Before we discuss some praising techniques from TPM, we would like to let our reader know what is the importance of Praising God.

Why Do we need to Praise God?

We need to recognize God as our Creator and Praise him for his Majesty.

Know that the Lord, He is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. (Psalm 100:3–4).

Our God Dwells in praises. The Bible says that God inhabits in the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3). In other words, God “dwells” in the atmosphere of His praise. This means that praise is more than a reaction of coming into His presence… praise to God is a vehicle of faith which takes us into His presence and power! Praise and worship are the “gate-pass” which allows us to enter the sacredness of His glory.

For What Should we NOT praise God for?

There is a clear line drawn, between Praising and Flattering. We should never praise God to get some of our things done. That is called Flattery. God knows the intents of our heart. We should not be deluded into thinking that by Praising God, he will get our materialistic needs/wants to be fulfilled.  Many of TPM Pastors have been living in this delusion. They think that shouting “Praise The Lord” many times is a key to get our things done. They somehow have gotten around the “Thy will be done” part of the Lord’s prayer.

You can take a visit to any faith homes and see this phenomenon. Many times the Pastor tells like this…” Let us Praise God for getting XYZ* things done”. They somehow think that God cannot see through it. Immediately after he tells this, the entire Church crowd repeats “Praise The Lord” few times. They do it like chanting Mantra. Most of the time, these crowd will not even meditate on the matter. They are so tuned to recite it, that it happens automatically. Repetitive praising without meditating does not reach God.

Condition of your heart is the key

Our heart needs to be where our mouth is. The Condition of the Heart is more important than the utterance of the Lips. (Matthew 15:8). God is least interested in the technicalities of praising if your heart is in the right place. At the same time, any amount of repetitive praising will do no good if your heart is worldly.

There is nothing wrong in praying for your earthly needs. But pray as a Child asks the Father. Do not go into a frenzy to manipulate and force it out of the Father by these Vain Praisings.

What did Jesus say about it?

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”  Matthew 6:7

Such repetitions of  “Praise The Lord” without proper meditation of God’s Majesty is just Vain Repetition with the motivation of Flattering God. Such things are forbidden for Christians. But unfortunately, TPM has borrowed this technique from Catholicism and Oriental Religions.

Extremes of Flattering/Praising Techniques from TPM

There is a Senior Pastor in TPM named M.T Thomas.  He has taken this technique of praising God to an extreme. He tells his folks that if you have a need, just remember that need and praise God for 500 times every day for one month at a stretch on your knees and then your need will be fulfilled. I have always wondered, is God that easy to be manipulated? Is our God like the Hindu gods and goddesses who needs such penance before he meets our needs? Do we need to use such force against God to get our materialistic needs fulfilled?

Now in TPM, there are few specialists who have improvised on Pastor M.T Thomas’s technique and has ensured that the total numbers are correct. Therefore, they have asked the gullible believers in their churches to write down their daily 500 “Praise The Lord” so that they can check it out for themselves. I am surprised how can people become so blind and follow all these nonsenses. They surely think that God is just like one of their Pastors who can be tricked by these Mantras.

I sincerely pray for people to be delivered out of this ignorance.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.John 8:32



  1. I have agreed and supported most of the blogs here but i do have a confront in this matter of praising. The word of God clearly states that, Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Phil 4.
    SO i do not think the praising is a problem.

    • Neither Did the blog intend to tell that Praising is a Problem. However, Praising should not be Vain Repetitions. It should be completely done with full understanding. Moreover, the motivation of Praising should not be for getting our needs met.
      The Verse you have quoted clearly tells about THANKSGIVING. There is a difference between Thanksgiving and Praising.
      The following post should help. Click here

  2. I agree to all the blogs here but i do have something to contradict in this matter. The word of God clearly states in phil 4,Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God . So praising is not a problem in my concern

    • The First paragraph in the Blog tells that Praising is an important part of Christian Life. However, the motivation, its Techniques, and improvisations as mentioned in the last section is questionable. If you have a need, mention it in prayer to God and thank him for meeting it as per his will. However, putting an extra-biblical twist by telling that you need to praise God 500/1000/2000 times a day to get that thing done, is not at all the right way. The Will of God is paramount and we should surrender all our requests to the Will of God (1 John 5:14).

      Moreover, there is a difference between Thanksgiving and Praising. Thanksgiving is more of a state of Mind than some repetition. A grateful heart is at the core of Thanksgiving. Praising is done basically realizing the awesomeness of God. Please check this article out. Click Here

    • If you are looking for a pattern for Thanksgiving, we need to follow Jesus.
      an excellent pattern can be seen about Jesus Prayer with Thanksgiving in John 11:41-42
      So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42 I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.

      Please note that the true condition of our heart is what God sees and not the number of repetitions. Otherwise, more repetitions would be construed as more thankfulness as the heathens do.

  3. There this man who was supposed to be the pastor. He actually told the congregation the number of praises one must utter to possess some material stuff. Wonder if he was being funny or serious. End of the day his intent was to keep the congregation engaged in some vain meaningless repetition of words and saying that it’s praise.

