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God’s Original Plan according to TPM

Truth Realization from TPM Sr Pastor

Venom Removal Series- Gospel in the Old Testament

Welcoming Modi for another 5 Year Term

Misplaced Children’s Bread of TPM

Which Church Should I go to? – Part 1

The Double Standards of Perfection

The Leaven of the TPM Pharisees

The Mocking Saint

A family destroyed by Moloch

Reflections of Life in TPM – 13

Reflections of Life in TPM – 12

Reflections of Life in TPM – 11

Reflections of Life in TPM – 10

Reflections of Life in TPM-9

Reflections of Life in TPM – 8

The Special Revelation of Alwin

Reflections of Life in TPM-7

Reflections of Life in TPM – 6

Reflections of Life in TPM-5

Reflections of Life in TPM – 4

Reflections of Life in TPM -3

Reflections of Life in TPM -2

Reflections of Life in TPM – 1

Jesus’ Way vs TPM’s Way – 3

Jesus’ Way vs TPM’s Way – 2

The Jesus’ way vs TPM’s Way-1

The Pentecostal Mission: A Nightmare

More about TPM Promise Cards

Despised Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year

The Dichotomy of a TPM Mind

Exceeding the Righteousness of the TPM Pharisee

Fasting Feasts of TPM

Sheep Stealing – The Great Robbery of TPM

Enter the TPM Cult

The Fishing Nets of TPM

Devil neuroticism of TPM Saints

Choosing Between God and TPM

TPM History Quiz – 1

Ramifications of Industrial Revolution 4 on TPM

Deception Quiz

Quiz for TPM Believers

Stillborn individuals of TPM

Check your Cult-O-Score

Digging up atrocities of History – 1

True Repentance or Crocodile tears?

Author of Confusion at work in TPM

Q&A drama of TPM IYC

Obey them that have rule OVER YOU?

Get saved bypassing Jesus – a new doctrine of Teju

Fifth Tier Introduced by TPM’s Teju

TPM and the Tyranny of Asceticism

The Pied Piper of TPM and his hermeneutics

Exposing the Modern Tithe lie – 4

Exposing The Modern Tithe Lie – 3

Exposing The Modern Tithe Lie – 2

Exposing The Modern Tithe Lie – 1

Wolfonomics by T U Thomas

The Harlot and the Bride

War Strategy of Satan’s Kingdom

Building Blocks of Satan’s Kingdom

The Daniel Delusion of T U Thomas

TPM Chief Condemned out of rapture by TPM Doctrine

Lessons from the Flood – 2

Lessons from the Flood – 1

Freedom from Fraudmen

Carnal Life of TPM Believers – 3

Grace Explained

Carnal Life of TPM Believers – 2

Joy in the presence of Angels

Carnal Life of TPM Believers – 1

Arrogance Mixed with Manipulation – 2

Feigning ignorance – Is it wise?

Qualification for ministry?

Déjà vu, TPM – the Modern Friars

Arrogance Mixed with Manipulation – 1

Messengers of Nebuchadnezzar

Spirit of Narcissism in TPM

Zion, TPM’s Idol – Part 3

Zion, TPM’s Idol – Part 2

Love Bombing : TPM’s Kiss of Deception

Shh Keep Quiet

Mocking the Holy Spirit, the TPM Way

Biblical Fellowship vs Camaraderie of TPM

The Chinese Plastic Equivalent of Christ

Some Standard Manipulations in TPM – 3

Some Standard Manipulations in TPM – 2

Some Standard Manipulations in TPM -1

The Paganization of the Scriptures – 2

Removing the Mask of Holiness in TPM

Our time in Eschatological Timeline

The Spirit of Rat Race in TPM

The Lamentation from Bangalore

The Tale of Two Mysteries

Modern Version of Dathan, Korah and Abiram

Testimony of Ranjith Joy

TPM and its Golden Calf

The Gospel of Fear and Intimidation from TPM

Verified but Failed – TPM Teachings

Spiritual Megalomania of TPM

Let My People go out of the Cultist Bondage

Extortion at its Best – TPM Mafia

Preaching Punishments in TPM

The Third person in the Marriage – TPM Clergy

TPM Teaching as Doctrines the commandments of Men

Save your Sons and Daughters from the death cult

When Pastors look the other way

Is Zion Doctrine of TPM Apostolic?

Some basic lessons to a TPM Center Pastor

Our Kindness towards TPM Fanatics

Noisy Gospel of TPM

The Noisy Gospel of TPM

Watch-night service – The Good and the Bad

When Reality hits you

Experience the Brainwash

Celebrating Christmas, Is it Wrong?

