cant prove this? Dont be a paper tigers.if you have all the evidence come openly…. you know the center pastor also confirmed it was murder.

    • Bharathi – the creators and contributors of this site are merely slinging mud.
      They are just like those political parties that appear on TV making accusations at each other.

      These guys have no evidence to provide for anything.
      They quote verses from the Bible and have their own interpretation.
      They take hearsay and a few public statements by inconsequential people and use that to stir up some residual frustrations within some people.

      They drag in some stories they heard and an individual called Sam Alangaramoney to “validate” what they said.

      It is a well known fact that Pastor Alwin committed a grave sin and was indeed excommunicated from the church.
      The church survived.

      These guys make it sound like it’s one big fat conspiracy to fool people.

      I would have believed some of it if the pastors were using the tithes given by the people to enrich themselves and to live luxurious lives like the evangelists and preachers in a lot of other independent churches.

      Our chief pastors ride around in old Ambassador cars and travel by car and train where it’s possible.
      They have chosen this life without knowing where they will reach and continue to live according to the revelation that they have received.

      These “goons” are nothing but religious “goondas”.

      The church belongs to God and he will lead it.
      We don’t need to worry one bit.

      If there are bad apples in TPM barrel, they will pay the price here or in eternity – the just reward that God has for each one according to his/her work.
      If they misuse the money, then they must answer to God.
      If they teach erroneous doctrine, then God will correct them.

      The god that these “goons” pray to is not powerful enough to take care of his church.
      So, he seeks the help of these “goondas” to fight for him.

      At least real life “goondas” will show their face and fight.
      These gutless, invisible “goondas” have no face and they hide while throwing their filthy accusations.
      After all this is over, they will run and pretend to be “believers”.

      This website is just a display of how smart they are and their pride, ignorance and blindness.

      It seems that one or more of them have been denied any recognition by the church and so they are acting it out behind the veil of the internet.

      Remember, God fights each and every battle for us – material and spiritual.

  37. Bharathi why u cheat the innocent believers in the name of divine healing why workers brush their teeth medicine is added using Dabur red paste sensodyne paste why. Ayurveda treatment is going on with workers. U so cleaver u need one church for formalities. In ezekiel chapter 34 : 11 God himself take care of sheep. OK paste using explain first. thx u

    • Daniel – your comments are petty.

      You really think that God is interested in what toothpaste is used?

      If they are doing wrong, then they will get the punishment.

  38. Bharathi U simply watching those who are in divine healing but u know result is death. U so selfish. U first should strong in divine healing then u should talk about divine healing. U know very well that divine healing is a wrong doctrine your subconscious says your inner heart says wrong doctrine u yourself don’t know that. Fear for u is that if we talk against divine healing Tpm workers insist to other believers that don’t talk to that person. they won’t come visiting they won’t pray for us that fear for u. That’s why saying it’s right doctrine. Tpm doctrine says that u will not be taken to heaven if takes medicine. U are taking medicine why attending church. Any way hell for u cpm doctrine says . Already judgement given to u by workers .u are taking medicine. Why attending the church. Any way hell for u and your whole family hell is ready for u and your children . U and your children going to nashing their teeth in fire hell because of using paste and taking medicine. Stop going to church. Hell ready even if u says put up hand say praise the Lord or sing a song no use hell and fire already ready for bharathi and family . Above all said by cpm doctrine. Hell and fire for u cpm doctrine says not I am . U are so cleaver in the church. It’s good taking medicine and take care of the child. God bless you.

  39. Bharati, anyone forced you to wear white garments in TPM.. I know your answer will be no.
    Anyone forced you to sit on the floor in TPM.. I know your answer will be no.
    Anyone forced you to surrendered to so called SAINTS in TPM..I know your answer will be no
    Anyone forced you to accept the unbiblical doctrines in TPM..I know your answer will be no.
    Anyone forced you to reject ornaments in TPM..I know your answer will be no.
    If so why you are following all these things and more religiously in personal life.

  40. Mr.Richie…..obiviously its no for all your questions.everything is my one is forced me to do anything.this is TPM.thanks for acknowledging every thing.but still now no answer for direct question.

  41. Mr.Daniel …..thanks for your hell judgement. no one is tell me in TPM if you are taking medicines dont attend the church….you are very angrily given me reply.where is the answer for my simple questions?…then we can talk about the tooth paste anf etc…thank you.

  42. Bharati,
    someone who is blinded by the TPM membrane won’t understand bible and my argument and presentation. If JESUS directly tells you also won’t understand because your carnal SAINTS threatened you with something else and dire consequences. May GOD bless you.

  43. Its nothing Mr.Daniel. …we all are brethren with some diffreces of opinion thats it. if any of my words hurting you.deeply am asking sorry to you.thank you for all your replys.May the God bless you and your family.thank you.