  4. I have been reading through this blog. Several questions of mine have been answered biblically. Being a TPM believer, our hearts are always in a constant turmoil. This sure helps relieve a bit of the questions. That being said, I strongly oppose this specific article on praise. PRAISING God definitely has power. You interpreting it as mere words is not right at all. Praising God in everything and nothing is a beautiful way to get closer to him. Making our requests known to God by praising or chanting praise the lord (comparing it to Hindu mantras is absolutely ridiculous!) makes an individual more closer to God. I agree the pastor may have said it as a general
    Announcement. But ofcourse he would mean it for godly believers! If you’re close to God and following his commands, ofcourse your praises have got value! It’s not a form of flattering God. It is not a matter of tricking God but a way to grow more
    Dependent on Him and be less focused on our own requests! None of us are perfect, admin! We all seek ways to please God. You manipulating this as a technique to trick God and following things blindly is not right. Praises have so much power, it can take away so much of negativity from life. Waking up every morning happily praising God is a blessing. Also, I don’t see the point in sitting with your mouth shut while ANY pastor (celibate or not!) addresses a congregation to give praises to God! Please don’t set out to condemn anything and everything TPM does as wrong. Picking on this matter makes it so obvious that you are not going ahead with this website with a pure motive of correcting wrong doctrines. And NO, I don’t speak influenced by the so called doctrines or pastor’s, I speak from my personal experience. I don’t sit at God’s presence with a purified perfect and sanctified clean heart before praying. I submit myself and pray that I be found worthy so that God can recieve my praises. Also, it’s not just the above mentioned pastor who says this. I have heard many other non celibate pastor’s from other denominations making the same point (tho it may not specifically be 500/1000/1500 times.) Please continue to point out the blemishes scripturally. Looking forward to more genuine articles.

    • This article is NOT AGAINST PRAISING. You should have read the First section which is telling us that Praising God is expected out of Us. However, we are against manipulating God to get your earthly demands done. We do not care who practices it. It is scripturally wrong. Any Praising should have the right motivation. It should come from a pure heart. It is GIVING and Not a Means to GETTING as is Taught by TPM Pastors and M.T Thomas. The Technique taught by TPM proves that their praising is not better than any flattery.
      Moreover, all TPM Praisings come under the category of Repetition and Chanting as Eastern Religions teaches. The Bible has so many instances of Praising and Prayers. Can you please show me EVEN ONE instance where you can see some Godly person is repeating some “Praise The Lords” to get his needs fulfilled?

    • Dear Anonymous,
      You’ve definitely misunderstood the whole gist of this article. I don’t see anywhere the admin mentioning that praising God is not right. He’s just pointing out the technique of praising that we’ve been brought up with, right from our childhood. You talk about other pastors asking to praise as TPM does; i bet they’re malayali pastors who’re influenced by TPM. Why, even you’re a Malayali. Are you not?
      Brother, yes, praising God definitely yields blessings but it’s only because of His mercies and not our repetitions. The admin hasn’t asked you to keep mum during church time, as you’ve mentioned above. Rather speak out the goodness of God, declare His blessings, proclaim His promises and say “thank you Lord” instead of “Praise the Lord”. Try to visualize the example in the article.
      Think scripturally. The Holy Spirit will guide you.
      Recommended: A Thousand Praise Offerings by Pastor E. Wycliff David

      • I agree brother santosh with your following statement, ” praising God definitely yields blessings but it’s only because of His mercies and not our repetitions ”

        RPD (resist the power of devil) is another practice of TPM which is similar to chanting mantra or vain repitition or roman catholic rosaries. We are taught about RPD, that If you want something you must say this mantra called “praise the Lord” at specific time decided by you and regularly without fail for 1 hour” if you miss even a single day then the process must be restarted from the first day. Isnt this like mantra ?

        I think old pastors taught to praise God and thank God even when we dont have and even when God wont give what we ask. That was right thing! To praise and thank God in our good and bad times , and in times when he gives and in times when he doesnt give!

        But to make it mechanical & repititive in nature when we utter words with our mouth while our brain is idle then it is indeed repitative.

        Pharisees had their vain repition, roman catholics have rosssaries and tpm have RPD & pagans have mantras. The spirit of all these activities makes the chanter think that the mantras or human words have power however on the contrary we should have been taught that God has power and his speech has creative power — he spoke and the world came into existence. But we are somehow brainwashed to think our speech and utterances of praising is powerful and creative for us those things which we speak out.

        When bible says ” in vain do they honour me with their lips, ” it doesnt mean honouring is wrong but it means vainly honouring is wrong. Praising and thanking God with greatful heart , with tears in our eyes is very very good and scriptural and natural.

        Think about the praising of 1 hour just before meeting starts! Just chanting praise the lord, praise the lord , with our heads moving this way and that way and our hands swinging front and back, is indeed repitative! This is what is vain repitition.

        Conclusion: praising is good & biblical but repeating it for 1 hour or at specific time to make it have mantra like effect is unbiblical and against teaching of Jesus. If anybody disagree please make us understand what Jesus meant when he warned his followers to not to utter vain Repitition in matthew 6:7. I repeat if anybody disagree with the admin’s point of view please explain matthew 6:7.

  5. Praise the lord bro mein aapki bahut sari baton se sehmat hoon but me chahta hoon ki please aap je sare titles hindi mein translate karde ta or bhi log sachayai ka gehrahyai se adhyan kar sake .or apne atma pran ko bcha sake….thanx alot



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