Struggling with thoughts of Inactive God – 2

More Clergy will have to eat Dried Indian Chapathis

Elkanah and his TPM way of Holiness

Struggling with thoughts of an inactive God? – 1

New Developments of Kanagaraj Murder Case

When Demons run amok – Adventures of Kaleb

Modern Pastors – Drain the Swamp

Modern Pastors – Are they even Biblical? – 1

Denominationalists – Working for the enemy

Defining the Church of God – 2

Defining the Church of God – 1

TPM Corrupting Innocent Minds

Consecration goes Berserk

TPM Replacing Grace with Monastic Life

Testimony of a Former Worker Sister

Screams of Frustration from the Wolves of TPM

Cause for abnormal behavior among TPM Clergy

Breaking the Yoke of TPM- 1

Zion, TPM’s idol – Part 1

Testimony of a Stand for conscience

The Great Tribulation Twist of TPM

TPM Clergy from Man or God?

Tarrying Meetings? Is that Biblical or TPM Ritual?

Paul The Catechist

The Day of his Return mentioned in the Bible

Escaped from the Spiritual Blue Whale

Stinking Spiritual Fruits from a Cult

You are Wrong. We read our Bibles

Deeper revelations of TPM; but from where ?

The Journey of a TPM believer

Masters of Deception – TPM’s Dishonest ways

The Pharisee Mission – TPM – 2

The Pharisee Mission – TPM – Part 1

Testimony of Santosh

Did Jesus die for your Physical Sickness?

Understanding Mind Control in TPM – 3

Understanding Mind Control in TPM – 2

Judge Not, that ye be not Judged

Understanding Mind Control in TPM – 1

What is Hypocrisy and what is not

Witchcraft and Jezebel Spirit

Built on the Foundation of Apostles and Prophets

The TPM Prayer Chain

Time for Testimony in TPM

Traditions of Men in TPM

TPM – The Perpetual Manipulators

The Spirit behind the Best Church syndrome

Theocratic Warfare by TPM insiders

Re-Sanctifying the Tainted Saint

Twisted Meanings in TPM – Backsliding

Eternally Insecure TPM Believers

The Religious Spirit in TPM

Strong Desire to Usurp God in TPM Clergy

An exposition of TPM – The Cult

Faith Life of TPM Workers

The Ordination

TPM and the Spirit of AntiChrist

Amway Marketing and Pagan practices in TPM

Eschatological Twists of TPM Doctrine – 3

False Visions and dreams in TPM

Moses of the 21st Century – TPM Pastors?

Preach What you Practice

Heresies in TPM (Part 2) – Usurping Jesus

Deceit of the Eunuch’s Ministry in TPM

TPM Chief’s questionable actions

Eschatological Twists of TPM Doctrine – 2

Thriving Den of Thieves in TPM

Eschatological Twists of TPM Doctrine – 1

Exposing the wolves – Torturing of Sisters-2

Height of Deception by TPM Preachers

Boasting and Pride from the Pulpit

The House of God Concept in TPM

Heresies in TPM – Part 1

TPM and its Vain Repetitions

Abuse of Power in TPM

TPM’s Mishandling of Scripture – Part 2

TPM – Roman Catholicism in Pentecostal Garb

TPM’s Mishandling Of Scripture – Part 1

Lens removal Practice for TPM Believers – 1

TPM’s Faux Apostolicity

Let there be LIGHT in TPM

TPM’s Claim to Elitism

TPM – Theologically Pathetic Mishmash

Doing away with the Clergy-Laity Divide

From a TPM Believer to the TPM Chief Pastor

Witchcraft in TPM Churches

Quiz Time – Open Book Examination

Competing with Jesus – The WAY / GATE

The Myth of the Consecrated Servant of God

Replacing God – TPM Ministers

Clarion Call For TPM Believers

Muscle power and Money Power at play

Apostolic Fraud – TPM Exposed

The Zion Doctrine of TPM (Part 4)

The Zion Doctrine of TPM(Part – 3)

Some Characteristics of Wolves

Testimony of a Faith Home Child (Now 78 Years Old)

New Jerusalem

What is this Zion Doctrine of TPM? (Part – 2)

Finally TPM Relents – Gives in to Pressure

TPM Model?

The TPM Model – Worldly or Godly?

deaf adder

The Deaf Adder Syndrome in TPM

Pastor Kanagraj Dead Body
Power of Money in Play

The Power of Money in play

The Heresy of Mind Control

The Heresy of Mind Control

Spiritual Abuse Survey for TPM Believers

Hating Family? – Gross Misinterpretation by TPM

Behind the Secret Veil of TPM

God Deceived Abraham

God Deceived Abraham – TPM Doctrine

Servants of God are Physicians

Servants of God are Physicians

questions from leander

Questions from Leander to the Pentecostal Mission

murdered or the murderer

Are you with the Murdered or the Murderer?

Scripture Interpretation

What is this Zion Doctrine of TPM? (Part – 1)

Vision of a Minister

Vision of a TPM Minister in Worker’s Meeting

TPM Praising

Praising Techniques from TPM


Manipulating People with Subtle Threats – Tithe

Dark Clouds of Deceptive Quotes from TPM Ministers

Church Heirarchy

Addressing Christians by Titles

Pastor's Murder

TPM Scandal-Pastor Murdered by another Pastor(s)