If you are reading the comments in this blog, you would have noticed some extremist TPM folks who keep threatening us with malicious words like the Judgement of God will come upon us(the owners of this site). We are still wondering what is the reason for Judgement to come upon us for following the scripture and its commandments. If you would have noticed, it is very clear that all these threats are basically an emotional outburst and they do not have any scriptural basis for their behaviour or logic. They are never able to get any scriptural support

In spite of our multiple invites, these people are just not able to bring out corresponding scriptures which would prop up their position of supporting the unbiblical cultic organization called “The Pentecostal Mission”. All that they can do is spew venom. But think of the cause of this venom spew. It is none other The Fear of Light Exposing their Lies. This is the Deaf Adder Syndrome.

Psalm 58:4Their venom is like the venom of a snake, like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears

The cause of this phenomenon.

When someone joins themselves to an organization or an institution called the “local TPM church,” the times that will be spent there are very formative.
These formative times give ample opportunities for the “religious leaders” or “spiritual overseers” to brainwash the people by planting fears that will literally keep a person in bondage to their particular brand of the religious system for life. They also keep a person from looking at anything else for fear of being deceived.

These formative years provide an abundant opportunity as well for the “church leaders” to implant concepts which will actually keep the person from ever seeing the truth, even though the truth may be right before their eyes. If a particular doctrine or practice is continually being implanted into one’s mind time after time, using vivid graphic illustrations, a handful of Scriptures, it adds fear, and of course,  some “awesome respect for church authorities”. Later on, when that person reads plain Bible texts which tell them something different, they will not be able to clearly see what is directly in front of them. They will see the text through the filters that were put on their mind. They will not see the text as it really is. This is what has happened to all of our TPM Die Hard Supporters. No wonder, they are not able to answer back to the questions raised by this blog site.

The Deaf Adder Syndrome in TPMWhat we at fromtpm.com is doing is totally unacceptable for them. However, they fail to understand that they love darkness more than the Light. We call it the Deaf Adder Syndrome.

10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision:

11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.

It’s absolutely amazing how many times a Scripture is read in church that completely contradicts one of their main teachings and no one ever comments about the contradiction.

There was a time in the beginning perhaps when they asked those hard questions. But when they were rebuked or ridiculed and shamed for asking questions that caused division, they learned not to question anymore. They learned to go along with the crowd.
The scales over the eyes have become so thick that everything, including the concept of God Himself, becomes gross darkness. But they do not know it is darkness on account of the fact that they have been seeing that way for quite some time now. The “leaders” have locked them into their own little system. To stray into a different area of thought is almost unthinkable for many of them.

Yea, rather the leaders view it as tantamount to heresy!

 I say without an intending offence that such exclusiveness differs little from the two extreme examples mentioned above or any other authoritarian groups.
Victims of such brainwashing have lost their personal autonomy and in some cases are reduced to almost a zombie-like state! A person who goes to their church Sunday after Sunday, and hears basically the same underlying message repeatedly for a lifetime, has little hope of ever understanding TRUTH as it is revealed in all of the Scriptures.
But these people will refuse to learn anything different from what they have been indoctrinated in. Why is that?
The reasons are simple but very important to be aware of and understand — BRAINWASHING and FEAR.


  1. Witchcraft operates in three ways generally. The motive is to take control. Three faces of Jezebel. This works irrespective of gender.
    1.control by means of intimidation Eg. Elijah failed
    2.control by means of manipulation. Eg. Naboth failed
    3. Control by means of seduction. Eg. Jehu triumphed
    Every church has at least one or two Jezebels. Their only aim is to make the leader Ahab, a dysfunctional, delinquent derelict king. Jezebel having studied the weakness of the leader, will feed accordingly to gain strategic advantage. Jezebel could be a believer or worker.
    Jezebels should be trampled down.
    Oh church discern this spirit and fight.

  2. There are spies inside the church- For long time, these spies used to flag me as a potential Anti TPM blog writing suspect, while I had no knowledge that such blogs existed.
    Once I was quizzed at a Bombay convention, how I knew Rachel Chitra, I was blissfully unaware-I said and they just dropped the topic.
    I later did a google search and found that Rachel writes against the church and certain diehards thought that I was a conduit for her workings… lol
    In fact, after reading her posts, I did not sympathize with her language or tone in any way. All along, well-wishers would abruptly bring up such connections trying to catch me off guard.

    In fact, its ‘fromtpm’ as the only site where I have some footprint, as a commenter.

    Am I advocating this site? No
    Am I a pro TPM- NO WAY!!!!!!

    At the end of the day, I realise that its better to comment and mildly espouse the general cause of this website than to sit and do nothing.

    Very soon intelligence will increase and common sense will decrease- that is the deaf adder syndrome in the TPM world


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