  44. bro…now a days servants used to visit hospitals and pray for the sick belivers.when i mother was sick and admitted in hospital they came and pray.i am not saved when my mother was suffering brain tumor.The whole church including the servants fast and prayed for my mother.No one is forced my mother or my family to stand in divine healing.

  45. In local conversion, monthly end meeting in centre faithhome

    Am belongs to kotarakara centre

    Centre pastor told publicly in sermon.

    They didn’t come to hospital and pray., one who admitted in hospital suffering diseases
    But if a believer admitted hospital bcz of accident, they will come and pray.

    Sister Bharathiii.

    Some servants will come to hospital and pray, itz very rare cases
    Only few servants….!!!

    That depends on the servants attitudes,
    If you are the most loved one of servant, may be come,
    Also high class believer..

    But in common

    They against medicines,
    But now days,,, rules and regulations come down…!!! Not much 10year back..
    They discourage to take medicine.

  46. Praise the Lord to all. I have one question. Will Jesus becomes happy when he read all the comments posted here. I don’t think so. Jesus asked us to forgive sinners because we are great sinner in the sight of God. Bible clearly says except God no one can judge anyone. If it so discussing about unspiritual things is not going to help us to enter into heaven. Let’s talk about holy and graceful doctrines here. That will help us a lot and made our mind united. Please forgive me if I am wrong anywhere

    • Brother Abraham. Praise be to God alone! I too have question for you. Will Jesus become happy when he reads your words trying to shut the righteous indignation? Will he be happy when he sees you keeping silent, when the poor and powerless and are afflicted? Will he be happy seeing you keep mum watching injustice? Let me take you on journey through history.

      Jesus said many woes to pharisee and Sadducees. Read Matt 23. On murder done by Pharisees he said, “That upon you may come all the righteous blood …….whom ye slew between the temple and the altar (Matt 23:35).” He didnt keep quiet thinking it is no use for spiritual edification if I point out mistakes of Sadducees and Pharisees! Then about Herod he said, “Go ye, and tell that FOX, ….( Luke 13:32).” He called Pharisees generation of vipers. John the Baptist was no less aggressive! He said, “O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come ( Matt 3:7).” He reproved the people of all the evils, “And many other things in his exhortation preached he unto the people. But Herod the tetrarch, being reproved by him …..and for all the evils which Herod had done (lueke 3:18,19).” The writer of Hebrews says, “Noah condemned the world..( Heb 11:7). All the Old Testament prophets reproved evil done by Israelites and evil kings and queen. Remember Jezebel? How she determined to kill Elijah? Nathan the prophet reproved David the king. Apostle Paul rebuked Peter for his double game. He also rebuked chief pastor then saying, “God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law? ( Acts 23:3). ” Saint Chrysostom who used exhort righteous indignation against evil, from his pulpit condemned empress in his sermon saying, “Again Herodias is raging, again she is dancing, again she demands the head of John on a platter.” Reformers, especially John huss , John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and many more condemned evil catholic church. Had they remained silent, you and I would have been catholic now, worshiping Mary.! From prophets in Old Testament to Jesus and his apostles, and from Jesus n apostles to saints of Christendom all throughout 2000 years, all did rebuke and exhort evil that was done. None of them remained silent to evil that was done.

      Indeed we are all humans and prone to mistake. But it is one thing to forgive and realize our own wretchedness and other thing to behold silently the eternal damage being done to lakhs and lakhs of soul!

  47. Br. Teju
    Is Teju started commenting here.? Wonderfull. What about other cheifs ? Can you please ask them to read article in this site and let them repent.

  48. I heard he was in hospital for quite a long time.. His leg was amputated due to diabetes and he passed away in hospital..

    • Yes Sadly the Chief very conveniently disowned him (As per some reports) as he is no more of any use for their empire. The Moment you are a liability for them, you are dropped like a hot potato.

      They did the same with Alwyn, but his doctrine would not leave them…It stuck on like a tattoo.

      • Dear Admin,
        This John Thomas got the bail about 2 months back. He was kept in a separate home. Later his diabetes problem deteriorated and was admitted in a hospital for 1 month where his leg was amputated. The entire expenditure was borne by TPM in exchange of keeping his mouth shut. Finally funeral was conducted by Thoothukudi center pastor Selvapandian yesterday.

        See the height of hypocrisy prevailing in TPM. Different people have different yardsticks depending on the head weight.

  49. I feel sorry for this poor man and his family, what a wasted life. I knew this man since I was a kid and I hope that he was saved.

    About his death, TPM will not proclaim that another stone added to Zion as this poor man took medicine so he is contaminated, hence not eligible to be with the TPM super saints who went before him. What a sad joke this system has turned out to be.

    He gave his life to protect a lie just like all the others before him. When will they wake up and realise the futility of their mission. Miserable in life and I sincerely hope it will not be more miserable in death.


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