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aboutlogo About fromtpm.com When you talk about Christianity, it’s generally assumed that this religion is split into different denominations on doctrinal issues.  It is also common knowledge that there are many sub-denominations because of personality clashes. However, we need to bear in mind that this religion has become a monster and you can find all kinds of people in its net.  Within the mind-boggling 33,000 denominations, is one that originated during the early 20th century in Sri Lanka (earlier known as Ceylon) and spread its branches in South India and later on to northern India and also various parts of the world.

This denomination is predominantly composed of people of Indian origin. Over 90% of the membership comes from India. In India, this institutional church is called “The Pentecostal Mission”. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. It is known in the United States as “New Testament Church” and has its presence in many nations under different names.

For Generic information about this organization called TPM, you can have a look at their section in  Wikipedia. As is evident from the Wikipedia section, there are issues with the authenticity and correctness of the information.

The Purpose of this site https://www.fromtpm.com is to bring out the devious teachings of this denomination. We also aim to bring out practices which are alien to the Church of God. Our Mission is to expose the devious techniques that are used by TPM to bring people into bondage. Most of its members do not realize this treachery which they are undergoing.

This Blog site is hosted and run by a group of TPM Believers who think that we have had enough of the wrongs committed by the clergy system started by Alwyn. We strongly believe that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. If you think this website is hurting your religious sentiments, please close down the page in your browser. We are propagating the facts as we know and we are not responsible for your hurt sentiments. Just as you feel your sentiments are hurt, TPM’s doctrines against the Scripture is hurting our sentiments.

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For non-doctrinal issues, we publish the report as given by the contributors and therefore, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the entire report. The website or the admin do not take ownership or any responsibility of news items contributed by outside sources mentioned explicitly in the content. You are expected to do your own investigation before putting your faith in it.

If you do not agree to these above terms and conditions, you are expected to close the browser for the site and move out.

It should also be noted that this site is not hosted for the purpose of demeaning any individual of the organization. However, to prove the authenticity of an incident we might need to reveal some names. The writers assume that the TPM Ministers and Believers are caught up in a vicious cycle of lies which they believe to be the truth. The basis for all assertion on doctrinal position would solely be the Holy Bible. If you feel that we are deviating from the scriptures, please call us out in the comments section. You can contact us at admin@fromtpm.com

We believe in freedom of expression. Hence we have opened up the comments column for appreciation, criticism, and corrections. However, it needs to be noted that there is a line which we will not allow anybody to cross. That line is crossed, when comments get into the “abuse” zone.  Trolling will not be tolerated. Any comments which have abusing language or trolling in it will be trashed without any notice. Sharing of email ids on comments section is disallowed. Hence we request all participants to abide by the protocols while commenting on an article. Repeated offenders will be automatically trashed.