TPM as Church practices subtle Deceits to control people who are gullible.

Dark Clouds of Deceptive Quotes from TPM Ministers
TPM Founder

They manipulate people with the fear of punishment or loss of blessing.

These TPM ministers are living a deluded life in thinking that all their audiences are zombies and therefore cannot discern manipulation. Below is a list of those deceptive quotes which I have heard. These assertions do not have any biblical basis. However, it has to be said that it is very effective on TPM Folks.

In this modern age, such scare tactics just backfire. Many years back, little children were manipulated to do the senior’s bidding by showing them toy snakes. I have seen TPM Ministers manipulate elderly folks and make them raise their hands for such stories. These people even have no respect for aged people when it comes to manipulation. They just forget that Manipulation and Deception are the work of Satan. Or should we believe that Satan is behind such actions by the self-proclaimed Holy Saints and Apostles of TPM?

Manipulative and Deceptive Quotes

  1. If you do not pay your tithes faithfully, you will end up in the same way as Ananias and Saphira. (Gross Misinterpretation)
  2. You will not go to heaven if you have moustaches/beards on your face. Godly men are expected to be clean-shaven. (Baseless doctrine)
  3. If you do not help out certain works in the “HOUSE OF GOD”, you will not be blessed. (Deception of ignorant folks)
  4. Not obeying the Leadership (meaning themselves) will bring curses to your families. (Mind control at work)
  5. The Bride of Christ will wear White Dress when coming to the Church (Subtly meaning that those who wear non-white are not part of the Bride of Christ)
  6. If you do not come for all meetings regularly, you will be left behind in Jesus’s second coming. (Mind Control)
  7. TPM Ministers are First Grade in heaven. After that the TPM Believers come, Second Grade. Other church leaders and believers come after that. I mean 3rd and 4th Grade. (Such kinds of teachings are the in the root of spiritual pride displayed by TPM Folks)
  8. A TPM Believer is better than a non-TPM church minister in Heaven. (Baseless doctrine causing spiritual pride)
  9. The TPM Church is Apostolic whereas the non-TPM are low grade. The only reason for that is, their ministers have a celibate life. (Again Spiritual Pride)
  10. If you eat medicines, your body will become polluted and thereby will not be able to get transformed in the second coming of Christ. (Tempting the Lord)
  11. Disobeying or disagreeing with TPM Ministers is equivalent to disobeying and rebelling against God. (Somehow they believe that they are the exclusive franchise to represent God on earth)

Many more of these quotes will be added as we keep getting it.





  1. The very founder of CPM Pr Paul is spotted with a moustache. The How did this moustache banning crept in this almost cult TPM? I feel this is another mind controlling technique by them. Romans 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. It is the time to everyone introspect himself/herself. What spirit we posses? The spirit of bondage or spirit of adoption. The TPM hierarchy wants to keep its flock to have the spirit of bondage so that they will fear and submissive any unscriptural doctrines.
    ADMIN you are doing a great job. May god reward your efforts by opening the eyes of this scripturally unsound and blind innocent TPM believers.

  2. Guess what I have news for you. I don’t blame this system called TPM for this. I have personally gone through these compliances to be part of that group. It’s just a tactic to keep a flock in a fold. I would say it’s down right silly but it’s fine. People who follow it are happy and content and feel safe. What I strongly object is calling that group as church ….IT IS NOT CHURCH.

  3. TPM doesn’t adhere to Sola Scriptura. In TPM, the pastor’s personal revelations take the highest authority. Scripture is only second to the pastor’s word. Sure, they will tell you that they believe bible is the word of God but in practice they view personal revelations as more in authority than scripture. For example, the doctrine of “New Earth” and “New Heaven”. There in not a SINGLE verse in the bible that says the “saved” will go to New Earth and OT saints will go to “New Heaven”. Not a SINGLE verse. Yet, TPM has made it a dogma. Then there are rules surrounding communion, white dress etc. Again, not a single verse in support of such practices. TPM can only reform if there arises a Martin Luther who preaches the supremacy of scripture and if TPM decides to do away with all the false doctrines like mandatory celibacy of clergy, church elitism, doctrine of NJ and Zion etc. Unless that happens, TPM is doomed. Another thing that needs to change is the attitude of the believers. I run a facebook group that critically analyses TPM doctrines. Whenever a TPM believer comes to debate and he has no answer, they resort of name calling and personal abuses. Lot of things needs to change in TPM.


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