The below is a genuine dilemma of most thinking TPM Believers. The Questions were asked by a TPM Believer named Leander in his facebook post in December 2015.

You can view the questions in the following URL

Click Here to view that Page.

We do not know this person named Leander. However, his questions need to be answered by TPM Pastors.

We will try to respond to “Questions From Leander”  in detail for each point in a later edition. We know it will take some time

മലയാളം പരിഭാഷ


  1. Jjohn do you have any replies for all these sincere, heavy laden qerries from a devoted,truth searching, free thinking TPM believer.

  2. Dear Brother start reading this book ‘how to be led by the holy spirit’by Kenneth e hagin. Then please read a classic book called ‘walk OF the SPIRIT WALK OF POWER’by Dave Roberson. Just practise what is in the book. You will thank me and you will never be misled. You will be built up. I was like you once and I can empathize. Now I have a mission. Reformation. I showed the truth to a Sunday school teacher at TPM. He became emotional and he quit teaching. In the following weeks Sunday messages were for him attacking.he did not budge. Then the message changed to praising. You are a Nehemiah, don’t run. He did not give in. So finally that started ignoring and despising him. He left the Church. I told him not to abandon the church. Stay and fight a spiritual battle, that may mean persecution. It is OK. But he started attending an independent church. In a months time his wife witnessed an immoral act of the independant pastor with a woman 30 years younger. He is back at TPM. Unless we become like a little children we cannot enter the kingdom of God.the distinct and specific character of a little child is ‘ little child is teachable’.



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